Go sit on the toilet and get your panties on, then pee through your panties. Then just pull up your pants, skirt or whatever and keep them on for an hour

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now i have to sit in my own pee for one hour ._.
GetDareCumBoi posted January 30, 2018
Challenge accpeted
Tadap2017 posted September 6, 2017
my group made me shit
j4mmy dodger
j4mmy dodger posted July 25, 2017
no way would I do that.
krypton posted July 6, 2017
looking for a submissive to undertake My dare. Contact Me on yahoo messenger sladynessa@yahoo***
LadyNessa posted July 6, 2015
Imma guy, but the group still decided I had to do it. I wore some frilly panties and peed thru them.
Portalime posted May 10, 2015
That was my punishment for the night ;)
Kennedylane0 posted January 12, 2015
Oup, done!
CustardPieFace posted September 24, 2014
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