Wear the oppisite sexs underwear all day

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Actively Looking for the right partner who is a submissive type willing to learn, respect and obey a dominant woman. Here are some of my favorite activities*cbt*oral*anal training*bondage*nipple torture*forced bi
empresslucy002 posted February 23, 2019
They took it further and put me in a dress and high-heels as well then they tied me up to a lamppost in front of the house
prettypink posted November 11, 2016
Not really a dare for me, I wear girls panties, bras, stockings, camisole all the time under my clothes
Kyoinu posted October 31, 2016
I would love to wear girls undies and bras
funsickus posted July 18, 2016
18/M Slave searching a master or mistress almost no limits! Add kik kevin94NL
Kevin94nl posted November 20, 2015
A very bright pink thong that was seen through the clothing I had on.
Portalime posted May 9, 2015
Lacey thongs
jdog99 posted August 13, 2014
My mothers frenchies
usenabuse posted November 26, 2013
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