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A great day

Posted 04-24-2020 at 03:52 PM by Cassandra
Updated 05-07-2020 at 01:01 AM by Cassandra

A glimpse of morning light fell into my eyes as a kiss on my neck awoke me. My pajama pants were already at my knees, his hands continuing to strip them off completely. They would be a nasty obstacle to spread my legs however he wanted. My body was already halfway on the side and my stomach, so with little effort, his arms completed the turn and had me face the mattress. Pressing his weight on me was one of his favorites, making me even more helpless than I already was. His body enjoyed pushing me around however he liked, only getting futile resistance when I wasn't willingly following his lead right away.

His hands spread my cheeks under the chastity belt. He took his time to aim and then let his spit drop onto my rear hole. And another one of that favorite lube. Often, throatfucking me first would do for plenty of ass-fucking. Any re-lube added the humiliation of getting it ass-to-mouth. Although my ass was usually clean from my diet and daily toilet it made me feel filthy nonetheless. I was his slut. Groping and licking me where he liked was for his pleasure, never for mine. There were so many things I loved about him.

Then his cock pressed through my sphincter. Careful only not to hurt himself he still loved to give me some painal. My hands grabbed the bedsheets in preparation for the pain that was about to come. We both were pleasantly astonished how quickly my asshole would tighten up despite the frequent anal he gave me. Pain isn't my thing, but it pleases him so much that I deal with it for him and him alone. His pleasure and entertainment at my cost are my joy. He deserves the privileges he has related to me. There's no space for me to feel good unless he made use of me or I am put in the weak, discomfort place I belong, even on a pain level I can hardly endure. Thanks to him I am reminded of what I need to be fulfilled by the purpose of serving him. He calls the shots and enforces me to follow his decisions. How could I ever live without that?

After the first initial balls-deep thrust, hard and rough, he picks up speed. The sheets bury my hands. My heavy breath and moaning are genuine. We wouldn't like it any other way. The pain and getting fucked take away all my strength. In between, he slows down or even stops for a while. Instead of giving me a break, he was practicing having dry orgasms and even multiorgasms via clenching his PC muscles. His endurance in fucking me has significantly increased, to take as much sexual pleasure as he takes the time to enjoy. He has built up the power to overcome the given restrictions of the male orgasm. More power to him, more pleasure to him. His willpower underlines all the reasons he owns me. My flesh and mind are his to be used.

Separate hard thrusts with big breaks in between accompanied by his moaning tell me he has cum once again but without ejaculation. There's no warm liquid let lose in my ass.

Then he gets up from me and stands beside the bed. My senses don't get the time to recover. My rose burns sore. He grabs my hair and shoulders and pulls my head over the edge of the bed and turns me over. It the most difficult and discomfort deepthroat position for me right after the backbend and he knows that. Besides my best intentions to keep my hands off him as always, he holds my elbows behind my back under me, and with the other hand holds my chin and neck. His cock rams right into my throat at full length and starts thrusting. While my head was busy gobbling towards his raging cock, a pleasant warmth spread my heart as I over being a fuckmeat for him again.

Experients with me taught him to give just enough break to grasp some air and not ruin the fuck with any coughing. He mastered my limits. I am at the edge of exhaustion and great discomfort with my breathing, swallowing, and the pain of my sore throat. My consciousness delves into a deepthroat trance. He orgasms a couple of times. My mind drifts off and accepts his complete control over my head fuckhole. Finally, his cum shoots right into my throat. There already are way enough pics and videos of my body, face, or hair covered by his load. The only reason left to do this is to humiliate me in front of friends or strangers.

Time goes by but his cock doesn't retrieve from my throat. Another warm flow runs right into my throat as his bladder empties. Using me as a toilet is mainly a way for him to prove his power over me. Morning piss is the worst though. Most often he just restricts it to that load. Since I got a peek on his face I know he is smiling right now. It kinda makes his day. Shortly after my face gets some slaps for nothing but his desire.

"Good slut."

Deep inside I know it's true. His compliment warms my heart and strengthens my desire to please him even more. His hands grab my head to hold it open for his spit, an indirect kiss. Of course, my mouth is too filthy for his lips so short after having served his cock. Anytime he wants to kiss me passionately, he makes sure my mouth is clean and sweet. It's going to be a great day.

For a while, my body lays down to recover. A warm shower does the rest. When I walk into the kitchen breakfast is nicely placed on the table. My mouth releases a sour, stinky burp and he starts grinning at me. My cheeks become red of embarrassment just shortly. Then we both burst out in laughter. A glass and a carafe full of pure water await me at my place. Simple things as bread rolls, my favorite, fresh from the bakery, butter, cheese, tomatoes, and cucumber.

There are also two sorts of fruit jam, my favorites, not his. But the diet he gave me doesn't include any sweets. Their colorful labels and my memories of their taste tempt me. Under his watch, I cannot prevent my eyes from taking glimpses at the jams. In counterbalance, his eyes blatantly gaze at my belly-free top, hotpants, or micro skirts. I haven't found a counterpart for his interrogation in those rare cases he allows me to ask though.

Sometimes he allows me to ask for the jam. Sometimes. I mustn't ask or beg for them on my own. And dare me if I don't ask when he permits me. His stern voice questions me about my thoughts and feelings and I have to hurry with my answer, even though I haven't thought about it. Then he leaves me waiting for his decision, always excited I might that joyful taste, longing for that sensitive pleasure. His sense when I need some toxic sweet for my soul has pretty well developed though. Unfortunately, most often when I ask I don't need it.

His hand winks me over to sit on his lap. As I do, he pulls my plate towards him, an invitation to make myself breakfast while his hands touch and grope me. His lips follow a trail of kisses over my shoulders. His boner presses against by bottom. Again? Without counting, my impression is that his stamina still increases every month. Or is it my pride who deceives me here, that I might be the cause?

His fingers check the space between the chastity belt and my body. Everything is sitting tight but lose enough to avoid any harm on my skin. I feel reminded of how much I long for an orgasm. My memories leave me about when I had the last one after putting on the chastity belt.

"Beg me for what you want, babe."

I know what he means when he uses that phrase.

"Please have more orgasms for me, my king of fucking everything."

Despite being naked in the cool kitchen, I feel a burning oven in my torso and tummy. I loved my orgasms! His power over me scares me but also arouses me so much at the very same time. My mind changed to value and crave him to orgasm. My mind enjoys his cock thrusting into my holes -any holes- because it means his pleasure. Even stroking him or knowing he jerks off or gets a hand-job satisfies me in a strange new way. There's no need for such petty activities though since I am available to him all day. Doubt if I even want to cum myself anymore has taken over my wishes for that ecstasy on my part. It would be an amazing orgasm after such a long denial, I am sure. I know. And still, it would face like a sunset. To cling on his sexual pleasure though feels like bathing in the pleasant sun all day, one burst after another between sheep clouds interrupting in front of a big blue sky. Every day I learn to love that summer feeling I didn't know before. My heart embraces it while I drop the remaining clothes of my ego. On his altar, I offer my complete naked self.

His arms wrap around me, tight and safe. His hands pet my skin from top to bottom, guided by his knowledge where exactly I like it and how. He was taking plenty of time for interrogations. Everything changes over time. This way he keeps up to date about me, my capabilities, and weak spots.

After I had my first bread roll, his fingers lead my chin and his powerful lips press onto mine and his tongue rolls out in my mouth. An eternity passes. His eyes stare into mine as his grip forces me to look back. He starts talking about my chastity again.

"One day, I might release you, sweetie. Maybe tomorrow. Or today? It has been a great day so far. Or maybe not."

His senses are at full attention towards my unconscious body reaction in his lap and arms. It's like in a hatched nest being allowed to be so close to him and even touch him. He gave me rules, but they change related to the situation. I have been his fuckmeat and will be again. Now I am his as a whole person though.

A whole breakfast, another fuck, and a short way back to our back later, I lay in his arms, my head resting on his chest. He pets my hair.

"I will make you beg first, of course."

'Oh, I know. And you bastard still denied me every single time you allowed me to beg', I think.

There's just the difference in how much begging he allows me, what, and how much he does me do to back up my request until he rejects it. Since I am with him, my arousal has spread into the whole body of mine, making me even more sensitive to gentle touching as well as to pain. It still peaks from time to time often including fever and cold shaking, an occasion he uses to make me propose doing tasks I don't like. Not at all. But I try to please him even harder with my creativity and my attention on his likes. He seems to note and remember everything. It's as if I am filling a bucket of possibilities, for him to use or ignore when and how much he likes. He waits until I forgot, and then he surprises me with an old task, suggested by myself, but then modified by him as he likes, surprising me ever so often. He doesn't need to hit my spot every time. Sometimes he even notices a task is a total fuck-up. Real-life is different from fantasy. I love him for trying and exploring, including all the wrong turns we take. He does pay close attention to notice on time when we fucked up.

"Maybe one day, sweetie."

Maybe?! I sigh.

"But if I do, I will make you have as many multiorgasms as possible. I'll make them as enjoyable and memorable as possible. Imagine it. A great event. It will be a great day."

He smiles as he looks down into my eyes.

"And then I lock you back up, and you'll know what you miss every single day. What you could have if I just allowed it. It makes me horny already."

He pulls the blanket up and wraps it closer around me, while I rub my head on his flesh and snuggle into his body. I feel very warm and cared for in his presence, most of all from the inside. It's as if by being his fuckmeat my heart opens up to be loved and love myself. It's a great day.
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  1. Old Comment
    Bdsub's Avatar
    Loved reading this, thank you for writing it
    Posted 04-25-2020 at 03:17 AM by Bdsub Bdsub is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Jaro's Avatar
    Wow, that fucking was really intense! Very hot read actually. Thanks for telling us all about it.
    Posted 04-27-2020 at 08:43 PM by Jaro Jaro is online now

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