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Pain & Humility - an afternoon session with Sir

Posted 10-19-2020 at 05:44 AM by AnalAddict
Updated 11-22-2020 at 05:43 AM by AnalAddict

After an exhausting weekend filled to the brim with work, chores and a minimum of sleep, I missed Sir (my former dom) like crazy. So when it turned out He had time for a session this afternoon, my entire body squirmed with need. I counted down the minutes to my lunch break and was stripped and on all fours within seconds after I got off the clock.

(NB. After rightfully being punished by Sir for calling His holes mine, I want to point out again that I'm fully aware these holes belong to Sir and Sir alone. All pronouns used here are meant to keep your reading experience fun and clear.)

Sir had me crawl down the stairs to the kitchen where I cut a nice thick knot of ginger before taking the large plug out of my asshole (in sine last night) to put it in my mouth. It didn't take long before I turned into a drooling mess with my mouth barely fitting around the large black thing, especially after Sir made me gag on it ten times. On his orders, I gingerly (yes, yes, I know it's a lame pun but I couldn't help myself) pushed the ginger root plug into my ass.

Figging is a deceptive thing. It had been a long time and I remembered the burn even years later, but at first it feels pretty ok. It takes a minute to really take hold, but when it does...oh boy, did it burn. With every minute lodged into a clenching asshole it burns with more fiery heat until the pain is breathtaking. When Sir had me crawl back up the stairs to the bedroom--leaving a trail of drool with the plug still in my mouth, the motions definitely worsened the pain. I'm not sure if I had been able to bear it if not for this deep craving to please Sir after days without play.

Having my nipples pegged on Sir's orders didn't hurt as much as normal, as my entire focus was centered on my burning ass. The 25 jumping jacks and 25 deep squats only made that sensation worse. Even twisting the pegs off before replacing them couldn't take my attention away from the pain in my ass.

It's at that point that I made the mistake of calling it 'my asshole' while talking to Sir and my punishment was to fuck my ass with the ginger plug, ratcheting up the pain to unspeakable levels.

After my deserved punishment, Sir had me write several things on my body with marker to remind me of my place: 'Master's Good Slave' on my stomach, and right below 'Use my Holes' with arrows to my holes. I also received a new rule to put 'Sir's Slave' somewhere on my body every day. The thought of being marked and owned in that way is turning me on beyond measure.

Finally, I was told to look at myself in the mirror and to slap my face while doing it. Afterwards, Sir had me describe in detail what I saw--an owned, marked, hurting, yet horny little slut.

Now, with my XL plug deep into my ass and the afterglow of the ginger keeping me warm, I'm happy to report that this session was a perfect blend of pain & humiliation to remind me exactly who owns me.

Thank you, Sir.
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