I dare you to have the other players tie you to a chair and tickle your (socked) feet for 2 minutes!

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Hi there plz contact me if you like to play. Skype oliverrothbonn
Oliverroth posted November 8, 2016
Hello. I'm alone and want to play
Michael66 posted June 21, 2016
done easy
mia2028 posted December 24, 2012
all done
Alldone posted October 12, 2012
Socked feet?? why not bare feet?
imasexyslut posted August 26, 2012
Well they tied me there and covered my eyes someone was getting a little frisky
amazing? posted January 11, 2012
no did not pee outside tonight lol
kjf0006 posted November 25, 2011
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