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Piggyís first mud play

Posted 03-07-2023 at 10:35 PM by filthypig

piggy was asked to write up the story of the first time it played with poo and share it with the lovely strangers of GetDare.

i have known iím a humiliation whore my whole life. i have always craved the arousal that comes from being completely shamed and embarrassed. at 19 i first gave in to these urges and joined a kinky online community, one i found before getDare. i found a man i considered a mentor in humiliation. he never urged me to do scat play but from his profile it was clear...
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Piggy Feast!

Posted 08-08-2021 at 09:05 PM by filthypig
Updated 12-31-2023 at 12:31 AM by filthypig

This scenario is 100% real but I completed it about one month ago. It was an intensely degrading experience which is why I didnít write up a report until today. I was not dared or forced to do this task, but I had been listening to pig hypnosis that encouraged me to eat like a pig, and so I did. I put my slop on the floor and I ate it like a pig.
I started by buying myself a nice meal from a fast food chain. I ordered two sandwhiches and a sweet dessert, along with a large drink. All of this...
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Loan Wolves - My Turn To Top

Posted 07-29-2021 at 01:31 AM by kila (Kilasaurus Rexodominus)

What is a loan wolf, you may ask? Well, don't ask me. Just kidding, this is what the name of the blog thing is so I will give you a very brief overview of what has been occurring in my kinky life over the last month...

This game was created to be similar to the share the burden task back in the day for those that are familiar with that. People can join as a wolf (oh no, you are in debt) or as a buyer (wow,...
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Piss Swirly

Posted 07-11-2021 at 07:37 PM by filthypig
Tags pig, swirly, toilet

I left getdare for over a weekÖ So today I gave myself an extreme punishment to remind me of my pig place.
I stripped down to a pair of white underwear, inserted my medium plug, and began humping against my toilet. I was on my knees grinding against the seat. After getting myself aroused I leaned back and licked the seat. It didnít take me long to give it long wet licks and sloppy french kisses. I lifted the seat to grind against the rim and suck on the back of the toilet seat. It was salty like...
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lumine's pm dares

Posted 06-29-2021 at 02:51 PM by lumine
Updated 06-27-2023 at 02:38 PM by lumine (added some :3)

PM me or contact me anywhere here to assign dares

I must always provide video proof where applicable, otherwise picture proof.

Please punish me any way you see fit if:
  • I fail to respond within 48h
  • After responding, I fail to start the dare within a week,
    or within a shorter time if specified in the dare
  • I fail to complete the dare at all

1. Pain

1.1 CBT

TIE "cock/balls"
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Posted 06-27-2021 at 11:39 AM by filthypig

I had my first swirlie yesterday, and my second swirlie.
I was worshipping my toilet like an obedient pig, naked on my knees in the bathroom humping the bowl. As I grinded my pussy against my toilet I felt a desire to put my head in the bowl, to feel the toilet water on my skin and my hair. I have put my head in the water and taken a toilet water bath once so I was nervous but ready. I dunked my head in and felt my hair come up dripping.
I have been close to a swirlie before but fear...
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Dirty Before Iím Thirty

Posted 06-06-2019 at 05:11 PM by PrincessJessica (Jessica's Blog)

Dirty Before Iím Thirty

Having just reached 29 Iíve already begun thinking about (and dreading) my next birthday. Thirty is such a big number and, if Iím honest, Iím already a bit depressed about it (yes I know age is just a number, Iíve got so long to live and so many things to experience yet but with my chronic health condition sometimes it all feels a little hopeless). However, this isnít the blog to moan about time.

Instead, itís to talk about kinky things I want to...
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