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Dares and Punishments to be completed upon return to my uni dorm

Posted 02-01-2022 at 07:32 PM by SluttySarah
Updated 02-05-2022 at 07:33 PM by SluttySarah

I will be returning to my university dorm on Feb 6th, and I have quite a few dares/punishments building up that need to be completed when I return. I wanted to create a running list of all the dares/punishments I need to complete, since they are really stacking up! I return at 6pm, so if I cannot finish all my required plugging for the day, they will be delayed for Feb 7th, and the time increased by 50%.

Here are my current dares/punishments for FEB 6, listed and to be completed in the order I received them. However, dares I get on the day of will be completed immediately regardless of queue. I will PM reports immediately after each dare, and ask for permission to post my reports on my blog:

Anal panty stuffing (PM dare by smrc)
Anal fucking my plug for 20* minutes with clover clamps + 10 yanks (Dare by SlaveMasterAllMost+)
1 hour random sized plug (PM dare by honey666)
1 hour large plug with 1d20* min clover clamps(PM dare by Thursday)
1 hour random sized plug (PM dare by Iani_122)
1 hour medium plug (PM dare by MarvHarvey)
Anal panty stuffing 1 hour (PM dare by Wegwerpvivson)
1d20* min clover clamps (PM dare by girf69)
1 hour medium plug (PM dare by herpderp42)

Probably delayed until Feb 7th (with punishment):
Anal panty stuffing 1h (PM dare by Wegwerpvivson... again... please no more )
Anal panty stuffing 1h (PM dare by Wegwerpvivson please forgive me!!)

I also have to keep a 300ML enema in for 2 hours (Punishment by ForADare for inability to complete wager) but this will be on Feb 7th as I won't have my anal douche until then.

This puts me at 5 hours of plugging, so I will definitely have to set up my room and do my laundry all while plugged . I hope I am able to find a way to remove my anal panty stuffings without my hands relatively quickly, or else I'm going to have to ask for more punishments or run out of time.

I don't think I can complete all my PM dares on Feb 6th. If I have to push any to the 7th or even later, I will ask my dare-giver to pardon me, but if they want I will be punished.

It was a bad idea opening PM dares a week before I can return to my dorm and letting them stack up like this. What should I do? It's just the consequences of my horny impatience I guess...

*if I roll over 15 minutes I will instead do 2 x 15 minutes of clamping with a 120s break inbetween to allow blood flow and prevent numbness.

*dare by cr1sp removed due to unclear instructions, currently waiting for clarification
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