Smell someones shoe for 20 seconds then describe the smell to everyone else.

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Kik: Foxxyhole and say you are Australian to expose this dumb hypnotized faggot pup!
Foxxyhole posted December 3, 2020
anyone give me a PEEING DARE PLEASE
seano900o posted March 27, 2016
luckily i just got new shoes.Hmm new stuff smell
TheGrantinator posted March 1, 2015
bt y did he do dat???
Punk posted March 16, 2013
Oh Gosh it smelled nasty.
daredevil1234 posted January 17, 2013
lol no
Alldone posted October 12, 2012
Not funny my bf just pissed herself laughing now I'm having to smell them. :(
Daredevil5790 posted April 7, 2012
i agree on the doritos one if i coulr make a pukey smiley face on here i would!!!
michnsteph posted December 20, 2010
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