Spin a bottle and kiss on the lips whoever it lands on.

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I say my best girlfriend that im a sissyAnd ist okay dir here
SissySchlampe posted June 25, 2018
How do I delete my profile?
nshings11 posted April 1, 2016
oh god my step sister spun and it landed on me and I'm naked and she's lesbian and they said we had to kiss like we meant it and she felt my boobs...
LittleNinja posted October 22, 2012
We had to kiss 4 10 minutes straight yum
Daregirl1313 posted August 24, 2012
it landed on a girl cause there were only girls.
kaybitch posted November 25, 2011
mmmmm nice!
XxxMistress posted June 19, 2011
kissed my yummy sister... mmuuaaah
stacyz69 posted August 24, 2010
Woohoo! I get to kiss Leonardo Dicaprio Katie put in Pirates Of The Caribbean just now and the bottle stopped at the tv.
XxChristiezrulezxX posted July 14, 2010
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