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Getting ready for public masturbation 2nd attempt (Reader participation at the end 😉)

Posted 05-07-2021 at 11:53 PM by ClaireScott

So if you have read my blog entries, there was an attempt to masturbate with my apartment door open and to lay with my pussy exposed for 5 minutes after I orgasmed while using a cum ejaculating dildo. I failed the first time (read my entry to find out why) so I decided to try it again Thanks to a challenge by Mini.

The challenge this time is not as straight forward as currently I am challenged to be fully naked when at home, to not have any underwear on when outside my apartment, and that I can also only cum if outside my apartment. What this meant was that I would actually have to masturbate to orgasm using a dildo outside of my apartment (using the cum dildo) and then lay naked with at my doorway for 5 minutes.

I decided to this one later in the evening as the last time there was more activity in the morning in my surrounding units. I got ready to do the dare about 11pm last night. I filled my 8 inch ejaculating dildo with the artificial semen I have, lubed it up, and grabbed my phone as my timer. I also applied some lube to my bald slit to make sure I could get the dildo in immediately once I started.

As always, my heart started to race and my palms and feet were cold and clammy. I took a deep breath and opened my apartment door that led into a fairly well lit hallway. My unit was in the middle of the hallway. Directly in front of my door was a wall, so I didnít have to worry about fucking myself directly in front of a neighbour (which could have had quite a show through the peephole).

I stepped out into the hallway completely nude after checking that no one was in sight. The hallway was silent and the cold air wrapped around my slender frame as I tiptoed out; the musty smell of the carpet filled my lungs. I placed the dildo on the ground so it stuck straight up and without hesitating I sat down on it impaling my young body. I was wet. The lube definitely helped the 2 inch thick toy slide inside me effortlessly, but I was horny...my heart raced and I wanted to cum hard. Part of my current condition is I that I have to edge twice in the morning and evenings, and once in the afternoon...hence iíve been feeling horny for awhile.

I fucked myself shamelessly in the hallway, overcome by so many sensations...the cold air around me, the sight of the long door-lined corridors on both sides, the sensation of my dildo invading my love juice filled cave...it was all so much...a heightened sense of ecstasy as I felt lust and shame and humiliation and happiness fill me all at once.

I started to feel the build up as I rubbed my drenched clit with one hand while the other held the dildo down secure. I raised and dropped my petite frame on the toy milking my juices which were now on the carpet. I was close. I checked the hallway again and no sign of people nor where there any sounds apart from faint wet noises from between my legs.

I was getting closer and more aroused...I had to stop rubbing my clit so I could cover my mouth and muffle my moans. If youíve ever been in a hallway, youíll know that often times your voice carries better and somewhat echos. My muffled moans definitely sounded louder. I heard the elevator being called to a different floor with the oh so familiar ďdingĒ. It was faint so I was still safe.

I reached for the ejaculation trigger as I slammed myself into it one last time. My pussy tightened around the thick shaft as I came, and the silicone rod buried deep within me filled me the with runny cum. I was breathing hard and desperately trying to muffle my moans as I quivered in ecstasy.

Out of breath and dry mouthed, I scrambled back into my apartment doorway, laid down on my back with my legs spread. I started the timer on my phone as I felt the cum drip out of my onto my floor. My head felt light, and I could hear my heart thumping hard in my chest...

The five minutes went by and my alarm sounded. I got up relieved that no one saw me in such a slutty state, especially since they wouldíve been my neighbors. I got up to close the door and saw a wet patch on the carpet right in front of my door. I was clearly very very wet.

I ended the night by edging twice before heading to bed and admittedly found it hard to sleep as I was so horny.

Hereís the part where you get to participate! If my experience made you horny in anyway, please let me know. If you got a hard dick from reading this, masturbated to it, or blew a load, iíd love to know! Pictures are most welcome (they will certainly make things more interesting for me to see how iím reaching you). If youíre reading this and youíre a girl, the same applies let me know if it made you horny!

Thank you all for reading, please let me know your thoughts, and as always, let me know if you have any dares. Goodnight everyone!
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  1. Old Comment
    I would love to read this now but I work nights so itís currently time for me to sleep. So Tuesday evening when Iím done with work for the week I will read it in full and savour it. As recompense I will do something I havenít before I give you a photo (if you tell me where to put/send the photo, Iíll still put my reaction to reading the blog post down here for all to read) of down below just after cumming as Iím sure I will after reading it as I have with your other stories. . I canít wait to enjoy this blog entry.
    Posted 05-08-2021 at 12:48 AM by Mini Mini is offline
  2. Old Comment
    So I had time since I got back from work earlier that then I thought.

    First of, I got my nipple suckers and clamps out to help add to the enjoyment of reading this amazing report and by god was it good.

    So after playing with myself a little, using the nipple suckers on my nipples and then clamping them for while I read. I got started on reading.

    Now I would love to say that I managed to hold off orgasming till later in the report, I unfortunately didn’t make it that far, just as I got to the part where you were describing all the sensations you were feeling while you were in the hallway; where anyone could open a door and see you, I came.

    It was a good orgasm not one I tend to have often. I just managed to get to a surface in time so that I could take a photo of both my dick and the result of the orgasm in one photo. (Give me either an email address or a reliable /safe site to post it on, or I’ll look into using kinktalk. Just let me know and I’ll work on getting the photo to you)

    I then proceeded to read the rest of the report, if only I could recover faster then I might of cum a second time as the combination of detail and how well events were presented would of made me cum a second time. I could almost envision the scene you described.

    I can’t wait to read more from you, as I can say a throughly enjoyed reading this one.

    I have uploaded two dares that came to me while I was working and was looking forward to reading this report. Links below as you might be able to incorporate them into your future adventures.

    I bet you also feel better/happier (not sure on the word to describe it) now that you have completed that dare fully, quite some time ago I had a dare that I couldn’t quite complete full and it nagged at me till I managed to complete it. It was relieving to have completed it, though I wasn’t as brave/daring as you as it took me a few more attempts to complete mine where you did it in one re-attempt. So well done.

    Right I’m off to bed, hope enjoyed my report, though it’s no where near as good as yours.
    Posted 05-09-2021 at 01:53 AM by Mini Mini is offline
    Updated 05-09-2021 at 01:58 AM by Mini (Added forgotten paragraph.)
  3. Old Comment
    Mission accomplished! Yes I read this after reading a few of your other posts... and it made me quite hard and drip in my shorts! Wow... I love reading your real life adventures. Please keep it up!
    Posted 05-18-2021 at 09:32 AM by kneeforu kneeforu is offline

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