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PM Dares (currently replaced for punishments, see blog) (with reports)

Posted 01-30-2022 at 08:25 PM by SluttySarah18
Updated 06-29-2022 at 12:11 PM by SluttySarah18

PM dare list currently replaced by various punishments, see update.

Please only give 1 punishment a day. I am beginning with 1000 debt, which increases by 5% each day. It increases by 2% on days when I am busy and do not complete any punishments, and by 0% if I am on vacation.

Before completing any anal punishments, this slut must complete 3 enemas to clean herself. The first is a 1.5L enema held for 5 minutes, the second a 1L cold water enema held for 10 minutes, and the third a 1L warm water enema held for 10 minutes. As this is to clean herself, this slutty girl will earn only 10 points for all 3 enemas.

Punishment 11: This little anal slut must take in as many beads of her beaded anal snake as she wishes, then remove the anal snake and repeat twice more, going one bead deeper each time. She earns points (tbd) for each bead she managed to fit inside her in the first insertion. If she inserts too many beads the first time and finds she is unable to complete the second or third insertion, she must restart the entire dare inserting 1 fewer bead and lose 25 points.

Punishment 12: This little girl slut must take in all 12 beads of her beaded anal snake once, or 11 beads twice, or 10 beads 4 times, and so on. The more this slut is able to take in, the fewer times she will have to repeat it. (points tbd)

Punishment 13: This anal slut must insert her beaded anal snake as deep as she can. Then she must push out and push back in two beads 3/9/27/81 times depending on if 1/2/3/4 beads were not inserted at the start. (points tbd)

Punishment 1: I must stuff my panties in my asshole and cannot remove them until I ask and obtain permission from 1 to 10 (sender decides) GetDare users. If successful, I will earn back 20 points of debt for each permission obtained, and if I cannot obtain enough permissions before I cannot handle being stuffed, I accumulate 25 more debt. (Difficulty: 7/10)

Punishment 2: I must contract my sphincter with my panties stuffed inside me (100-1000) times within (2-15) minutes. If successful, I will earn 1 point for every 10 contractions completed, and if I complete more than requested, I earn 1 point for each additional contraction. If I do not manage to complete my required contractions in the allowed time, I must complete the remaining contractions but will earn no points. (Difficulty: 5/10)

Punishment 3: I must insert and push out my panties (1-10) times within (5-30) minutes. Each time I push out my panties successfully without using my hands I earn 20 points, and if I used my hands I earn 10 points. If I am unable to complete all insertions within the time I am given, I instead accumulate 10 points of debt for each time I missed. (Difficulty: 9/10)

Punishment 4: This anal slut must stuff her panties in her asshole until she beats a game of 2048, and she gains 10 points if she manages to do so in under 10 minutes. If she is unable to beat the game after trying for 30 minutes, she may push out her panties and lose 10 points. (Difficulty: 8/10)

Punishment 5: This little slut must wear binder clips as nipple clamps for 1-20 minutes, earning half a point for each minute and 5 additional points if she successfully reaches the ordered amount. (currently removed)

Punishment 6: This little slut must rub an ice cube over her nipple until wet, then melt it on her belly button for 10 points. (Difficulty: 1/10)

Punishment 7: This anal slut must take and hold a 1-1.5L of enema for 2-30 minutes, earning 1 point for each 0.25L held for 5 minutes.

Punishment 8: This little girl must post on the if you catch me thread the following message:
"For each time I am caught in the next 24 hours, this little girl slut must stuff a pair a panties into her asshole and push it out once for each time I have posted this message (currently 1). I must repost this message if caught at least once. (so if 2 people catch me on my very first post, I must stuff in and push out my panties twice, but if 2 people catch me on my second repost, I must do it 6 times)"
When a post goes without any catches, and the cycle ends, this girl earns 50 points. If she is unable to keep up, she may end the cycle voluntarily but lose 50 points. (Difficulty: Dependent)

Punishment 9: This anal slut may be ordered to insert her panties along with 1-3 ice cubes, and she may not remove them until all the ice has melted. If this slut take out her panties and there is ice remaining, she must re-insert them with 2 additional ice cubes and deduct 2 points. She will earn 10 points and 6 points additional for each ice cube inserted. (Difficulty: 10/10)

Punishment 10: This anal slut may be ordered to insert up to 5 ice cubes into her asshole and keep them until melted. This slut must either have her butt up with her face in her mattress or wear a pair of panties and release the water into them over a toilet (sender decides which). She earns 5 points for each ice cube, and if she is ordered to release into her panties, she may earn 1 point for each additional 2 minutes the panties are worn afterwards (up to 1 hour). (Difficulty: 7/10)

Challenge 1: If this anal slut is able to fit two panties into her asshole at once she earns 200 points.

Challenge 2: If this little anal slut manages to hold an enema of 2L for over 5 minutes, she will earn 200 points.

Challenge 3: If this slut is able to fit 10 ice cubes in her asshole at once and wait for them to melt entirely, she will earn 100 points. (completed)

Challenge 4: If this little girl slut is able to fit her 52 cm beaded anal dildo all inside her she will reduce her debt by 200 points.

Punishment Suggestion: Suggest a punishment and the amount of debt alleviated for successfully completing the punishment, and if I am able to complete the punishment successfully once, I may add it to the list (but not earn any points the first time). Please respect my limits and capabilities, and involve panty stuffing in some manner.

The below is currently replaced

PM with any phrase and I must do the associated dare, then give back a report.

Please give me only 1PM dare a day (some are exceptions). If my plugging time cannot be completed the day it was requested, I will complete it the next day, plugging for 50% longer for each day delayed.
If I cannot complete one of the following PM dares, I must try my hardest to complete a dare of your own, and if successful, it will be added to this list as a dare others can PM to force me to repeat. My Toys

STUFF: I must stuff the panties I am currently wearing into my asshole. They stay in until I find a way to remove them without using my hands.

PLUG LARGE: I must plug myself with my large 3-beaded plug for 1 hour.

PLUG DEEP: I must take in my long anal dildo as deep as I can (total length: 40 cm), total of 11 segments of increasing diameter. I have to remove and reinsert 1d8 beads 1d4*(1d2+11-x) times where x is how many of the 11 segments I managed to insert.

CLAMPS: I must clamp my nipples with my weighted clover clamps for 1d15 minutes

PUNISHMENT CLAMPS: I must clamp my nipples with the even more painful clover clamps for 1d5 minutes.

CATCH: Can only be used if I am online. If I do not respond within 5 minutes you can assign me up to 3 nipple clamp PM dares. Can be used up to 3 times a day.
(suggestion by Be_Arya for failing to complete punishment clamps dare)

ENEMA: I will add 300/600/900 mL to the next enema I take.

ONLINE?: This can be used together with other PM dares. If I don't catch your message within 24 hours please assign me a punishment from my punishments or give me your own. This is to make sure I'm checking my messages, since even when I'm busy it only takes 2 minutes to check my pm's.

PEE DESPERATION: Can be used up to 5 times a day. Can be chained together From when I see the message, I am not allowed to go pee for the next hour. If I fail, for every 5 minutes early I release, I will complete another PM dare above of your choice.
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