For 15 seconds sensuously lick something that everyone agrees on.

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my bf taped me while i licked his siters ass they made 15 secends 15 minsnow i am both of there slaves foreverps. iam getting married to him tomorrow!
Mistress kanni
Mistress kanni posted July 21, 2015
Hey masters or daddy's. This little one is looking to be kidnapped and used how ever masters wants. I'm not talking about online, I want this in real life. I don't want to have to work, I want to be locked away when not in use. Milk me like a hucow, dress me like a latex doll, leave me in a tight latex bag with a vibrater. Tie me up, hang me, use and abuse me. I don't want a life outside of being daddy's little slave. Or masters little slut.
Naughtyslave20 posted April 24, 2015
ctomlen and amazing? ewwwww
frizz8054 posted October 14, 2014
Had to lick a bra.
daredevil1234 posted January 17, 2013
I'm on my one and came on here because I was bored.
flyingchickenduck posted December 4, 2012
Had to lick the hamster..
RandomKDares posted December 2, 2012
The toilet!
submissslave posted August 6, 2012
Had to lick a used tampon
amazing? posted January 26, 2012
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