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Things BDSM and Alcohol have in common (my personal experience)

Posted 09-10-2022 at 11:58 PM by pluky
Updated 09-11-2022 at 07:55 AM by pluky

- making me feel Submissive/Compliant

- making me feel high, like living in a dream half awake

- the "never doing this again" moments

- doing it again

- the aftermath, depressive/anxious state (chemical imbalance)

- the craving

- being a dirty little secret, worrying about what might give it away

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Little questionnaire for Doms to answer

Posted 09-10-2022 at 07:07 AM by pluky
Updated 09-15-2022 at 04:43 PM by pluky

I made one for Subs so I thought I could come up with questions for Doms now. Sadly no Kik this time for sharing the answers, so it has to be here if you want to answer them.

1- would a Sub being sensitive (low pain threshold, cries a lot, ...) be a pro or a con to you ?

2- do you ever dream about your Sub ?

3- do you usually self stimulate while ordering your Sub around, or rather at a different time ?

4- are there personality types
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My Secret Fantasy

Posted 09-10-2022 at 04:50 AM by agolnafu

My Secret fantasy.
I was ordered to be ready to have my fantasy fulfilled. I had to be in my regular clothes and was asked no I was ordered to take in a backpack my kinky clothes. I first had to make a list for my mistress for her approval. I took: my rubber rain boots, my rubber long sleeve gloves, my fishnet stockings, my silk panties, a rope, duct tape and my blindfold, my set of ankle and wrist restraint gear. I had to wait on my knees, legs spread and hands on my back, blindfold behind...
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Things not to do when someone is showing you their body per your request

Posted 09-10-2022 at 01:28 AM by pluky

Maybe it's just me, I thought I'd compile these few from my experience with those Kik games :

- body shaming them, or suggesting they should improve this or that (if it wasn't the theme of the thread and they didn't sign up for that)

- telling someone that's a complete stranger to you they should shave

- telling them they are seeking attention, when you asked for the pics

- showing them your nudes, that they didn't request... at least
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Spanking reference for future sessions and play partners (warning : graphic)

Posted 09-10-2022 at 12:24 AM by pluky
Updated 09-29-2022 at 06:42 AM by pluky

I asked about the rules and these should break none, as there's only ass cheeks and no insertions or visible asshole or any other prohibited things.

The goal of this blog post is to illustrate what kind of marks I'm left with after a specific amount of spanking, because everyone might have a different interpretation of "hard" or "as hard as you can", I thought this would give a more accurate idea of what mine is by stating exactly what has been done here and
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