Let your friends give you a makeover

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Hey everybody!
Seanmullikin posted July 1, 2017
Hey! posted a photo of my girl. check it out and please humiliate and degrade her in the comments!
gagoka123 posted December 18, 2015
spiritfox01 posted September 13, 2015
They made me look like a three yr old (boy) (im a girl) and then shoved a 13 tampons up my but with no underwear and then 32 in my mouth that had already been used
chrystel posted June 27, 2015
I got my face caked, and I was dressed up too. They even put a tampon far up my ass.
Portalime posted May 9, 2015
This was fun, haha. Aaron looks so much like a girl, I just might lez out for him. I feel kinda bad about the waterproof mascara though lol.
VanessaK87 posted June 24, 2013
Thx for this dare now i have a tampon used tampon up my buttt then they didn't think tht was funny so the stuck two used tampons in my mouth and said it was my makeover they said I couldbt take them out I did anyway now they put 20 used tampons all over my face and put a condom over my face to hold a the 20 used tampons in my mouth:(
Cbarchie posted March 3, 2012
hell no
slavdiapergirl posted January 15, 2012
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