allow a random girl to do your makeup and nails (don't forget the dress and nails) and go on with your day like so

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naturelily posted November 17, 2020
Was dressed in a locking pink maid uniform with locking pink heels, the group with the key each (All girls) with pink nails and makeup... Embarrassing!
LegLovingSissy posted June 7, 2018
this was an ill timed dare for me. My day was to do what these female rivals of mine beat me. They whored me up and then had me do amauter night at a local club. it was full nude bar
BIGTENCountry12 posted February 29, 2016
You friends sound like fun
zumzum posted May 10, 2015
I was dressed with a light blue bra, matching panties, stockings that matched my skin tone, some ballet flats, a bright red blouse with a matching skirt, a blonde wig, and my nails matched my skirt and blouse. The girl put makeup everywhere on my face. She even gave me fake boobs to put in the bra.
Portalime posted May 9, 2015
She made me look gay with pink nails bra panties then had me fill my mouth with tampons then put 10 in panties then had to keep it
anglebrightiscute posted January 14, 2014
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