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Feb 6!! Completing Dares and Writing Reports!

Posted 02-05-2022 at 07:33 PM by SluttySarah
Updated 02-06-2022 at 10:08 PM by SluttySarah

I will finally be back to my residence by 6PM EST tomorrow!! I have a lot of PM dares stacked up for tomorrow, and I'll be constantly updating this blog live as I finish each one, and giving reports on how I'm feeling/doing.

6:55pm: I finallyy just got back to my dorm; the traffic was absolutely terrible. I'll be starting the anal panty stuffing (from smrc) now

7:05: Using my fingers, I got a bit of my panties in my asshole, and kept grabbing a bit more fabric and slowly shoving it in, and managed to get it all in in under a minute. Trying to get it out was much easier than I thought it would be. The hardest part was pushing out a bit, and trying grab hold of the exposed bit with my heels. Pulling it out like that was really really stimulating! I couldn't get all of it out at once so I would use my heels to pin the panties to my bed, and arch my waist up to rip a bit more out, and do that over and over until all of it came out. Since I didn't insert it very well and it folded in on itself a lot, some pulls really scraped against my insides while others weren't as sensitive. In total though, it didn't take more than 5 minutes.

7:40: SlaveMasterAllMost's dare for me was to fuck my ass on my medium plug with clover clamps attached in a pattern of 1-min fucking, 1-min break, 2-min fucking, 2-min break, until 20 minutes has passed. I first lubed up my plug (didn't want to keep on my clamps for too long) and got it all the way in me (both beads, so it doesn't slip out), and then attached my nipple clamps. As requested, I gave them 10 hard yanks. My first few were really light and just me being a little wimp, but as I confirmed that I wasn't going to rip of my nipples accidentally, I gave 10 proper hard yanks, which really really hurt. I did them really quickly in sucession since I didn't want to pain to last too long. The plug was too soft to ride unfortunately, so I ended up gripping with it my hand to slide it in and out. For the first little bit, I couldn't get the larger bulb in and out in quick succession, but by the 3-minute and 4-minute cycle I was able to take it in and out pretty quickly. During the first two rests, I left the plug only partway in and gripped onto it, but during the latter two I just left the entire plug in. I wasn't allowed to sit down, and my legs were somewhat sore. But because of the way I was using my hand to move the plug in and out, I ended up resting a lot on my hand which let me cheat a bit. Also the "resting" part was almost more painful since my mind naturally focussed on my clamped nipples! I took off the nipple clamps after 15 minutes, since I had heard that it wasn't a good idea to leave them on for too long.

7:47: I rolled a 3 for honey666's 1 hour of random plug plugging. So the large I will try to insert some fingers and stretch myself out a bit more before inserting it and see if that makes it less painful, as I was told to do.

8:01: I got the large 3-beaded plug in! The first two beads were pretty easy to get in, but the third was really difficult. Even after I thought I had managed to get in the entire plug, the back part of it hadn't actually gone in yet and it was painfully stretching me. It hurt so much, but I know the only way I was going to make it go away was to fit the whole thing in and get past the last bead. So I kept pushing and pushing at the back part of the plug until my hole seemed to have closed itself around it. I'm not sure if it's entirely in all the way, since it seems like there's a little more space at the back of the plug than at the front, but I can't push it in any further. Now I feel rather full, and that bit at the back still hurts a little when I sit on it wrong. If I don't force it in though, it doesn't hurt. Since this now links up with Thursday's 1h large plug +clamps dare, I'll be keeping this in for 2 hours until 10. I'll put on my clover clamps for 1d20 minutes at 9.

9:09 I was a bit late in finishing up my laundry (the stupid machine wouldn't scan my card) but I rolled a 6 for my 1d20 minutes clover clamps and they are currently clamped on me as I write and they sting quite a bit more than the first time I had them on this evening. The first hour of plugging went pretty well, although I did get hit by sudden urges at times to push out the plug, which I managed to repress. Walking around and hauling my laundry around with them in me was a pretty exciting feeling!

9:16 The clamps are off me now, and although they started off a bit sting-ier than before, it was only 6 minutes so it was pretty ok. The plug is getting quite sore and while it is much better now that I am not moving around, I still get uncontrollable urges to push out the plug. If I had rolled anything other than my largest plug for the random plug dare, I think I'd be much comfy-er right now.

9:28 Since I don't feel like getting up right now, I've been taking a look at how many dares I have to complete, and there is no way I can complete them all today. I'll have to delay a few to tomorrow. Wegwerpvivson has already given me a punishment for this already (extension of panty stuffing dare to 1h), I will inform the others.

10:00 I finally took out my large plug! For the last little while it felt like my butthole wasn't happy with me, since as soon as I stood up to move around, I would get keep getting little clenches to push out the plug that I could barely control. I definitely need an enema kit, since when it came out it came out with quite a lot of poop (ew ) I wiped it off with some tissue paper for until I have a chance to properly rinse it in the shower later, and just got back from the washroom where I washed off my hands well even though I didn't really get anything on them. I even tried to go to the toilet, but I didn't actually manage to push anything out, the fullness just made my body think I needed to go. I suppose I should've first rolled for my next random plug dare before I took it out, but I think I needed a short break anyways. If I roll another large plug I'm going to be pretty pissed.

10:18 I rolled a 2, or the medium plug, which I'm pretty happy about. It seems like today I keep rolling the plug I have to keep in next! So I will keep this one in for the next 2 hours. It went in soo much easier than the first time I inserted it this evening. The two hours of the large plug (albeit the base) really seemed to help to make my asshole more elastic, if only for this short while. Also, elastic feels like such a weird word to describe my asshole lol, but I can't find a better one right now.

10:28 It's only been ten minutes but I must say that the difference between the medium and large plug is night and day. The medium plug is much more comfortable in me, and I'm not getting any involuntary clenches to push it out like I did with the large one, and I barely feel stretched at all. This might only be because I'm doing it immediately after the large plug - if I were to do this without warmup, I doubt it would feel this easy.

10:50 I can't believe it. My plug straight up just broke. I had a feeling something was wrong with the medium plug, and when I looked to check it, the bottom had simply fallen off! I'm pretty mad right now... (the base) I'll replace it with my small plug for the remaining hour, but this really is quite an unwelcome development. The plug wasn't much good in ways of stretching anyways, but it is nice to have something that's not the absolute largest I can take and is a bit easier. Ugh. (I got out the part inside of me, so at least there weren't any safety issues) It's never broken even though I used it last semester as well, so I'm not sure what happened. Maybe I sat on it wrong? It is quite a flexible plug so it's possible I was just totally bending it in the wrong direction... Pretty upset.

12:07 I'm going to pick up my laundry and go sleep. I still have the plug in since the small one actually feels quite nice. I'll finish all the dares I haven't completed tomorrow.
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