Make everyone playing tie you up with tape or a rope then,tickle you for a least 10 minutes.

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Well I layed naked for almost 4 hours fml
lisakramerxo posted July 1, 2022
For those in the UK.I am going to London tomorrow to buy a school uniform and walk around town to do embarrassing things that a Dom wants me to do. I look youngish so can just pass as an older teen. Message me on kik if you are interested in controlling me during this time, either over Kik or real life. Kik - pippy_atschool
boyof12 posted August 16, 2019
Hmm It Was Hard But I am Good At Bearing Tickle But I Could Only Hold Untill 8 Mins... Then Another 5 Joined It 15 People I Couldnt Bear The Last Two Mins But Finished The Dare!! :)
sam084 posted December 4, 2013
I pissed myself :(
Bored1 posted July 6, 2013
they made me get naked first!
lulugirl posted October 18, 2011
wow lol
coolgal posted May 14, 2011
within seconds i laughed, within 5 min's i peed, wwithin the remaining time i peed more, somebody help me! as a punishment for peeing i was not allowed to use the bathroom for a week unless i was fully dressed when i did my stuff, lol and could not remove the clothes for the whole week!
Chicken1 posted January 5, 2011
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