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Submit a Truth or Dare

Basic Submission Guidelines

Failure to follow the submission guidelines on this page could result in your getDare account being disabled. Read the below carefully before contributing.

All getDare forum rules apply to submissions but things to especially avoid are:

  • Unnecessary capitalization
  • Nonexistent capitalization
  • Unsafe or illegal acts
  • Unrealistic acts
  • Submitting content that does not fit the selected category description
  • Not tagging mature truth or dare items as mature
  • Use of texting language (ex: put sum fi5h dn yr p4ntz!)
  • Forgetting to apply basic grammar rules to your submissions

There are a few bits of advice that can make a good truth or dare:

  • Keep it as short and simple as possible
  • Make it something that most people could really do

All dares you submit go into an automated moderation queue for approval and may take several days before they appear on the front page. If you make a typo or minor mistake our moderators will fix it during this process. Serious problems with your submission may cause it to be rejected.

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