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PM dares

Posted 07-31-2021 at 03:41 PM by slaveboykieran
Updated 10-28-2021 at 07:38 AM by slaveboykieran
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I wanted to try something new, and I keep seeing these on peoples posts so I thought i'd try it too! Feel free to combine as many as you want into a single PM

0 Day of Denial remain

Spread eagle XI'll tie myself to my bed for X minutes with rope with my legs apart
spread arms XI'll tie myself to my bed for X minutes with rope with my legs apart
Hogtied X I'll hogtie myself for x amount of time
Kneel XI'll kneel on my floor boards for x amount of time
bent over XI'll tie my self bent over my bed for x amount of time
chairI'll bind myself to my chair for x amount of time

Control link I will link pm you a control link to either of my lovense (diamo (cock ring i use for a bit of anal) or domo (wand) or both, your choice.
Plug I will immediately plug myself for 30 minutes.
Thrust X I will fuck myself with either my bad dragon or 7inch X amount of times (feel free to choose)
throat XI'll take my 7inch dildo down my throat as much as i can (about half way currently) X times
Sit X I'll sit on my bad dragon (up to the knot as I cannot fit that) or if you choose the 7inch dildo while I work or game
Gag X I'll gag myself (choice of ball gag or dildo gag, but i'll default to the ball gag) for X minutes.
Cage XI'll spend x hours in my cage, up to 3 days max, however if any of my doms demand a release I will have to comply, I'll restart from the beginning. These times stacks if multiple people pm me, but I will get a release from the cage for a day inbetween but I wont touch myself unless demanded by doms or dares.
TOO LARGE! I'll spend 15 minutes trying to suck my largest dildo that's far too big for me right now, then spend another 15 minutes trying to take it anally.

I will spank both cheeks
I will spank both inner thighs
Nipple clothespin XI'll wear clothespins for x minutes
clothespins sack XI'll wear as many clothespins as I can fit on my ball sack for x minutes

Clothing and hygiene
Lacy Collar I'll wear my lacy collar all day
spiked Collar I'll wear my spiked collar all day
Commando no underwear for 24 hours
LawnmowerI'll shave all my body hair
Naked X I'll remain naked for x hours (will put clothes on to go to the toilet because house mate)

Random stuff
PM ApocalypseI'll post on the PM apocalypse thread
PM AboveI'll post on the Person Above PM Dare thread
Hypno Send me a hypno link and I'll watch it/listen to it
Porn link me porn and make me watch it, feel free to add things like no touching, watch it on repeat x times, etc
PunishmentI'll request a punishment in the getdare forums
Faproulette I'll do a faproulette of your choice within my limits
Denial +X Add to the days I'm in denial (currently 0). Up to 3 days per PM
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