The group is aloud to do whatever they want to you and take photos, you can be tied up after 10 mins you cannot react or you will be stripped in a forest and tied up for 2 hours with writing on you

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Ahh I did this and they tied me up and rubbed toothpaste on my clit and put ice on my nipples ( the ice fell off shhh)
Sabrinax9182 posted July 6, 2017
Would love to do this. Just dont have the people. :(
ChasteTeddyBear posted June 21, 2017
Kik yudixkzx
YoxD1 posted May 17, 2016
They started taking my clothes as they took pics of me looking like i was giving head and getting it in the ass. i reacted when they sent one to a family member. they tied me to a door and stripped me nude. then the next 10 mins i was shaven smooth. I was taken downstairs to the bar where i was tied on display and my naked body was written on for the next 2 hours
BIGTENCountry12 posted February 10, 2016
how do i do a dare that needs multiple peopple if i'm theonly one
legospaz posted June 13, 2015
I wish I could do this:(
Wilson98 posted June 6, 2015
I don't think so this is against my limits.
Demon girl
Demon girl posted June 5, 2015
I would so love for this to happen
HarleyQuinn posted April 8, 2015
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