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Default Hidden Right In Front Of Me

I will finish my other story: "An Entire Week: The Sequel". I do want to get started on my new story though. I think I have a a solid idea so here it is. Enjoy! This story is completly fiction!

Let me start this story by introducing myself. My name is Alana, my friends all call me Lana though. I just recently turned 15. I have dirty blonde hair, big green eyes, pale white skin, I'm skinny, and I'm about five foot tall. Every since I could remember my family always encouraged nudism. It was never required that I be naked, not once did my parents tell me "You must be naked.". Clothes were purely optional in our house. I had recently gone though purperty growing larger breast along with pubic hair, which I shaved off. I was normally nude when at home, I perfered to be naked. I loved feeling the cool breeze hitting my entire body, I loved the freedom. I was confined by clothes. My twin brother, Samuel, seemed to also enjoy being nude. The sight of his growing penis was nothing new to me, I had been openly seeing it as long as I could remember. My family never practiced public nudity. We never went to a nude beach, a nudist colony, or anything of that sort. That all changed.

I was still 14 at the time when this happened. One day my mom came home and handed a pamplet to my twin brother and I. The pamplet read "Lake Freestlye: Summer Youth Programs." with a graphic of a tent on the front. We both opened it up looking at the photos. It showed children our age, older and younger participating in normal summer camp activities. The only off thing was they were all naked. My mom explained that it was a nudist summer camp. It would last for 3 weeks in July. Samuel and I were to think about whether or not we would want to go, this would be something new to us. We had never been out naked in public or been with other nudist. We had a lot to think about.

After a lot thinking we decided we would go. July quicly approached and we boaded the bus to go to Lake Freestlye. The kids on the bus were kust like us. They were clothes just like us, we were told clothing would be removed when we arrived at the camp. On the bus ride, I met a girl named Abby. She told me about her previous camp years and how great it was. As we pulled up to the camp, my heart pounded in anticipation and nervousness. We were split up into our cabin groups, I was in Girls Cabin 4. We all went to the cabin and were told we could take our time and remove our clothing once we are confortable. After about an hour of talking the entire cabin sat naked. We all properly introduced ourselves. We didn't get to know eachother too well yet, that would all change at an insane game of truth or dare which would happen soon.
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Default Awesome Story

Looks good please continue soon but take the time you need
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You MUST continue this. Very well done.
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Please continue this wonderful story.
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I'll try to have part 2 out ASAP.
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oookay this prologue sounds kind of weird (as in content) but that actually might make it quite a fun story

I like it, I'm not really active tho, but I'll try to check it again when I come by next time, would be nice to read more.

The title seems well chosen, it makes me want to know more about the story Would be great if you carry on!

Best regards.

P.s. Take your time, slow it down, describe stuff detailed to get as much gratifaction as possible out of it for the reader.
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The first day of camp was pretty normal. We did normal camp activities such as fishing, swimming, canoeing and we ended the day with a campfire by the lake. Being naked the whole time was a little strange at first but took no time to get used to. Just in the time I had gotten here, I had seen so many different body types that I had never seen. I had seen boys and girls of all ages and colors. Nobody seemed to stare and nobody seemed to make anything awkward. It was simple a lifestyle we were living.

After the campfire, Abby approached me. "If I tell you a little secret, you gotta swear not to tell anybody." she said. I held out my pinky and promised her I wouldn't tell anybody her secret.
"Lots of us from last year formed a club, we sneak out late at night and meet"
"Cool." I said, not knowing where this was going.
"Well, we're meeting tonight and wanted to know if you wanted to join." she said.
"Umm..." I replied. "Sure. What is this club?"
"I'm not really supposed to explain it to new members but I guess I will. I don't really know how to say this so I'll just come out and say it. We do... You know... Like... Ummmm..." she studdered.
"Go on." I said.
"We do like... Sexual stuff. I guess..." she said.
We both turned red, saying nothing. I had no idea what to say! I had always been taught nudity was a lifestyle and sex was for reproduction only. I didn't want to turn her down, Abby was my only friend here so far and she was great! I just stood there.
"Well I guess I'll see you tonight. Meet at 10:30, after lights out, in the game room." she walked away, leaving me speechless.

As 10:30 got closer, I got more and more nervous. Should I go? Should I make up an excuse? Should I just skip it? Was Abby even telling the truth? A million questions rushed through my brain. I brushed my teeth, got a shower, and layers still in bed. At around 10:25, when all the counclers were already asleep, I saw a silhouette walked past my bed.
"Come on." it whispers, as it revealed Abby as its identity. I got up from my bottom bunk and followed her. She had a few others following her too. We left through the back door and made out way to the game room.

When we arrived, the lights were already on. I shock in nervousness as well as cold from the night wid. We walked into the game room to see 4 guys.
"Hey Abby." one of the boys said.
"Hi." she said. "I brought a new member. Everybody meet Alana."
Everybody waved.
"You can call me Lana." I managed to say.
"Did you tell her about the new member induction requirements?"
"No." Abby said, shaking her head.
"Well, she's already here so she better be fine with them." the boy said.
Abby turned to me. "Mind if we ask you a few questions?" she said.
I shock my head no.
"Okay, are you a virgin?"
I nodded my head, yes.
"Okay. Have you ever mastubated?" she asked.
"Whats that?" I asked.
Everybody looked shocked. It must have surprised them how niave I was.
"Okay, we'll we have one final task for you." Abby said. "Sit down."
I did as told, sitting on a brown bench against the wall.
"Now spread your legs." one of the boys said. I looked to Abby who nodded yes.
"I don't want to get pregnant." was all I could manage to say out of nervousness.
"You don't have to worry about that." Abby said as I spread my legs as far as they would go.
Everybody got down to get a better view of in between my legs.

"Good job." Abby said. "We will let you in our club." as if it was some huge honor. The group all together 4 boys and 3 girls.
"Now let the second annual all night truth or dare game begin!" Abby said as the group cheered.

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pretty good, but id rather u continue ur other 1
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Originally Posted by orangegongman View Post
pretty good, but id rather u continue ur other 1
I ran out of ideas for that but just came up with an idea today. I'll try and write it ASAP.
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This isn't getting much attention but I really like the idea of it. Expect another part of my other story, "An Entire Week: The Sequel", within the next day or so.

__________________________________________________ _


"Wait, not everybody is here yet." Abby said. "Be right back."
With that, she left. I was left alone with 4 naked guys. To this day, that had always been one of the most awkward times in my life.
They all introduced themselves. There was Sam who was also 14, like me. He was kinda cute. He had light blonde hair and was very pale. He had green eyes but wasn't very buff. Next there was Paul. He was 15, he had dark hair, Carmel colored skin and brown eyes. Third, there was Andrew. He was the youngest of the guys. He was only 13. He was white, had blue eyes and perfectly blonde hair. Last, there was Ron. He had redish hair, hazel eyes and was 15.
They all had different features in between their legs but at the time this was nothing I had noticed. I was always used to nudity so it was no big deal.

Abby then walked up with 3 other girls. They all looked around my age, even though some were a little older and some a little younger. They were then introduced to me. There was Josie. She was 13, had strawberry blonde hair and green eyes. There was Taylor. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. She was 14. Last there was Bridget. She was 14 and had golden hair and hazel eyes.

"Now the game can begin. Only rule is, there is no rules.". Abby said. We will ask our new member, Lana, first.... Truth or dare?" she asked.
I didn't even have to think about it. "Truth." I said.
"Very well. Have you ever seen your brother's penis hard?" she asked.
"They get hard?" I asked.
"Im guessing that's a no. You really are niave, aren't you?" Abby asked.
I nodded.
"Well that will be changed by the morning." Ron said.
"Now you get to ask." Abby said.
"Ummm..." I said thinking. "Paul. Truth or dare?" I asked.
"Dare." he answered.
"Ummmm..." I said, not sure of what to dare him to do. "Make your penis hard... Like Abby said about earlier."
He said nothing but reached down to his penis with his right hand. He began to play with it, in a way I had never heard about before this. He pulled it up and down.
My eyes grew wide as his penis grew larger and harder. He finally let go when his penis looked as hard as a rock.
I was obviously starring.
"You can touch it if you want." Paul said.
I didn't answer but reached out my hand and touched the tip of his penis.
"Wow." I said, pulling my hand away.

"You'll get used to that." Abby said. "Now moving on.
"Bridget, truth or dare?" Paul asked
"Dare." she said. "I think you already know any information about me. Bring the good dares on."
"Hmmm..." he said, obviously thinking. "Since Lana has never had an orgasm, give her one, with your mouth!"
I had no idea what they were talking about but I new it was big based on the smile on everybody's faces, including Bridget.
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Cool story bro! I can't wait for the next chapter!
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Great story I can't wait for the next part.
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Thanks everyone!
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Part 4

"Okay. Here's what you do..." Abby said "Lay down flat on your back."
I did as told, I had no idea what was coming.
"Now put your knees in the air and spread your legs as far as you could."
Once again, I obeyed. I could tell everybody was taking peeks at my vagina. I didnt know how to react to any of this, it was all so new to me.
"Bridget, she's not even wet" Abby said. "Lube her up.".
It was obvious that Abby was in charge. Abby looked me in the eyes and said "Juat let her do anything to you. I promise, you will enjoy it.". I nodded in reply.
Bridget spit into her hand and did something I had never seen done before, she rubbed it in between my legs. She started on the outside of my vagina lips, which I felt no reaction to. When she spread my lips and started to apply the spit inside my lips, my vagina began to tingle. Without even knowing it, I was becoming horny.
"Alright, as I said earlier, just let her do anything at all." Abby said. "You're going to enjoy it. Bridget, go ahead."

Bridget instantly put her head in between my legs. I felt the wetness of her rough tongue touch the outside of my innocent vagina lips. I had no idea why she was licking me. I had to admit, it did feel good. A feeling I had never felt before, kinda warm and tingly. Everybody watched as Bridget darted her tongue inside my tight vagina. I couldn't help but let out a loud moan when she did so. What was this feeling? Why had I never felt this before? I closed my eyes and moaned as this great feeling over powered my body.
"Having fun?" Abby asked.
I found the energy through this great feeling to nod my head yes.

I don't know how long this continued. My moans grew harder and faster as the feeling took over my body. Suddenly I felt like I was about to pee.
"I need to pee, please stop." I said, through moans.
"That's normal." Abby said. "It just means you're about to cum."
"What's cum?" I asked.
Just then the feeling got stronger than ever. I moaned harder than ever. I felt my vagina get even wetter. My muscles clenched as I had my first orgasm.
"Ugh!" I let out, as everybody starred. All of the boys' penises were hard and the girls were wet like me.
"Thats cum!" Abby said, finally answering my questions. I felt tired
Bridget took her fingers and rubbed some of the juices from my vagina onto her now wet hand.
"Taste this." she said, holding the hand up to her my mouth.
I hestitantly tasted it. The taste of my sweet juices filled my mouth.

"Wow." I said, still I awe of what had just happened.
"Congratulations" Abby said. "You just had your first orgasm."
The group then clapped, making this moment so embarrassing for me. I could sense I was bright red. But now the game could move on...
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Default hope its not dead!

this story is great. nudism is a personal fetish of mine so i hope this story isnt dead.
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