Choose one of the other players, that person can dare you to do three things of his/her choice.

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Pm me 3 dares
rocku posted February 9, 2017
Please pm me three dares
tiffanysissyslut69 posted April 27, 2016
please go to my forum in 'punishment requests' and add more punishments for me to do or pm me!
19fNeedsPunishment posted March 23, 2016
Bound, stripped and shaved . all on a chat room web camera
BIGTENCountry12 posted August 7, 2015
im outside and cannot go back in until you are finished with me. i am not allowed to cum until tomorrow morning but can edge and play with myself when allowed. into sph, public nudity/humiliation so feel free to incorporate those. when i cannot play with myself i go back in my cup :/ kik me jobud24 to claim your obediant slave
roarkrage24 posted July 20, 2015
1. had to wipe a dudes bum after he did a poo (with my mouth) 2. had to wipe everyones bum after they did a pee (with my mouth) 3. had to put my dads underwears on like 20x bigger than mine and left hanging by them for an hour 4. i had to be naked and let my mum spank me for 3 hours
chrystel posted June 9, 2015
Had to strip and march around the front yard yelling come fuck my pussy, ass, or face and I had to ave an arrow pointing at my pussy
iamapussylover posted June 11, 2014
stand in corner
bareincorner74 posted December 2, 2013
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