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Default Unofficial getDare PM Dare Commission

I see a lot of people with PM Dares in their signature. Let's be honest, we all love seeing that notification that we have a PM in our inbox (along with some nerves about which PM Dare it may be depending on our list). But how many PM Dares do we get? I know the answer is 'Not enough,' if any at all.

I saw the thread PM Dare Directory and saw a lot of responses about wanting PM's, but not getting any. However, how many of the people that said they wanted more PM Dares actually gave any out?

I posted in that thread and decided to 'pay it forward.' I went and gave a PM Dare to everyone that had posted in that thread (just two pages at that time). Since then, I've made a concerted effort to give out PM Dares every time I'm on getDare. That amounts to about 5 PM Dares a day. It takes very little time and about one out of every three give me a PM Dare back - win-win in my book.

I also added the unofficial getDare PM Dare Commission to my signature to try and raise awareness of the real problem of lack of PM Dares on this site. I'm only one member and I'd like to see the PM Dares grow. So I propose we grow the Commission. I'd like to see more people giving out random PM dares. More people with part of the Commission with a small part of their signature dedicated to spreading awareness.

What does it take to be on the Commission?
1. Post in this thread about your desire to spread PM Dares.
2. Add something in your signature about the Commission plus a PM Dare list
3. And most important....get out there and give some PM Dares. You won't be disappointed.
4. Start by giving a PM Dare to the last 5 people that joined the Commission (posted in this thread)

I'll add you to the Commission list as well. Want a fancy title? PM me and we can come up with something.

Current Commission Members:
Founder: Deniedby_N
Honorary 1st Member: Jaroface
VP of Fun Spreading: WeirdlyTurnedOn
Male Slut: sissypatricia
Just a Giver: wingman78
Organic PM Manager: maxblank
Salty Dog AKA Captain Sparkles
Commission Queen: sluttyspanker97
Commission Prophet: DanHenceworth
PM Darling:onemoretime83
Babygirl: elayne
getDare's Resident Slave WedgieGary1996
PM Slut: MakingMyWayDowntown
Switch Lucy
CSI - (Chief Slut Inspector) - DareFiend

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I think it's a great Idea. I will start sending pm to anyone who wants it(as it states in their signature) and will want to be part of a comission who cares about the fun around here. Thanks for the word.
Just here to have fun with some simple dares, Straight M, 19.
Likes: Public toilet, crossdressing and underdressing, cumming and hidden-public.
Dislikes: Spanking, toothpaste, wedgie and too messy.
Limits: Pain, anal, scat/piss, hypno files, pics, public, family/friends and disgusting stuff.
Love some light crossdress, just here for simple and fun dares to give me pleasure. Pics on my profile :3

My PM dares!
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Just want to say that this is a fantastic idea ;D
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I always like PM dares! Excited to give a few out also.
likes: humiliation, dares, edging, cum Play, anal, semi-public, crossdressing, cum eating
dislikes: pain, wedgies, cbt

limits: scat, public, Family

PM Dares:


currently being controlled by Hidan1 lets give this slut some fun when they get back

Member of the unofficial getDare PM Dare Commission.
Help spread the word and the PM Dares! Join Today!
PM me a dare to find out how.
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Great idea starting this thread. I have to say, since I contacted you I have been giving out PM pretty regularly. I have gotten pretty good responses about that and quite a few PM dares myself which I'm pretty sure I otherwise would not have gotten.

So guys indeed, if your doubting: it's really worth to make the effort. For the community in general and for yourself as well.
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Even though I don't currently have any PM dares going, I'll try to give at least 3 people a PM dare every time I log on. Great idea!

Likes: Anal, Edging/Teasing, (Self-)bondage, Nipple play, E-stim
Okay: Hidden public, Bladder control, Enema's, Ice, Mild pain, Feminization/CD, Humilitation, Heavy anal, Body writing, Chastity
Dislikes: Extreme pain, Pee, Ass-to-mouth, Heavy Spanking, Toothpaste/Icy Hot/etc, Messy, Cum eating
Hard limits: Full Public/Face, Scat/poo, Blood/Vomit, Permanent, Blackmail/Illegal

Toys, PM Dares
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I'll join, this is a great idea.
Person below please don't send me a PM dare though, I prefer to get them organically.

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Only Daddy can let me touch in my cunny, or allow me cummies!
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Salty Dog
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I absolutely love this idea. I don't have a list of PM dares anymore, since they are rare anyway. But I'd love to join this commission. I'll do a new List of PM dares for myself soon.

Toys: different sized plugs, big dildo, chains+locks+timeable safe, chastity device, enema kit, blindfold.

Loves: pee control, anything related to pee, anal, pain, semi public, humiliation, dice dares.
Likes: bondage, bodywriting, feet.
punishments:line writing, eating cum, crossdressing, poo.
Limits: illegal, permanent injurys.

Kik: SaltyDare
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I love this idea! So in
19 y/o female slave

kik: sluttyspanker97


PM Dares

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getDare Devil
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sounds awesome, i will be joining right now!

kik: hurf12

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I will be join the PM Dare Commission

Loves: Long Term Rules, Cute things, MLP, hypnosis, being girly, trash, embarrassing shopping/services
Likes: pet play, age play, feminization, full public humiliation, spanking, messy
Limits: Close friends/family, cam, bondage, Public Nudity, Permanent, Crossdressing (soft limit)


My Rules

Please add to my Dare Calendar!

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Time to join here! I really want to increase the use of pm dares. If you send me some, send as many as you like
I have seen something that has scared me for life. I'm not happy to remain on here anymore. I no longer use this account.
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Definitely interested in doing this!
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Limits: Pics (unless it trusts you), blood, anything it says no to.

Every time it gets a PM, it will cane itís udders 50 times.
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Send a message via Skype™ to Matt:

I will join now too.
Male Submissive
Kik: pioneer0799

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Switch Lucy
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I will join this too.
Female switch bi

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