Drop an egg down the front of your underwear and survive for 12 hours, no cleaning or touching the egg in that time.Hard mode: drop a second egg down the back n do the same! i.e 2 eggs, front & back

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I am mistress laura seeking a committe and submissive slave to explore with me Kik>newspodcasters Pm me and let explore together slut
Mis laura
Mis laura posted November 4, 2023
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milcentbelly posted July 31, 2023
After having the two eggs for a while, my body produced another two and I realized I had turned into an ostrich! GAME OVER MAN, GAME OVER!
Anakin posted October 14, 2022
Master_skorpio posted August 5, 2021
The moment I dropped the eggs inside my underwear.my friends pulled my pants down and cracked the eggs by punching my balls and spanking my ass
Yea-iam-bad posted March 30, 2021
Well I Definitely struggled and felt the pain on both ends, and without me knowing it cracked and by the end of the day I had to stay in the shower for nearly an hour
Shiro_Kami posted September 18, 2017
its so gewie 2 eggs
miss.piggy92 posted September 12, 2013
Umm...I had to have it in a wedgie from Elmer dare it did not break
CycloneFox posted January 3, 2013
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