Get a cup of toilet water and drink it

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Last time I drsnk toilet wstrr I was instructed to first poop and pee in the toilet. Then get on my knees and drink like I was a dog. Of course this was also done in a public restroom.
rhl posted November 19, 2018
anybody like challenge bets Kik kook_freddy
GHobby23 posted June 20, 2016
i want to play a strip game or do dares on cam
eku_cowboy1 posted September 5, 2015
I need a dare
Smhuff posted July 3, 2015
before or after using the toilet?
dardaz67 posted February 6, 2015
I dare you to PM me girls
TheMan1321 posted June 6, 2014
Not as bad as expected
fpvlover posted December 17, 2013
I dare a sub to do it for my amusement :)
StrictCarina posted October 2, 2013
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