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Im a male master looking for a online female wedgie slave
ShannW posted July 6, 2019
Looking for a female mistress
mitime posted August 11, 2015
i want a dare that is sexual that i can do by myself or with a dog (i can only do stuff with the dog outside) it has to be in my back yard or in the house
iamapussylover posted June 11, 2014
I don't have a wrecking ball :C
daredevil2468 posted September 18, 2013
35/m Looking for a very sexy and submissive girl who wants a Daddy/Master. Looking for something real and possibly long term. Kik: jnyblu
jnyblu posted June 17, 2013
Looking for bondage ideas. Anything goes. - PM me
Recluse72 posted June 1, 2013
looking for male master kik - jnayler94
Nayler123 posted January 14, 2013
looking for woman slave. skype: poisonweb
poisonweb posted March 31, 2012
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