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  1. jiri.lukas66
    05-14-2023 07:11 AM
    I like chubby girls. Is she a slut? Yes! This slut knows, how to pose and how to sell her body. However, being naked except of socks is something what would kill my sexual appetite in a second. I do not care if the floor is cold! You are a slut once, so be sexy in every possible detail! And tidy up your room!
    But back to the slut herself: if you like slut, who does not hesitate to send you her photos and you like chubby and curvy girls, you would be more than happy. But! I asked for the closeup of tits to make the review more complete and I have not received them
    Body 7,5/10
    Sluttyness: 8,5/10
    Picture quality and aesthetics: 4,5/10
  2. Azyliux
    05-13-2023 08:49 PM
    (part 3/3)

    Tits: 5.5/10
    The bimbo's tits are just full enough to be groped without being generous or lush in relation to her pudgy body. The slut's soft flat nipples look fairly average with large pigmented areola. Better presentation and excited hard nipples may have improved the score here. Again, useful for punishment but not particularly appealing otherwise.

    Cunt: 4/10
    The whore's cunt is hidden under a large ungroomed bush of brown hair. The carpet certainly doesn't match the drapes. With the dense bush it is impossible to determine how wet or well used her slutty cunthole is. I would possibly fuck it... if it were better presented.

    Overall Rating: 5.5 / 10
    An low to mid quality body improved by willing presentation and a good attitude. I would casually amuse myself playing with a slut like this but I probably wouldn't fuck her holes unless she presented herself better and adopted a very a accommodating attitude.
  3. Azyliux
    05-13-2023 08:48 PM
    (part 2/3)

    Overall Body: 5/10
    Overall the slut has a fairly ordinary body that is too pudgy than for my personal preference and a very generous ass. Her posing in some photos make clear the whore enjoys presenting her fat ass for viewing and play like a typical slut. Her skin looks mostly clear and smooth and would be suitable for bodywriting or marking with toys. She has at least two tattoos that contribute to her sluttish appearance and no obvious piercings.

    Ass: 6/10
    She has quite a large ass that invites punishment when she is presenting it. There is a small tattoo on one cheek, but otherwise her skin here is smooth, unblemished for imprinting with welts and bruises. She is definitely larger here that I would want for fucking from behind. No image was provided of the whore's rear hole which made it hard to rate her suitability for ass fucking. Personally I would enjoy abusing this sluts ass for punishment, but not much else.
  4. Azyliux
    05-13-2023 08:47 PM
    (part 1/3) Inspection report and rating based on provided pictures.

    Images: 7/10
    I received 6 images of this slut including front, rear, profile and kneeling full body pictures. Images were of average quality, well lit, and suitable enough for conducting a rating. No image of the whore's asshole was provided and a better close-up for rating pussy would have been desirable.

    Attitude: 7.5/10
    Images were promptly provided upon initiation of the slut's rating process. One additional image of two requested was provided quickly. Communications were brief as to be expected of a bimbo, during which her attitude was not particularly submissive but was polite and respectful.
  5. wolf82
    05-13-2023 07:51 PM
    It seems I am not the only one who has received nudes from this Little Blonde Slut this evening, which is a testament to how much of a slut that she is. Already off to a good start. For that alone she receives a 10/10 on the sluttyness scale.

    I was provided seven photos to evaluate.

    Her tits are certainly great for cupping and groping from behind. Though not huge, although she reports they are a 36D, they would hold up quite well in a flogging session.

    Though I did not have a closeup of her pussy to evaluate, she does have a nice bush.

    She is not slim by any means, but is not overly overweight either.

    It appears she has built up her ass as in most photos she sports a great ass, one that looks ready to undergo however long and hard of a spanking session that a dom deems fit for this slut. Her ass terrifically swallows up her panties in one photo provided.

    Overall, I report:
    Body - 7.0
    Tits - 7.5
    Pussy - 6.0 (largely because all I could see was bush)
    Ass - 9.0
  6. WetFun101
    05-13-2023 06:20 PM
    Impressed by the willingness of the slut to share - she was quick and eager. Both pluses for me.

    Although sadly she did not share pussy or asshole pictures.

    Rating on what she did share:

    Body - 4. Great potential but needs to work to get a higher score

    Tits - 5. Some pleasing perkiness, but no effort to present them pleasingly. Nipples could have been hard at least.

    Ass - 5. Very big, but some promising perkiness. Needs some work but could easily gain a higher score

    Legs - 7. Well defined. Very hot. Her best asset
  7. jstmefred
    05-13-2023 05:47 PM
    Little blonde slut should remove little from her screen name. This slut has too much of a pouch to be called little. Her tits would be nice on a smaller frame but seem disproportionate to the rest of her body, She has a butterfly tattoo on her ass that seems a bit faded, and distracts from her ass itself. This slut does have nice legs that looks long and toned. You can probably put her on a leash and take her for a long walk. In many of her pics she has her hair in a frumpy bun that doesn’t make for a good look. Keep your hair down. Her room is a complete mess much like her unkept pubic hair. Overall you can probably get her cheap, as nothing about her stands out as exceptional
  8. akechi106
    05-13-2023 05:27 PM
    A link to my public rating of Little_Blonde_Slut,


    Do not be shy with your comments if you like it's rating.
  9. gbmgeo
    05-13-2023 05:26 PM
    Overweight with small tits and no real ass
    Sub par sample; likely ok for a weekend ride, but not worth keeping
    Tried to look presentable for inspection
    Overall looks about 5/10
    Tits - her best attribute - 6/10
    Ass - 5/10
    Body - 5/10
  10. HH Maybe
    10-18-2022 10:32 AM
    HH Maybe
    Little blondie is such a whore she let's everyone play with her toys till the batteries are completely shot then begs for more!

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