get a frontal wedgie from someone in your group

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My mum's uniform is so dirty
IamJESUS posted September 28, 2014
doing it to myself, hurts so bad
gimmeadare posted February 7, 2013
hi everyone
william48184 posted September 6, 2012
I will be a girls dare slave
Cbarchie posted March 23, 2012
Dick hurts now...
IamDare posted March 12, 2012
I want a wedgie master badly I like pain but no public or permanent
pottergoddess posted March 4, 2012
Holly shit they put me down after I said a whole bunch of things my dick hurts...
amazing? posted January 10, 2012
im willing to be a slave for a female. make me do your bidding. ;)
couldntthinkofaname posted November 22, 2011
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