Spin a bottle or use this sites player manager (the hand and tray below this) to select a person, Make out with that person for 10 seconds.

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anyone point me to a good dice, spank bondage dare game?
trainerdomdom posted September 16, 2016
Kik demonicunicorns if you are interested in playing t or d!
Tittysprinkles posted December 6, 2015
im confused some of these dares are implying that everyone is together.
ethangt212 posted January 18, 2015
Ok boss
Bibitte posted September 3, 2013
Get naked and lump and kiss the floor for 5minutes
Cool dude
Cool dude posted August 12, 2012
ok boss
Bigfaz posted March 1, 2012
Jordan & Jessica-Mae!
Abbie_The_Slavexx posted July 30, 2010
no comments?
Cheesey posted July 21, 2010
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