A person of the opposite sex puts a sock in your mouth for 2 minutes

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Rather it be their cock or pussy
Sluttydiaperboy posted October 11, 2019
We were at the girls house, so she went and got every dirty sock out of the laundry and put them all in my mouth, before duct taping it shut for the rest of the game...
LegLovingSissy posted June 7, 2018
Cum in your mouth cum eating instructions?
kevikev1959 posted March 9, 2016
I love itXxx ME
SockBoy1997 posted December 18, 2015
my whole group peed and pooped i=om it first
chrystel posted June 11, 2015
Pee and shit on it
Uglyfatslut posted December 30, 2013
have cleaned my dirty ass with it before !
slut4all posted November 16, 2013
Gross but lame
lkwise11 posted October 20, 2013
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