Wear a paper sign on your back tomorrow that says "Wedgie me" with an arrow pointing down. Be sure your underwear is poking out slightly.

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Only got 2 wedgies in the fitness studio, but damn they were awesome :3
Angelfire posted March 15, 2014
crap hmmmmmm
Lilly6570 posted June 27, 2013
Got given hanging wedgie from the pegs in the pe rooms, normal wedgie lots of time but the worst squeky clean wedgie which seemed to go on forever!!
Bored1 posted June 14, 2013
Ok and I got hanging in gym atomic in bathroomHanging melvin in classAnd flag pole for 3 hourFinally a snow wedgie with a atomic front and back
WedgieGod posted March 22, 2013
I did ethics at school and I got a hanging wedgie with ice and snow in my briefs I hung for 7 hours (All Shool) and they ripped
CycloneFox posted January 28, 2013
10 people wedgied me
mia2028 posted December 24, 2012
I did it and lost count.. The amount of time in a lesson over the chair was rediculas!!
RandomKDares posted December 2, 2012
male here, looking for a dare mistress, pm me
friscochef123 posted December 1, 2012
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