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Update, apologies for inactivity, and my punishment therefor

Posted 05-02-2022 at 06:26 PM by SluttySarah18
Updated 05-06-2022 at 02:02 AM by SluttySarah18

If you had PM'ed me or posted in a thread with me involved in the past month and I didn't respond, I just wanted to say sorry . Finals season was super busy, and now I'm finally back home.

I no longer have access to my toys as a result (I moved them into the apartment where I will be staying next year). I still don't know what to do with them as I will be living with 2 roommates next year, and I don't want someone to accidentally dig them up after everyone moves in.

To compensate for any and all tasks/dares/punishments I missed during my time in university and now don't have the toys to complete, I am thinking of doing a number of extremely long and punishing panty stuffing punishments (my parents are usually out working).

My PM dare list will be replaced by a list of punishing panty stuffing tasks which will allow me to pay off the "debt" I owe. I will begin owing 1000 debt and I will track the current amount I owe in my signature. My debt amount will also increase by 5% each day to keep me motivated, and I may need to actively ask people to punish me.

One punishment will have me to stuff my panties in my asshole as soon as I see the message, and I must keep them in until I request and receive permission to remove them from (1-10) getdare users. If I succeed, I will gain (1-10)*20 points. If I fail and cannot handle being stuffed for so long, I accumulate 25 more debt.

Another punishment will instruct me to stuff my panties in my asshole and specify the number (100-1000) of times I must contract my sphincter muscles before I may remove my panties. I will also be given a time limit (2-15min) and if I complete my required contractions before my time limit, I will earn back 1 point of debt for each 10 contractions I was assigned. If I complete more contractions than required in my given time frame, for each additional contraction I will earn back 1 point of debt. If I do not complete everything within my time limit, I earn 0 points.

A third punishment will require me to insert and push out my panties (1-10) times within (5-30) minutes. Each time I push out my panties successfully without using my hands I earn 20 points, and if I used my hands I earn 10 points. If I am unable to complete all insertions within the time I am given, I cannot earn any points and 10 points of debt will be added for each time I missed.

A fourth punishment is a challenge for me to fit two panties into my asshole at once. This should be extremely difficult and I will likely fail. If I fail I shall add 20 points to my debt counter, but if I succeed 200 points of debt will be removed. Once I succeed once I cannot earn points from this punishment again.

Some more punishments are now added:

This little girl may be forbidden from using the bathroom from 30-90 minutes, beginning when the sender specifies. If she fails, for every 30 minutes early she loses 5 points and if she succeeds she earns 5 points for every 30 minutes.

This anal slut may be told to stuff her panties in her asshole until she beats a game of 2048, and she gains 10 points if she manages to do so in under 10 minutes.

This little slut may be told to wear binder clips as nipple clamps for 1-20 minutes, earning half a point for each minute and 5 additional points if she successfully reaches the ordered amount. (currently removed)

This little slut may be told to rub an ice cube over her nipple until wet, then melt it on her belly button for 10 points.

This anal slut may be ordered to insert 1-1.5L of enema for 2-30 minutes, earning 1 point for each 0.25L held for 5 minutes.

This anal slut may be ordered to insert up to 5 ice cubes into her asshole and keep them until melted. This slut must either have her butt up with her face in her mattress or wear a pair of panties and release the water into them over a toilet (sender decides which). She earns 5 points for each ice cube, and if she is ordered to release into her panties, she may earn 1 point for each additional 2 minutes the panties are worn afterwards (up to 1 hour).

This anal slut may be ordered to insert her panties along with 1-3 ice cubes, and she may not remove them until all the ice has melted. If this slut take out her panties and there is ice remaining, she must re-insert them and deduct 2 points. She will earn 10 points and 6 points additional for each ice cube inserted.

New challenges added are:

If this slut is able to wear her binder clips as nipple clamps for 30 minutes she will earn 100 points. (with 30s break and 90 degree rotation after 15 minutes)

If this anal slut manages to insert 10 ice cubes into her asshole at once and wait for them to melt completely, she earns 100 points.

If this little anal slut manages to hold an enema of 2L for over 5 minutes, she will earn 200 points.

I am also open to suggestions for more punishments to pay back my debt.

edit: i beg of anyone reading to assign me some punishments, I need to get rid of my debt fast so it doesn't increase too much each day

Starting May 05, this little slutty girl may only refer to herself as little girl or anal slut, and if she is caught forgetting she will gain 5 additional points of debt
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