Piss or crap in toilet handcuff yourself behind your back drop key in toilet and retrieve only with mouth You can use bucket too

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Hello all.I am pathetic fag slaveAge 24.I am looking for strict dom master or mistress.I am willing to submit myself fully.I am into bdsm, humilation, control, exploit,kinky etcI will love if anyone control me brutally 24/7.My id areSnapchat-aj5460fcKik- xmen3453Skype- live:.cid.12f192ec333445b1
Kinkyslavegay posted June 11, 2021
any cbt dares?
maes posted December 1, 2020
Come check me out live if you want to jerk off ;) I have my lovense bluetooth vibrator you can control! chaturbate***/naturelily
naturelily posted November 17, 2020
Better hope it lands on a piece of shit so it doesn't get too deep to retrieve
Gaymer_Girl posted September 19, 2019
Hi. I am interested in inserting in my cock. I would wanna play with others and get different ideas about sounding.(females with cam only pls) I have kik , skype and snap.You can private msg me. Thanks
oiojoosh posted January 5, 2019
This is super dangerous to do in the toilet, if you're into that please use a bucket or the key could get too far to retrieve at all.
SemiGolfBoy posted October 31, 2016
i have cuffs here, be more fun if i was on vid
CBTSUB4U posted November 8, 2015
Sounds fun, I may do this to my boy.
invicil posted October 14, 2014
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