Swap underwear with someone of the opposite sex.

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Done! But i wasn't wearing underwear, she pulled my dick!
Sexyone123 posted June 20, 2017
Switching a g-string for a g-string lol just a little smaller
SydBoi posted March 6, 2015
I need dirty dares
Kennedylane0 posted February 25, 2015
My snapchat is Tylercadle16 I'll do anything
Cumshot7543 posted October 29, 2014
Im already naked....
crazypiecat posted May 13, 2014
a thong is not nice on a guy... need a dare master will do anything from public dares to the dirtest of the dirty dares. message me!!!
mmurray16 posted January 10, 2013
wow the fabric feels good, i envy girls now
DesiBoy posted November 15, 2012
My GF was wearing the G string but instead she made it out of the Tooth floss i don't know how she made it but she did.. then i got the take everything but underwear off dare.
Masterofmasters posted April 4, 2012
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