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Smile Make Packing More Interesting

I will be moving in the next few weeks. As a result, I will be packing up some of my belongings tonight. Help make my night a little more exciting by giving me dares, tasks, etc.
Likes: Nudity, masturbation, JOI, porn control, online (strip) games, stripping, dice tasks, ice, controlled orgasms, forced orgasms
Dislikes: anal, very light cbt, long term denial
Limits:Visible face, illegal, moderate-heavy pain, pee, poo, family, blackmail


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To start you off and make one part more fun, any clothes that you pack must be used to stroke yourself to edge at least once each.
21 / Princess boy / NZ / pan

Likes: pet play, sissy, pain, anal, pee, spit, cbt, edging/teasing, bondage, body writing, ice, cum, spanking, messy (can't do much), hugs
Possibly limits: mild semi public, pics, eating, buying, denial.
Limits: public, blood, real harm, needles, permanent, illegal, scat, unreasonable.

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