Do 50 push ups

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Great. Need more.
Gajowy posted December 28, 2016
Come on I need slave to control and punish Kik me peacelovecna
Madamemistress posted July 28, 2016
Haven't done that many in a row in a long long time. Feels good!
kikswitch posted October 30, 2015
Nearly there.... Must make it... Pant.... There, one done! I'm gonna go rest now, must be why I'm failing pe
wedgie/dare girl
wedgie/dare girl posted December 25, 2014
Do you even lift bro?
ohgod posted February 4, 2013
do that shit every night
justchillen posted September 4, 2012
I just did double that...
Edge1199 posted May 20, 2012
They made me do them naked
soccerchick69 posted April 5, 2012
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