Have another player remove one article of your clothing. The item they remove is their choice.

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Mistress looking for Slave / Submissive sissy
Mistress Susie
Mistress Susie posted April 4, 2019
slave is on his ?
slavepassive posted November 3, 2015
IamJESUS posted October 5, 2014
I already lost my pants and shirt now I just lost my underwear so now I'm completely naked
iloveselenag posted February 12, 2014
Oops. I wasn't wearing anything. so yea, they tied me to the toiletseat and pissed on me serveral times, as a punishment for them not being able to remove any clothes.
dyty posted July 18, 2012
i was haveing a party and they dared me to take off every thing ecsept of my underwear and then they drilld my underwear to an tree branch and i was in a hanging wedgie for 15 hours
chasewd posted April 30, 2012
I was naked so they tied a rope to my D**K when i was sleeping and they brought me outside and put it over a branch woked me up and said GET READY FOR THE PAIN DARE i looked down and said oh S**T
Masterofmasters posted April 4, 2012
I'm lucky I was only waring a g string that she worked out in and it was very sweaty I wish i had never dared her to do that
amazing? posted January 10, 2012
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