Have a player spread peanut butter between your toes and select another random player to lick it off

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Hello slavesI am a dominant sadistic Mistress looking for male slaves. And that is slave as in being owned and not just something you like to do 5 minutes a day. Boys, if you are not sure this is probably not for you. I am pretty strict, so if you don't like the idea of having no freedom, move along. What do I want from you is obedience, submission, your crys, your begging, your whining. I am going to take all that. When you write me don't just say hello. Write about yourself and why you would like to be a slave. Be respectful. It is not that hard to do. Be humble, but still present your talents.Kik! GoddessMagdaDescribe yourself and what are you looking for, guys with picture will receive an answer first.
hotchris78 posted April 14, 2019
penut butter toe jam time XD
lkjhgf posted March 1, 2012
If any girls are interested in having a dare slave let me know
rasmusjensen posted December 29, 2011
May I hav a dare?Likes messy wedgies private embarrassment xdressing Limits long Permanent public
Deadly Pie
Deadly Pie posted June 25, 2011
I loved doing this dare i was the one that licked the peanut butter off yum
bareshisfeet posted March 17, 2011
im playing lone so will have to lick it myself
becky_sub posted March 12, 2011
I also would :D
ticklishcamslave posted October 24, 2010
i would
sarahhelenmaxfield posted April 4, 2010
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