Wear opposite gender socks to school.

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I said no so they compromised and told me to were stockings for the night.
JustAboy32 posted October 19, 2018
im really into diapers, but dont have any at the moment, willing to perform
tracetay posted November 15, 2016
Please send punishing dare
Opentoanything posted November 12, 2016
Please give me extremely dirty dares to do like naked ones and I might send a pic to you of me doing them
Joeybologna24 posted August 27, 2016
if there are any uk older women looking for a dare slave or dare partner mssg me. if u want ill give u my number or fb account name so i can send pics x
josh62536253 posted July 6, 2016
If you're a female and you need a slave, text me on kik: hockey.52You can send me t or d as well
Daagooo posted June 28, 2015
Girls in the group said tights were like socks, shouldn't have trusted them.
Portalime posted May 10, 2015
If anyone needs a dare slave just kik me at codie63 or pm me and my limits can be pushed a bit.
Codie63 posted April 28, 2014
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