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Thoughts about play blackmail and financial control

Posted 03-14-2020 at 12:14 PM by Cassandra
Updated 03-14-2020 at 01:26 PM by Cassandra

I casually played blackmail with about three partners. Nothing big. Actually, I didn't need to chase people for that, quite the contrary. I get the potential thrill about being (playfully) blackmailed. On the other hand, so far, it had that huge issue.

Now inspired by this post by RiskyFlame I got some new thoughts.

If you are being blackmailed without your consent, contact the mods for help and your local authorities. Don't give in to any illegal blackmailers. You risk losing even more than you are being blackmailed with.

Besides the gap between reality and horny fantasies, I have the major issue of an empty thread with it. Either I get zero consequence material via control over meaningless issues for being ruined or exposed, or it's the real, serious thing, and I'd never even risk to ruin anybody's life.

At least, now, thanks to RiskyFlame's post, I got a new plan for future play blackmail. First of all, it needs to be clear that it needs time. I want proof that a potential partner commits to it, either by trusting them because I knew them from before, or by letting them come back the next day, and the next day after. Also, I require no soberness, meaning no alcohol, no drugs. Honesty, of course. I can start with them not being honest towards their partner, but you can bet I'll push the issue, especially longterm with the power given to me. I favor caring for my partners' well-being and personal growth. Outing or the lack of it is one thing but cheating is an issue with a bullseye.

In addition, I set a limit on life-ruining material given to me or others. Instead, I am going to ask for things that hurt to lose but are going to be survived, physically, mentally, socially, financially and everything else. But, they need to hurt. I imagine something like an old, well-played game account, social media account with a cover-persona with some followers build-up, a kinky site account successfully used over years with plenty of post, blogs and friends, or another ante I take over that they can live without but would rather not.

I am way less experienced with financial control like setting budget limits and spending permissions but curious to try.

In the end, I could never control everything (or don't want to for now). I need some level of trust in regard what my partners tell me, especially when playing online.
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