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Me and my ... part-time sissy

Posted 08-26-2018 at 04:14 AM by Cassandra
Updated 08-26-2018 at 04:24 AM by Cassandra

Around 12 years ago, I bought my first skirt, and a corsage-like bra. The skirt was ugly and too tight around the legs, the bra just hilariously disfunctional. Shortly before, I had fucked my ass with self-made dildos for the first time. I enjoy to be fucked. Partly I enjoy it physically, partly it hurts, plus it is exhausting. But most of my joy is being desired, teasing by my physical existence, and being a joy and relief. Though I am fortunately only average size and shape, I am not a man. I don't like to pick up the active, courting part. Though I am up for cocks, as well es being into tomboys, transmen, and butches (no offense intended), I am uneasy with the usual gay scene as far as I tried. So picking up playing a woman, girl, or gurl went some way, especially with my deepthroat training on dildos. I had a three sex dates which worked. I have been a sissy for fucking.

Pretending to be a woman has its merits and flaws. It takes a lot time and courage to dress myself and do make-up. The fake breasts are the worst. And it will never be perfect. I don't like my crotch when I am a sissy. Still some potentials want to include it. (Sex) dating sucks. Besides simple misfits, there are so many jerks and bad expectations out there.
On the other hand, it worked out. I had the sex I wanted. Its quite clear with a sissy, that the date is focused on sex first and foremost. And since I am not a woman, I can choose the size of my breasts and take them off any time. I think I started to get some smaller part of that feeling of being weak and sexually harassed in public, as well as online which is more easy for me to fedge off.

But I am not a woman. I am not even a sissy. I am gamma which is something different. Though the fantasy of bimbofication arouses me, I would not want to be a sissy all the time. My life isn't focused on being just a fuckmeat or even a 24/7 slave. I want and need my freedom. I have a satisfying career and create things which are important in my life. I do stuff besides my big desire and need to be fucked and tendered and loved.
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