Have someone wrap you in tape and/or plastic wrap from the neck down.

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Hi everyone :)
Pet Ra
Pet Ra posted February 27, 2018
Anyone want to play this online edging game with me ? kik jobud24 its a cool game
roarkrage24 posted July 20, 2015
they put toothpaste on my clots then wrapped me for 3 hours in darkness i peed 4 times and pooped 2
MistyGirl808 posted April 6, 2015
They wraped tape around my pussy and ripped it off. Searing pain and my pussy was throbbing amd swollen after an hour
Jacquelin777 posted November 12, 2014
Was wrapped around and then they all ripped off at same time.. worst pain ever!
RandomKDares posted December 2, 2012
So much plastic wrap!!!
Daregirl1313 posted August 24, 2012
tape? i got hair dude, owwwwy
Cheesey posted July 21, 2010
i have wrapped myself from the neck down before. Other than my arms wish i could have done them as well but I would not have been able to get out. Fun fun
crazyprsn posted May 14, 2010
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