Get a squeaky clean wedgie from another player for 30 seconds.

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Looking for a female slave. Kik - Boytoy40
Boytoy40 posted June 2, 2016
looking for a master kik me at Hannah121312
Hannah121312 posted March 29, 2015
My pussy hurts now I need dirty dares please ;)
Kennedylane0 posted February 25, 2015
hey im a 19 years old
wedgieslavemiku posted November 16, 2014
Looking for a F master, my kik is wtf_pics_co and if you don't have a kik then send me a pm. Ill do anything except pain, blood, scat, public, and family. I do have some more limits but you'll have to find them out
sailortrash posted May 26, 2014
Looking for a master to do stuff like this minus the squeaky clean part pantswetter98 kik
starwarsman15 posted April 3, 2014
I'm new to this, someone pop my cherry with a dare. 22/m
Letshavesexyfun posted February 17, 2013
they did it for 60 seconds insted
mia2028 posted December 24, 2012
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