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Hi anyone on
mancat596 posted July 15, 2019
Hey guys I want to play truth or dare with anyone will do anything
carrieg_45 posted May 12, 2019
Me and My Friend are looking for a Mistress Kik us @ Owned NaughtyKitten & his @ Look up wedgiedbitch19 Or Skype us me @ NaughtyLittleKitten and him @ Wedgie Guy
NaughtyLittleKitten posted January 5, 2016
hmm, nobody here either
toy4uruse68 posted October 14, 2015
lookin to chat with other dudes about fetises our dicks experiences etc kik me jobud24
roarkrage24 posted August 9, 2015
I want too but there is nobody here
Jennifersfire posted July 18, 2015
Looking for a mistress, new to being a slave but will obey and learn quickly.
Jman12369 posted May 13, 2015
this obedient worm has finished Your first task and begs for more, Sir.
slavenabila posted March 29, 2015
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