Do your best dramatic slow death scene.

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i am a humiliation goddess , seeking a servant to be trained and owned by me.
MistressFuller posted May 6, 2022
Hey anyone want to play with me? im into humiliation
Sluttyfaggot posted June 26, 2021
it was too realistic so i died
krypton posted June 22, 2017
I am looking for servant that willing to be train owned by Me..
StrictBdsm posted May 3, 2016
Hey guys what's up
Awsomeman4543 posted October 4, 2015
Oh my god! so much fun! Lasted like 10 minutes because I kept pretending to come back to life.
Zoeballs posted May 7, 2015
darth vader o.o no don't -stabbed- -cencored- YOU!
lkjhgf posted March 1, 2012
AHHHHHHHH!!! (dead)
Theonly1 posted October 16, 2011
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