Pretend to ride a horse while sitting on chair going through walk,trot,canter,gallop and finally being thrown off

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Humiliat my background!Wallclaimer = Jinxx
theedge posted January 5, 2023
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dsoul9111 posted December 6, 2021
La'la, la'lovely
owned_by_ashley posted June 15, 2014
I've been thrown of a real horse
Puppies posted February 10, 2013
My mate did this but he had to put a pillow in front of his dick and when he was done it had cum on it xD
LittleNinja posted October 22, 2012
fine, really get better dares for people not in groups
flyingchickenduck posted October 6, 2012
THAT sounds like alot of fun
bugsbunny1359 posted October 15, 2011
ahahah, my friend just did this and i almost peed my pants.
ohheyitsnat posted August 31, 2011
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