Get a wedgie in panties and then give yourself a hanging until you piss yourself.

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Young slave searching a mistress or master i do what u want kik is Kevin994NL
Kevin94nl posted October 1, 2016
Somebody kik me my name is pantswetter98 I'm a gay dare slave into pooping myself peeing myself wedgies partial crossdressing (panties and bra) no family public or illegal semi public is fine
starwarsman15 posted February 17, 2014
Recorded half
WedgieGod posted April 5, 2013
Did this but couldnt pee for like 45mins
RandomKDares posted December 2, 2012
whats a bra
mia2028 posted September 10, 2012
pm me and i will do a hanging wedgie for as long as u like (10min max) + one more dare
boblemon444 posted August 29, 2012
My friend video taped it:( not cool
Daregirl1313 posted August 24, 2012
im a guy i didn't pee so a girl with extremly big boobs took her shirt and bra off and rubed them on me for 1 hour her tits were full of my cum afterwards best time of my life
wegie hater
wegie hater posted June 27, 2012
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