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Default Female Punishment/Humiliation ideas?

Hi, this is my first thread, and I was wondering if anyone had some punishment or humiliation ideas to do to my girlfriend?

for example, wear a diaper all day, and urinate in it. Put a thong on backwards and wear it all day. Spankings with a ruler. Have her drink my pee or her own.

If anyone has any suggestions/ideas id be glad to hear them
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1. Wear no underwear for a day/week. (If possible, with a short skirt and a revealing shirt)
2. Go to the mall wearing only a button up shirt. Unbottun a button ever 20 minutes.
3. Tie a leash around her neck and make her your little puppy for the day (can only bark, must be on all fours, must pee in the back yard, must eat from a bowl and so on...)
4.Tie her in a bent-over position with a blind-fold for an hour or two. Every once in a while, slap her ass. Keeping her waiting and guessing when the next will come will serve good. You can be creative and do other things to her, if you are at it.
5. Must have a wedgie (of some kind) on all day.
6. Must sleep naked with a butt-plug in her ass.
7. Cannot do anything (eat, go to the toilet, take a shower) without your premission & help.
8. Allowed to use the toilet only once a day. If she need to pee again, tell her to go outside near a tree or something.
9. Put 2 ice cubes in her ass and order her to keep the water in for 5 minutes.
10. Take off all of her clothes, throw a key outside, throw her outside and lock the door. Once she finds the key, she'll be able to get back inside.
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that's hot... I didn't like the toilet themes, but the others had me all flushed...
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This thread is over 2 years old and OP hasn't logged in since so I think it's time to put the lock on this one

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