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Rainbow Create our PM Dares!

Kitty and I have been meaning to redo our PM dares for what seems like forever, but neither of us have been able to come up with things that we would like for them. That’s where the lovely people of getDare come in.

We would like ideas from you all what we should do for them, but there’s a fun little twist…. Our PM dares could affect the other. For example, Say you send Kitty the PM dare to do an edge. I would have to do a ruin in turn. We would like you to be more creative than the example, but that was the best way I could explain it!

However, you do not have to submit dares that are connected in this way. We are accepting solo PM ideas as well as ones with our twist.

Our joint likes

The dares given in this section will share triggers between us. Ex. You give us a “Hypno” PM dare. Both of us have the same PM word to activate it.

• Hypnosis
• Pain
• Anal
• Watersports
• Edging/teasing
• Bondage
• Body writing
• Ice
• Messy*** (limited ability for kitkit so do not go crazy here)
• Breath play

Separate likes


• Sissification
• Spit


• Denial (Short term preferred max 1-3 hour)
• No- Touch
• Semi-public/ hidden public
• Clothing control (panties, bra etc.)

It should be noted that we will not be taking unsafe ones or ones that we do not feel comfortable in doing so (interferes with life or other arrangements etc.)
♡ F/24/ Switch (Mostly Submissive) ♡

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Posting to say I agree to this to show my limits and to give a big thank you hug to Lullaby <3

I live with family so dares that require to be home alone will take a little longer to complete (hopefully that doesn't stack up too much)
20 / Princess boy / NZ / pan

Likes: pet play, sissy, pain, anal, pee, spit, cbt, edging/teasing, bondage, body writing, ice, cum, spanking, messy (can't do much), hugs
Possibly limits: mild semi public, pics, eating, buying, denial.
Limits: public, blood, real harm, needles, permanent, illegal, scat, unreasonable.

Create pmdares for me and Lullaby <3
My Toy collection
old pmdares
Kik: FlaccidRainbows
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I'll start it off for you guys! I've always wanted to make my PM dares too, but never got to it so I'll help you guys instead!

For both of you:
Whenever someone PMs you X Breath (X is between 10-30 or whatever number you choose!), you have to hold your breath until you have done X spanks to your balls/clit
Likes: edging, rope/bondage, hidden public, anal, rules, games, tease/denial, clothing control

Limits: face, public, messy, diaper, ass to mouth, family, other usual ones...

Kik: eradteg

Feel free to chat with me on kik or GD


Always willing to play or receive rules! Or ask me anything!
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Sport Shuttlecock

Puppy has a nice pm dare he got from someone else.

Nippy nips: melt an icecube on each nipple

Pegged and ready: put clothespins on your nipples for X minutes and do 10 jumps.

So close: edge and when on the edge melt an icecube with your genitals

Spelling test: you have to send eachother a word. But you don't have to spell it correctly. You have to write that word on your body correctly each mistake is 10 spanks to the genitals.

Changing party: Kitty has to wear female underwear for the day and Lullaby is restricted to male underwear. (If one of you gets it, you have to do it both)

Hope you like them.
Male, 27, Dutch, bi curious

Likes and Limits:

Denial / Anal / Toys / Spanking
Edging / Bladder control / Hidden / pictures
Public / Friends / Family / Scat / Face / Video / Illegal / Blackmail
For more: Likes / toys

My current rules
1000th post blog count

17230/40764 spanks until freedom

Progress of puppy his tasks in his VS thread against Mistress Littlemissslave

KIK: Pariahterror
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Keep in mind, these are just suggestions. You don't have to use them if my ideas are terrible! Also, feel free to choose your own maximums for what numbers "X" can be.

SWAP X - Lullaby removes her bra or panties for X hours, and Kitty has to wear the same article of clothing for X hours. (I don't think this one's possible right now, because Kitty's toy list says he doesn't have female clothing.)

HOT AND COLD [X,Y] - Whoever gets this one has to do X spanks on Y body part. The other person has to rub ice cubes on that same body part for X/5 minutes.

HORNY X - You have to do X edges, and the other person has to do X/2 edges. Whoever finishes their edges first is not allowed to touch afterward until the other person has also finished.

PLUGGED X - Whoever gets this one has to wear a butt plug for X hours, the other person has to do X edges during the time the first person is wearing the plug.

GOLDEN ORGASM - Whoever gets this has to do a golden shower if the other person has an orgasm in the next 24 hours.

CUFFED X - Whoever gets one of these has to be blindfolded, gagged, or cuffed for X minutes. The PM dare receiver also has to choose one word for the other person to write on their body.
Male / 25 / Likes and Limits / PM Dares
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Toilet and you both have to go together and sit in adjoining stalls to pee
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Anal - Whenever someone sends Anal, you must add 20 minutes of anal fucking time during your next anal activity. Even if the activity doesn't involve fucking, it now will.


Likes and Limits
Toys (So Far)

Puzzle Dare

If you give me a repeated dare or a "do your own dare," I will not do it.

My goal is to give good dares and receive them because that's how I enjoy the game.

I don't do reports on dares I complete, unless you either ask or I tell you directly if I can or will.

Self Bondage
Flash Game Bets

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i-SPY - every time someone sends you i-SPY, you need to look through your last 5 texts [kiks/skype messages/pms/whispers - whichever you use the most] and count how many i's were used + that equals a spank for each one at the location of the pm-ers choosing.
don't be a creep - i won't be nice.
-happy submissive to the handsome Jameser.-

kik: [lolafox.]

ask me anything
currently inactive PM dares
click the links in my profile before you kik me to save yourself some time.
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HOLD IT! - When either one of you is PMed this, you both enter a pee holding contest. The loser must write "Can't hold my pee!" (or something of the winners choice?) on their body and must leave it there for 24 hours.

Loves: Edging, Bladder Control, Orgasm Control, Hypnosis, Creative Dares

Likes: Spanking, Wedgies, Light CBT, Humiliation, Games of Chance, Petplay, Bondage, Exercise

Dislikes: Very Messy, Tedium, Line Writing, Hard Pain, Heavy Piss, A2M, Long Term Denial

Limits: Full Public, Illegal, Extreme Pain, Permanent

PM Dares
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MARKING X Y: When one of you get this, both of you write X on Y place on your body

ONE SHALL CUM: The person who gets this cums and the other one is denied for the rest of the day
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ICY EXERCISE Do as many pushups as you can in a single session. The catch: you must do them naked with a bowl of ice water.
If Lullaby gets this, she must let her boobs submerge in the water each time she goes down.
If KittyAydy gets this, he must let his cock and balls submerge in the water each time he goes down.
You may rest during the session, but you must do so submerged.

If both of you get this PM dare on the same day, the same applies BUT you must tell each other how many you did. The difference is the amount of edges you must do in a single session before you get to orgasm. The person who did the most pushups then gets a full orgasm. The person who did the least gets a ruined orgasm.
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