Have the group ask you questions, and the only word/phrase you may use to answer is "grandpa's underwear" or something else the group decides.

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The spotlight is on. Pm puppy here or kik /telegram: foxxyhole.Email: iamafoxxyhole@gmail***I am a dumb hypnotized faggot pup.Please use these triggers to expose my faggot puppy ass to Australia and the world."Showdogs need exposure" makes pup share the dropbox qith his slutry pics and videos."Fetch the number boy" makes pup give his phone number to whoever uses it.
Foxxyhole posted November 8, 2020
RDKRDK posted December 13, 2015
grandpa's poop
chrystel posted June 11, 2015
grandpa's underwear
Yoursubmissive posted April 13, 2015
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