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lumine's pm dares

Posted 06-29-2021 at 02:51 PM by lumine
Updated 06-27-2023 at 02:38 PM by lumine (added some :3)

PM me or contact me anywhere here to assign dares

I must always provide video proof where applicable, otherwise picture proof.

Please punish me any way you see fit if:
  • I fail to respond within 48h
  • After responding, I fail to start the dare within a week,
    or within a shorter time if specified in the dare
  • I fail to complete the dare at all

1. Pain

1.1 CBT

TIE "cock/balls" "x" (45>x) - I'll have to tie my cock/balls for "x" minutes
PUNCH "x" (20>x) - I'll have to punch my balls "x" times
SQUAT "x" (5>x) - I'll go into the squat position, tie up my balls and connect them with my feet, then have to do "x" edges

1.2 Other pain

CLAMP "x" (30>x) - I'll have to clamp my nipples for "x" minutes
SPANK "x" (60>x) - I'll have to spank each cheek "x" times
CANE "x" (60>x) - I'll have to use a cane (or similar) to spank each cheek "x" times
RUBBER BAND "x" "y" (50>x) - I'll have to flick a rubber band "x" times on "y"

2. Orgasm Control

EDGE "x" (24>x) - I'll have to edge "x" times within the next 24hrs
EDGE NOW - I'll have to edge as soon as possible be it at a public restroom or in the woods, as soon as i find a place and time to do it i need to. If I fail to do it within 2h of seeing your message, I must do an additional edge for every hour i am late.
RUIN - I'll have to ruin an orgasm within the next 24hrs
POT "x" (3>x) - I'll have to cum and keep masturbating for "x" minutes
VIBE "x" (60>x) - I'll have to tie a vibrator to my cock for "x" minutes
CUM"x" (8>x) - I'll have to orgasm x times within the day
CUM - NOW - I'll have to orgasm as soon as possible

3. Feet

LICK - I'll have to lick my sole from heel to toe asap
SUCK "x" (15>x) - I'll have to suck on my toes for "x" minutes
WORSHIP "x" (15>x) - I'll have to worship my feet for "x" minutes
F-CUM - I'll have to use my foot to masturbate, cum on it and then lick it up
SOCKS"x" (15>x) - I will have to wear my current socks for x amount of days. You may additionally dictate what I should do with them when the time is up

4, Humiliation

SPIT - I'll have to collect my spit in a glass and pour it over my face
WRITE "x" - I'll have to write "x" on a non-visible place on my body
WEDGIE - I must pull a backwards wedgie as high as I can and leave it for the rest of the day
TIE "x" "y" (120>y) - I'll have to tie "x" body part(s) up for "y" minutes
HYPNO + link to a hypno file - I'll have to listen to a hypno file of your choice
STINKY "x" (7>x) - I cannot shower for "x" days (washing face is allowed).

5. Dildo

FUCK "x" (30>x) - I'll have to fuck myself with a dildo for "x" minutes
BLOW "x" (15>x) - I'll have to give a blowjob to a dildo for "x" minutes
A2M "x" (30>x) - I'll have to do ass to mouth "x" times on a dildo
A2M - DIRTY "x" (30>x) - I'll have to do ass to mouth "x" times on a dildo, after fucking myself with it until it's visibly dirty

6. Toilet

HOLD "x" "y" (4>x, 5>y) - I'll have to hold my pee for "x" hours after drinking "y" glasses of water
DRINK - I'll have to pee through a sweaty sock into a cup and drink it the next time I go to bathroom
CLEAN - I'll have to lick the nearest toilet clean
WIPE "x" (14>x) - I'll have to wipe myself using my hand for "x" days
NOWIPE "x" (14>x>7) - I can't wipe myself for the next "x" days visits
UNDIES "x" (14>x) - You may choose the undies I will wear for the next "x" days without changing. You may choose if I'm allowed to wipe.


ADD - I'll have to add a PM dare of your choice for minimum a day. If I like it there I can keep it
SWAPPED - We give each other 5 of our own pm dares

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