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Default how long can a story be?

I am writing a story and was wondering how many words can each part of the story be before it wont let me post it?
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I don't know what the actual limit is (or even if there is one), but I try to keep my posts to no more than 3,000 or so words as a rule. I have gone up to about 5,000 once or twice, but I feel that was a bit too long to make for an easy read.

I don't know what others think, but I'm always conscious that people on here seem to want to dip in and out fairly quickly a lot of the time, so that's why I try to keep the posts smaller. But I am definitely not a fan of stories posted in tiny bite-sized pieces, like some on here are. Give your reader enough to get into, at least, that's what I say!

Hope this helps. Good luck with your story writing!
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Joan Sky
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I've seen people make consecutive story posts. If it's too long, post the remainder in the next one.
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I think the character cap in most sections on the forums is approximately 10,000. I'm not sure if its longer in the story area.
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Like most things here the site machines will tell you if its too long.

Personally I like to read the story behind the story rather than just want some thing that starts;
She ripped her clothes on the barbed wire and stood naked in the field, took the vibrator from the bag she had tossed over the fence and then as her friends watched, brought herself to orgasm as she thought about how good it was going to be now all her friends knew she could be treated like the sub human she had always wanted them too.

And I prefer:

She ripped her brand new dress on the barbed wire as she crawled underneath it. She had lost the truth or dare game when she had admitted on truth that she liked to be ordered about, especially during sex, on her next turn they had offered her truth or dare and she had chosen truth but her friends had asked why she hadn't taken dare, when she replied, truthfully, she had a new dress on and didn't want to get it ruined, they had ganged up on her and told her it was a lame answer and had lost the game and a forfeit was required.

She removed her floral bra and panties set and then tossed the set to the girls on the other side who immediately ripped it all to shreds on the barbs on their side, laughing as they did so and then turning their attention back to her.
'You lost now, do as you are told and fuck yourself' yelled one.

She stood naked in the field, nervously looking round, as she reached for the bag she had tossed over the fence earlier. From it she pulled the vibrator, wiped her fingers up and down her pussy rubbing at her clit and then once ready she pushed the throbbing item inside her wet hole. As her friends watched she brought herself to orgasm, smiling to herself as she thought about how good it was going to be, now that all her friends finally knew she could be treated like the sub human she had always wanted them too.

Okay it doesn't make a lot of sense but you get the point: the trouble is writing like this uses space and so you end up with chapters.
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The answer is at the end of this thread.

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