You have to choose someone and kiss him inside a bed for 9 secs, but covered by the sheets... No one in the game can see that.

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Doesn't say where to kiss them ;)
Gaymer_Girl posted September 18, 2019
Hello any one playing?
Cd_alyssa posted February 14, 2019
Any one want to be my wedgie master? am going to do a hanging wedgie
calvinkleinwedgie posted August 18, 2016
any girl wanna see me strip jerk off showernaqi101 on skype
Naqi101 posted November 28, 2015
I love the chinese!
IamJESUS posted September 28, 2014
yeah ..i did was my doll
san armstrong
san armstrong posted May 4, 2013
Omg my crush chose me, he is an amazing french kisser *-*
LittleNinja posted October 22, 2012
Ok coolguy I am going to be you master
mia2028 posted September 15, 2012
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