Drink a tablespoon of hot sauce.

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damon fredman
damon fredman posted May 31, 2018
Why would I do this?
krypton posted December 21, 2017
Hi how are you guys
Michael2 posted March 20, 2017
Depends witch one I just used Tabasco
Ninjatuna posted August 22, 2015
my bf put it on my clot after i was tied from the previous dare so it burned for an hour
MistyGirl808 posted April 6, 2015
The boys in my group made me put the hot sauce on my clit. Burns like hell and I was writhing in agony for like 30min
Jacquelin777 posted November 12, 2014
Not so bad
Happy-out posted December 26, 2013
Burned like hell
Puppies posted February 10, 2013
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