Shave both of your eyebrows off.

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i want to be dominated on skype so send skype id to my private message
msjessice posted January 13, 2019
I said no, so I thought of a better dare for someone to give me instead..?Dare me to eat a meal of dog food, you pick what/which one I partake in..?
Bwman22 posted June 19, 2017
Slave looking for a hardcore RL master. Read my blogs and message me
Naughtyslave20 posted April 24, 2015
Slave girl pm me. This master is lookin for some property
bigjon-master posted July 1, 2014
i am a slave.for dares pm me
saislave posted May 30, 2014
Uhh no I need my beautiful eyebrows but I got a soapy wedgie in stead
Dareme? posted December 27, 2013
I had to say no and then my friends tied me naked to the back of my car and drove me really far away about 4 miles and it was well hot then they took me off and made me walk home naked at 2pm in the day lots of people saw me public is against my limits but they made me do that .
SlaveLily posted July 28, 2013
I said no, so they tied me and gagged me..
Bored1 posted June 14, 2013
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