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Default Nipple Torture-Amateur to Pro

Hi, How are you all.

I am planning to start this thread to consolidate all the nipple dares which can be done by both amateurs and pros. I want all the getdare users to add their valuable comments and suggestions after trying these dares to make those more interesting and doable. Thanks for your support.

The following dares can be risky, please go with your own risk. Suggestions are highly seek to reduce any kind of health issues regarding the dares.

No Instruments

1. Pinch your nipples
2. Twist those
3. If possible bite
4. Pull nipples using two fingers

Rubber Bands

1. Depending on size and your ability to take pressure. Tie your nipples with rubber bands with one fold/two folds/three folds and more
2. Keeping rubbers on nipples, at first start with 30 seconds if resistance grows gradually increase time (remember blood clotting)
3. Tie both nipples with one band.
4. Place a band on your nipples (single fold). Hold your nipple with one hand now with other hand pull the rubber down/up and let the rubber go and hit your nipple. Gradually increase the number of hits.

Rubber Bands & Pencils/Chopsticks

1. Take four pencils/chopsticks and four rubber bands. Take two pencils/chopsticks together at a time and tie bottom side of the pencils with one band. Place your nipples in between the pencils/chop (horizontal) and tie the other side of the pencils with another band. You can keep your nipples and enjoy the pain
2. Hold the pencils/chopsticks and twist those almost 90 degrees then 180 degrees and gradually to 360 degrees.
3. Hold outside of the nipple by pinching with one hand and the pull the pencils/chopsticks (which were in horizontal position) to right or left to get to the end. Repeat the process as many time as you want. You may change the position of the pen/chop to vertical and do the same.
4. Hold the pencils/chopsticks and pull those towards front to get those out of the nipples.


1. Put one clamp at each nipple and keep those as long as you can.
2. Put the clamp horizontally and stay like that, instantly remove the clamps and put those again but now vertically.
3. Twist the nipples using clamps. Start from 90 degrees to 360 degrees.
4. Pull the clamps to remove it from the nipples without loosing it up.
5. Put clamps and hit it with something to let it fall due to hitting.

Clamps & Strings

1. Take one to two feet long strings and tie one side of the string on the joint of the clamps.
2. Put clamps on the nipples and at the other end of the string put some weights. Gradually increase weights.
3. Take one string of 1 to 1.5 feet long. Put one clamps at each side of the string. Put clamps on each nipples, now old the string and take it above your head to place around neck. Stay like this as long as you can go.
4. Take two clamps and two strings having length of 1.5or 2 feet. Tie one string with one clamp (at the join ring). Now tie the other side of both strings to a door knob. Open the door at thee pull option side. Clamp your both nipples with the tied clamps. Now, push the door with high pace, let the clamps get out from your nipple with the force.

Toilet Pan

1. Place your nipple(s) on the toilet pan, now let the pan cover fall on it, do this for at least 15-20 times. Increase number of hits gradually.

Needles and Candles

1. As far as I know nipples have few small holes, if you can insert the back side of small needles in those holes you can do this dare. If you succeeded to insert, now light a candle and heat those needles until you can bear the heat.


1. Put candle wax drop by drop on your nipples.


1. Apply different types of ingredients on your nipples this could be toothpaste, sauce, ginger paste

More maybe added or above maybe reviewed upon receipt of your opinions
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Love this idea of a dare I have donever most of it
I would love to get dares. 19/F/Bi

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Limits: public, friends family, anything that may interfere with personal life, pictures, poop,messy, enema, cam, toilet.

**limits subject to change**

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I'm totally in love with this post!
I would love you to be my dom so much.
Likes: pain, humiliation, forced orgasms,, tasks to do, nipple play, clit play

Dislikes: edging, pants in mouth, bladder control, hidden public

Limits: social, messy, blood, family, public


I do every tasks which are not in my limits and I also give you reports.

I have only household items to do tasks with.
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I have also had much success using rubber "O" rings. It took a few trys to get the right size. You need a tool to place them. I used a cap from a drawing pen. You push the o-ring onto the tapered end and slide it near the open end. Then place the cap over your nipple. Then roll the rind off the cap, around your nipple.

On clamps and string...
Practice finding the length to use so that a clamp on one nipple, is on a string, over an overhead bar (closet bar), down to the other nipple, such that you must be on your toes. Then place your handcuff keys on a table nearby. Put the clamps on as above, and cuff your hands behind you.

Chemical heat
Try wintergreen oil. You may want to dilute it with hand lotion.

Mouse and rat traps
You can use mouse or rat traps as clamps. But they don't feel as strong as you might think. But if you are into photos, they look better that they feel.

You can make your nipples erect anyway you wisg then apply several coats of nail enamel/ nail polish. It is not painful or irritating. But worn all day with your nipples held erect can get itchy and annoying.

You covered molten wax. You can also get results with ice. You can have a victi... eh, subject in bondage. Show him/her some metal object held over a fire. Blindfold him/her. While rubbing their nipples talk about them receiving your brand and how the object is glowing. Excuse your self to get better gloves when you actually get an identical object from the freezer. Touch a nipple with the cold object. It will feel hot to them.

You can increase sensitivity using fine or extra fine sandpaper. Don't over do it.

I am sure that others will have more safe tortures and irritations.
64/M/Newburgh Indiana, USA
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Expect: Detailed report writing
KIK: ChasteDoc

PM for clarifications
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Also toothpaste

Dottie's property. No touching

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I like those dare, I'm gonna try some of them xD

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Dislikes: anal sex, public,

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Good to hear that so try to clamp your nips and add the rope/ chain behind your neck to lift your tits up. Then add your arms behind your neck to stress your tits out. Can you make this for 15 minutes?
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Originally Posted by Masterxlove View Post
Good to hear that so try to clamp your nips and add the rope/ chain behind your neck to lift your tits up. Then add your arms behind your neck to stress your tits out. Can you make this for 15 minutes?
Why the ladies who like nipple torture not reply?
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I hope all the nipple-torture lovers here will take a moment to look at my poll, perhaps vote, perhaps add a comment or two ... !

<--- Me, at Burning Man

Something quick and easy you can do!
Just PM me "10" and I will bust my balls 10 times. I will report back to you when done!

Or PM "10" on Discord [DrOvercum#1616] and I will do the same.
Video on request.

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LIMITS: family-friends, hard to clean up, disease, permanent; very limited anal.
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Another good one is to stand near an open door along where the brackets are. Put your nipple in the door jam and as the door slowly closes, your nipple gets pinched harder. If you can shut the door you have to pull your nipple out without opening it .

Make sure to do this safely, because it can tear the nipple if the door closes too tightly...trust me
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Oh no! Speaking from experience, Kitty?
PM me for kik

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Dislikes: Messy, cucumbers, wax

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