Wear your clothing inside-out for one day and see how many people tell that your clothing is inside-out. Enjoy

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I do that with T shirts that have stupid logos. But either don't wear them out or just to exercise.
krypton posted November 17, 2022
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Foxxyhole posted November 7, 2020
Hi there
D.girly1243 posted October 7, 2015
Now - try it with a different spin on the dare....try wearing your clothes upside down... I.e : your socks on your hands, your bottoms as a top , your top as your bottoms, and put your knickers on your head as a hat.... and wear them around as normal clothes for an hour.....
dai_mler posted October 20, 2012
lol someone told me a swore at them they sed watch my mouth i sed how take my eyballs out and turn them around a lot of running after tht as they had a car....i ran into the woods unharmed yayz!
anywedgiedareido posted October 31, 2010
That's rather a long dare to do. I'll start it tomorrow and we'll see what happens. My sis Katie says she's going to do that dare too. Lol, what will ppl think?
XxChristiezrulezxX posted July 14, 2010
wow it was fun when someone said hey your clothes are inside out i said i know and you brain is inside out.LOL
star wars rocks
star wars rocks posted July 1, 2010
This was surprisingly fun.
AgentGreen posted December 14, 2009
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