Roll a dice and spank the number of times the dice says to someone you think has been bad..

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my kik is helenpatricialee
HelenPatricia posted March 30, 2020
Done it
Charlottehoe posted September 5, 2017
each person playing rolled 3 dice each and there were 15 people playing and they all got 6's on at least 1 die.I was spanked over 270 times with a belt wooden spoon hair brush and a cane
chrystel posted September 24, 2016
i am looking for someone to be my mommy or daddy and play with this little sissy girl
katie-lynn posted July 9, 2015
My kik is livingnebula.
sub4humiliation21F posted September 2, 2014
Damn it I have a 501 die
Slave030 posted June 29, 2014
who what to play truth of dare
angeladam33 posted October 9, 2011
ooo i wish i was the bad one...anyone who wants to play truth or dare online im on right now!
Katiekat47 posted August 26, 2011
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