You must talk and act like someone of your opposite gender for the rest of the game. The group will come up with a new name for you and you will go by that name for the rest of the day/night.

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Im alice...Im always a woman deep down
Sissyalice86 posted August 14, 2018
My name was Ella Rose, actually sounds quite cute, I must admit
LegLovingSissy posted April 21, 2018
Hello, my first day on here.
LeilaJane posted February 3, 2017
mmmm yes jamielee curtis
gary obeys
gary obeys posted November 23, 2015
Do u play on this web
Collin posted December 21, 2013
How do i start a thread
Anallover313 posted December 6, 2013
Hello I am Samantha
sam084 posted November 6, 2013
queenalex or any other female here...I will be slave
1452perkj posted September 11, 2013
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