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My Updated Toy List

Posted 05-20-2022 at 07:36 PM by Toybox
Tags anal, dildos, rope, toy, toys

I was recently asked if I could update my toy list so I figured it is about time so here we go


- Large vibrating dildo complete with balls
- Regular suction cup that bends
- Large purple one (can be attached to my strapon harness


- Small hitachi magic wand
- 3 Bullet vibrators of different sizes


- Large black butt plug
- Small blue beaded plug
- Black silicon anal beads
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The Peg Race

Posted 05-08-2022 at 10:50 PM by tyragon123 (Tyragon's Experiences)

I finally got some much needed time to myself at home, and did not put it to waste. A few days ago I saw this roulette, Peg Race, and it captured my imagination. Originally I planned to use six of my dildos. After I got going, I decided to skip one (the red dildo with a slight bend) that was too similar in circumference and length to the previous one.

I found a long video to have on in the background while I completed my task and set off. Dildo one was no challenge at all, and I had taken...
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Feb 6!! Completing Dares and Writing Reports!

Posted 02-05-2022 at 07:33 PM by SluttySarah18
Updated 02-06-2022 at 10:08 PM by SluttySarah18

I will finally be back to my residence by 6PM EST tomorrow!! I have a lot of PM dares stacked up for tomorrow, and I'll be constantly updating this blog live as I finish each one, and giving reports on how I'm feeling/doing.

6:55pm: I finallyy just got back to my dorm; the traffic was absolutely terrible. I'll be starting the anal panty stuffing (from smrc) now

7:05: Using my fingers, I got a bit of my panties in my asshole, and kept grabbing a bit more fabric and slowly...
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Dares and Punishments to be completed upon return to my uni dorm

Posted 02-01-2022 at 07:32 PM by SluttySarah18
Updated 02-05-2022 at 07:33 PM by SluttySarah18

I will be returning to my university dorm on Feb 6th, and I have quite a few dares/punishments building up that need to be completed when I return. I wanted to create a running list of all the dares/punishments I need to complete, since they are really stacking up! I return at 6pm, so if I cannot finish all my required plugging for the day, they will be delayed for Feb 7th, and the time increased by 50%.

Here are my current dares/punishments for FEB 6, listed and to be completed in the...
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Posted 01-31-2022 at 11:35 PM by SluttySarah18

Hi! This is a short introduction to who I am, bsaed off of a conversation I had with SlaveMasterA

Where are you from? What got you into getdare / anal training? Can you also describe what you look like?

I'm from Canada, but I guess my ethnicity is Chinese. Having to convert units all the time is a pain!
As to how I got into GetDare? Well I mean I was (and suppose am still) a pretty horny teenager (I guess I'm legally an adult now, yay) who just got their own dorm...
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PM Dares (currently replaced for punishments, see blog) (with reports)

Posted 01-30-2022 at 08:25 PM by SluttySarah18
Updated 05-06-2022 at 12:37 AM by SluttySarah18

PM dare list currently replaced by panty stuffing punishments, see update.

Please only give 1 punishment a day. I am beginning with 1000 debt, which increases by 5% each day. Starting May 05, this slutty little girl may only refer to herself as little girl or anal slut, and if she is caught lacking by anyone her debt will be increased be 5 points.

Punishment 1: As soon as I see your message I must stuff my panties in my asshole and cannot remove them until I ask and obtain...
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A banana up my…ASS!? Caution: some pooping involved

Posted 11-14-2021 at 03:31 AM by ClaireScott

So i’ve found myself intrigued by the idea of inserting a banana into ones anus. I kept wondering how it would feel and how it would work. While chatting with a guy on a sex chat, he asked why I didn’t try it myself, and in effect dared me to do it…so I did…twice. After much discussion with the person, the dare was to insert an entire banana up my ass and leave it in with the aid of a butt plug for a period of 1 hour. So here’s a dare that might interest any of you who are into anal and some mild elements...
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