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Naked at Home Rule - Discovered by a friend

Posted 03-18-2024 at 03:37 PM by ClaireScott
Updated 03-18-2024 at 05:59 PM by ClaireScott

Hello my GD family!
Those of you who have followed my entries and blog know I’ve worked over the past 2 years to explore and embrace my nudist and exhibitionist side. For sometime now, I’ve implemented a rule that I would remain without clothes while at home and that my curtains will always remain open. Being an introvert, I do keep to myself a lot and though I have friends that I do hang out with, this part of my life has remained very private to me, and I typically do not have people over (there has always been a convenient excuse, or I have made sure I was not available at the proposed times to visit). This changed the eve of St Patrick day 2024.

It was a Saturday night, and I had not heard much about St Patty day celebrations around town, and for me, the crowded bars or nightclubs weren’t really appealing to me. Probably why my friends typically go partying without me. I was planning and researching what I would do for my St Patty’s day Clairetail entry that evening when my phone buzzed to life next to me. The caller ID showed my friend Madi’s name flash on it. I picked up and could hear her evidently on the streets with the noise in the background.

I picked up and Madi’s cheerful voice came through, “Claire! It’s Madi! I’m meeting up with Hannah and Liz downtown tonight for St Patty’s day. I’m passing by your place so how about I come get you! It’ll be fun!”

“Madi, hey, I can’t tonight…. Thanks but you girls go on without me. I’m just gonna chill tonight.” I responded pathetically trying to dissuade her.

“Claire! It’s St Patrick’s day! Who the fuck stays home on a Saturday night, the weekend of St Patrick’s day!? You need to get out more! It’s Hannah and Liz! It’ll be fun!”

“I’m fine Madi, thanks for thinking of me but you girls go without me..” I responded

“I don’t care, I’m coming to get you and we’re gonna have a good time tonight! Be there in 10 mins, my car ride is here!” And then she hung up. I spent the next few minutes texting Madi saying I’d really rather not go out, but she kept insisting telling I had no life and had to get out more. I then tried suggesting I meet them later on to dissuade her further from coming over.

Madi is a wonderful friend that I met in my first year of university and we shared most of our 1st year classes together. Needless to say, we spent a lot of time in classes together and got to know each other pretty well by the second semester. We ended up being good friends ever since and she’s been there for me more than a few times. That closeness was more the reason for the awkwardness I would face if we were to meet in the given circumstance.

My efforts to dissuade her proved futile and finally a failure when my apartment buzzer rang. “Hey it’s Madi, what’s your floor?

I tried to stall, and offered to meet her downstairs in a few minutes. “Let me up, I need to use the toilet!” She whispered over the intercom. I couldn’t think of an excuse to refuse Madi in at the moment, and her need to pee was adding pressure. Defeated, I buzzed her in and told her the floor and apartment number.

Freaking out, I hurriedly put my Clairetail-logy research away, stashing it safely in my bedroom. Soon, I heard a hard knocking at the door and found myself conflicted about breaching my self-imposed naked rule, or exposing myself (and this other side of me) to a close friend.

Another set of hard impatient knocks came from the door, and I could hear Madi mumbling something outside. A complete nervous wreck, I calmed myself taking a deep breath, still fighting my instinct to grab clothes to put on, and opened the door to greet my visitor.

“Claire… wtf took you? I really have to use your…” Madi started as I open the door, but then stopped when she realized my state of undress. I could see the look of surprise and shock on Madi’s face as I stood naked nervously in the doorway in front of her. “Uhhh Claire… i-i’m sorry, are you…. ummm, are you…with someone in there!?” She asked, embarrassed and now aware of her potential intrusion.

I was somewhat embarrassed myself to be seen by Madi in this state, “Erm, no…no… uh, why don’t you come in so I can close the door.” Madi complied and stepped in, still looking at me confused. I closed the door behind us and we moved to the living room area to sit. Madi was clearly dressed to have a good time wearing a light green cut out halter top with tight fitting white pants under her long light coat.

As we made our way to the living space, Madi seemed suspicious of her surroundings, as if there were hidden cameras or someone was hiding in a corner. “Erm, Madi, washroom is just to the right here,” I told her as we past the toilet. She nodded, still looking unsure but popped in quickly and shut the door. A few minutes later the toilet door clicked opened and Madi came back out to join me.

I had moved to the kitchen waiting for Madi to finish, and also to give her space as not to add to the discomfort. When Madi had re-emerged, I casually offered her a drink, standing in the kitchen pouring myself a glass of rosé before taking a big sip.

“No…thanks… Claire, why are you naked? I thought I caught you at a bad time, but you’re STILL naked…like, put some clothes on…” Madi said half confused, half concerned.

I chuckled, trying to lighten the mood, “Madi, we all have bodies, we’re all naked at some point… what’s so weird about? We’re both girls… not like I’m waving a dick around…” I responded.

“Yes, but your windows are all open, aren’t you afraid someone would see you? And what, you just spend your time naked at home?” She responded.

“Pfff, who’s gonna look into my little apartment?” I said dismissively, and walked over to the window, my body visible to the apartment building to across the street but I made no issue of it and acted as if it were impossible to see me. This was of course not the case, as we could see clearly into the apartments on the other side. Madi wasn’t buying it from the look of mixed shock and skepticism she had watching me.

“Claire, what’s going on? This is kinda weird.” Madi pressed on.

“Madi, it’s fine, I’m fine, really. I just like being naked at home. That’s it. What’s wrong with that? I said, still trying to hide some feeling of embarrassment as I stood there nude.

“Claire, even if that’s the case, you put clothes on when you have company. I don’t want to see you naked! And you don’t just prance around naked when friends how up. This isn’t normal, or you are just very very confident in your body…”

I blushed at that remark, I was happy with my body, but shy about it too.

Seating ourselves down on the couch, I was able to clam Madi down a little, enough for her to sit still and to let me explain. I told her that I did in fact enjoy being naked in my home, but that I was also exploring and connecting with my nudist side - a side of me that I had become more and more aware of. Madi was clearly unsure where to look, her eyes wondering from my face, to the floor, then to my feet, and occasionally to parts of my body. It was almost as though she wanted to acknowledge my nakedness and that it was ok, but that she was still somewhat uncomfortable.

I continued explaining my perspective on nudism, while admittedly feeling weird that Madi was clothed and I was not. Regardless, we chatted on more and I think she was gradually more relaxed with the whole idea, and the sight of me bare. I told her I had been frequenting the local nude beaches more last summer, and that I had been a lot more comfortable being naked around strangers in changing rooms, etc. I did NOT, tell her about my dares, or other kinks.

“…and you don’t mind people seeing you naked, like, your neighbours across the street?” Madi asked, watching a visible figure in one of the apartments across shuffle past their window. I confessed I had a bit of an exhibitionist streak in me, although I downplayed it a lot so as not to scandalize her more. I did really want to keep her as a friend. Still puzzled, and still looking a little concerned and weirded out, Madi finally relented. “Ok, whatever, you do you Claire. It’s just weird as hell for me, but if that’s who you are, fine.”

I smiled, relieved with Madi’s understanding, and I really appreciated her for trying and seeing past the surface and most of all accepting me still. “Thanks Madi,” I said as I gave her a hug. Madi broke the hug off awkwardly after a few seconds, clearly uncomfortable and unsure where to put her hands on my bare skin.

“Sooo, you still wanna go out?” I asked unsure of where she was given everything she just learnt and saw.

“Yeah…yeah, I need to get a few drinks in after this, but we’re good Claire. Let go get drunk.” Madi said, composing herself and straightening up. Smiling, I jumped up and told Nadi I’d go get ready.

I started to put on my makeup in the living room to keep Madi company while Madi watched me with curiosity. She admitted it was weird watching me do stuff naked. We chatted more about my naked rule, my experiences at nude beaches, etc while I got myself looking pretty for the night ahead.

Madi reminded me that the plan was for a few other friends to join us later on, and I made Madi promise to tell anyone. She promised.

Once I had finished my makeup, I adorned myself with some jewelry I wear when I doll up a little; a necklace, bracelets, earrings. Madi noticed that despite make up and jewelry, I still did not clothe myself until I was in the entryway of my apartment ready to leave. I explained my self imposed rule of no clothes being worn beyond the entryway and Madi just chuckled.
We were ready to leave so when I slipped on a pair of blue skinny jeans, and a loose cream sweater

“Really? You’re really going commando on me after all that?” Madi asked in disbelief watching me finally put some cloths on.

“I don’t wear underwear, Madi. I only have 3 pairs of panties…and that’s for that time of month.” I responded, as I slipped on some heels. I saw Madi roll her eyes. “Of course you don’t wear underwear,” she joked.

We finally left my apartment, and we continued the rest of the evening as normal, although I had noticed Madi watching me for more clues on any “unusual tendencies or habits”. It was a good night out, with drinking, fun chatter, and dancing in the spirit of St Patty’s day.

I was happy that Madi was respectful of me and though she was understandably shocked and taken aback, didn’t freak out and cast judgement on me. I will perhaps have more conversations with her later on to check in on her. Perhaps she might be willing to explore with me? Who knows.

But for now, thanks for reading, and I hope your week is off to a good start!

Hugs and kisses,
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  1. Old Comment
    Azyliux's Avatar
    Congratulations on coming out to your friend! Very brave.
    Posted 03-18-2024 at 04:58 PM by Azyliux Azyliux is offline
  2. Old Comment
    lotusdriver81's Avatar
    Well that is quite some achievement and I hope you are proud of yourself. Takes a lot of courage to open up to friends.
    Posted 03-19-2024 at 10:01 AM by lotusdriver81 lotusdriver81 is offline
  3. Old Comment
    ClaireScott's Avatar
    Thank you! I never really thought of it as “coming out”. But I guess it kinda is…

    Originally Posted by Azyliux View Comment
    Congratulations on coming out to your friend! Very brave.
    Posted 03-19-2024 at 06:51 PM by ClaireScott ClaireScott is offline
  4. Old Comment
    ClaireScott's Avatar
    Thank you, I am more happy and relieved I didn’t loose a friend. But I remember being really conflicted about violating my own rule, and I guess that really meant something to me to stick to it…

    Originally Posted by lotusdriver81 View Comment
    Well that is quite some achievement and I hope you are proud of yourself. Takes a lot of courage to open up to friends.
    Posted 03-19-2024 at 06:53 PM by ClaireScott ClaireScott is offline
  5. Old Comment
    I love your bravery with your friend! I hope to someday be that open about nudity around others.
    Posted 03-24-2024 at 02:09 PM by whispering.bel whispering.bel is offline
  6. Old Comment
    ClaireScott's Avatar
    Thanks! I hope you get there one day! Thanks for stopping by!

    Originally Posted by whispering.bel View Comment
    I love your bravery with your friend! I hope to someday be that open about nudity around others.
    Posted 03-26-2024 at 08:55 AM by ClaireScott ClaireScott is offline
  7. Old Comment
    Thank you for the lovely report, you have got some courage! And way to just play it cool by sitting with her and getting ready in the same room while naked. You did it in such a nonchalant manner. Incredible!
    Posted 05-22-2024 at 06:19 AM by dontgetcaught dontgetcaught is offline
  8. Old Comment
    ClaireScott's Avatar
    Thanks for your words of encouragement! ❤️

    Originally Posted by dontgetcaught View Comment
    Thank you for the lovely report, you have got some courage! And way to just play it cool by sitting with her and getting ready in the same room while naked. You did it in such a nonchalant manner. Incredible!
    Posted 05-30-2024 at 12:05 AM by ClaireScott ClaireScott is offline

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