I dare anyone to drop any object of their choosing, that is heavy enough to hurt your foot for a few minutes, then hop around holding your foot in your hands for a few seconds.

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what should this sissy do with his hair?
rimashah59 posted November 12, 2019
Done That hurt doe.
Awsomeness posted July 2, 2015
18 old boy of germany searching a woman for truth or dare. text me girls ;)
Jorge96 posted January 19, 2014
Wtf who would post this, outright stupid
Hound posted November 8, 2013
friends chose. how is a girls tits on my face work in this dare? it was fun though XD
wegie hater
wegie hater posted June 27, 2012
ouch, wat a horrible dare
werewolf_nom posted July 23, 2011
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