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male hotel alone looking for master all night. kik jobud24
roarkrage24 posted May 29, 2019
Hello. I am a female looking for preferably a mistress but a master will do. Pm me if you want to control me. I am a sub. I don't have many limits but photo and video. Photos will be provided if demanded. I love hidden public and humiliation.
naughtysexkitten posted January 9, 2016
male slave looking for foot dares and morekik/skype: gayboyathens
ASlaveToServeYou posted April 11, 2015
wheel chair
wheel chair posted November 29, 2014
Give me a hard anal dare
analdog posted December 17, 2013
I like dill pickles
franci62 posted September 15, 2013
Hello this is The Gadget Master from the Space Coast of Florida
GadgetMaster posted July 4, 2012
can't do it either :/
sophie-evans posted June 20, 2012
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