Spray water on your pants and act like you peed them.

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what turns u on by this..i just don't understand
fuuuck posted December 24, 2016
The made me actually pee myself and then gave me a wedgies...:/
...... posted April 12, 2013
I had to go out walking for 2 hours...
elliedarren posted March 23, 2013
they made me go in the mall with a bottle of water and pour it in there infront of everyone....i hate them :I
lkjhgf posted February 25, 2012
Kiss a girl thats not playing on the lips!
TabbyDare posted December 18, 2011
unless your a girl like me and wear white pants so now u can see everything lol true story
jawz420 posted October 22, 2011
My friend did that it was really funny and she didnt have any clothes to change.
cross road
cross road posted April 4, 2011
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