Answer 5 questions another player asks you. For each wrong answer the other player gets to give you a simple dare.

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i got 3 of 5 wrong. 1) pee with pants down to your ankles on the roadside. 2)hide your clothes walk around for 5 mins. 3) get punished by a stranger
BIGTENCountry12 posted April 26, 2016
I wanna be online exsposed
pinkpanriessissy posted December 11, 2015
Kik is kevin94NL I'm a slave ill do anything u want no limits
Kevin94nl posted November 27, 2015
icraveanal posted May 30, 2015
All wrong xD i had to suck 5 dicks at the same time!
jack980414 posted January 11, 2014
Got them all wrong... Was dared to suck a random woman's Tits . No complaints here.
DafuqAmIDoing posted July 11, 2013
My brother got them all wrong so we gave him wedgies
Puppies posted February 10, 2013
Got two wrong.. Had to make out with another girl and had a peg put on nipple and ripped off!!
RandomKDares posted December 2, 2012
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