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Default Dare: Get naked in a bar

It was a very warm summers day and I'd been out drinking with a mate for a few hours when we moved to another pub. The beer combined with the hot weather was starting to have quite a decent affect on me and I was ''happy'' to say the least.

The pub we moved to is on a corner with floor to ceiling plate glass windows onto both streets (the main road through that part of town and the other road being the only route from uptown to downtown.) If you're in the place you can be seen by anyone walking along either street and there's nowhere you can be (besides the toilets) that you can't be seen; it's a wonderful place. The pub itself has a capacity of about 200 people but there were only about a couple of dozen other punters in there at the time.

Anyway, in we go and the combination of the weather, the beer and a long time since I was last NIP causes me to ask the barmaid if she'd mind if I "Got my kit off" whilst we order drinks.

She looks a bit puzzled, shrugs and replies "Sure, whatever," possibly not quite understanding exactly what I meant. My mate looks at me quizically, then to the barmaid and grins "No - I think he really means it. He'll get naked." To which she just grins "Sure he will."

Well, that was as good an invite as I was going to get so off came the shirt and I threw it to the side. Now I had the attention of all three barmaids. My shoes followed the shirt and I noticed the other customers were taking a little notice. Turning to the bar again I unfastened the shorts, unzipped them, whipped them off and handed them to the Barmaid as she surveyed my naked, shaven bod in its entirity.

It felt amazing to be stood there, a pint in hand, my silky smooth body displayed to everyone as the warm breeze from the open doors rolled over me. Everyone in the place took it good naturedly, happy enough to just look me up and down, ask why I was nude when they arrived without needing more than a "because" in answer as we got down to more drinking.

I also got to work on my tan whilst I was there - smoking isn't allowed in public buildings so every so often we'd have to go outside into the street for a cig, allowing the passers by an more upclose examination.

The barmaids thought it was pretty entertaining and would happily send to round the pub to collect empty glasses, which I would happily do.

After an hour or so we were running short on cash and my mate grumbled that he'd have to go and get some more from the cashpoint. Then he grinned and said "Better still you can go for me." I eagerly agreed.

I had two options: one cashpoint was about 1/4 mile away along the main road, the other was half that distance but at the supermarket (Morrisons). It was now about 3.30 in the afternoon and the supermarket would be mid rush-hour. No contest really.

I crossed the road, entered the carpark, passed the main entrance to the store and joined the queue at the cash machines. There were lots of dropped jaws, comments and giggles on the way followed by disbelieving looks as I queued at the machines with nothing but a watch and a cash card to my name.

Far too many of the teenage girls that went to the school near my home or lived near me were there for my liking and they didn't just walk on by to do their shopping. They happily formed a nice little crowd to giggle, point talk about me loud enough that I could hear. Thankfully my cock was only engorged and not actually erect.

Eventually I got to the front of the queue, got the cash and could head back to the pub, followed most of the way by the teenagers throwing innane questions at me. Fighting the erection I soo wanted to unleash by then was becoming almost impossible but somehow I managed, got back to the pub and back to drinking.

The barmaids were, of course, full of questions and almost in hysterics as I told them about the trip. All it really did though was whet their appetite for the day. Another pint later the manageress thought she'd see if I'd go further. She dared me to go to the shop over the road to buy her some cigs. I was a bit dissapointed that she didn't want me to go back to the supermarket for them but we needed some cans of beer for later so I was quite happy to go.

The off license involved crossing the main road at rush hour, never an easy task under normal circumstances let alone naked and barefoot. It felt like half the cars in Wales must of driven passed me whilst I tried to cross but eventually I got there.

Rather than grab the stuff and carry it to the counter just to be refused I figured I better ask the tiller if he minded me buying a couple of things in my state. I got a stumbling "Errr... Sure..." so I squeezed past the people at the till (it's a very pokey little shop that tries to stock more than space actually allows) got a slab of lagers and joined another queue - only 3 people in this one though. Eventually I got served and had to squeeze passed the others that had been in the queue again (they'd decided to stay and watch the spectacle) before I could again struggle to cross the road and back to the pub.

Unfortunately my best NIP and most exciting session ever can't end "Happily ever after." About half an hour after returning to the pub and having another pint we step out for another ciggy and a police car arrives. By this point my brain's quite addled and I have no idea they're there to talk to me. Cutting that bit somewhat short it ends with me being pepper sprayed for refusing to believe I'm in the wrong and then carted off to a cell to sleep off the alcohol.

A month down the road and I'm in court, thankfully only for Drunk and Dissorderly, and end up with an 80 fine. Considering the fun I got out of the day I found that to be a very reasonable sum.

P.S. The landlady has CCTV of the day (or had) but she won't give me a copy
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Hahahahaa, What a tale! okay.. beginning to think these aren't fictuitious now :P hahaha, but the bus one!? reallllyy? vey nice hehehe fun reading :3 thanks for sharing.
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Thanks for the reply. I've got many years of NIP dare stories stored in my head and there are a lot of them in there that on the face of things are too extreme. I am that extreme though.

BTW - the picture I have up is not actually from the dare I detailed above - that pub is floor to ceiling glass all around whereas the BV (see picture) is a pokey old hole.

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