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Gravel Underfoot - March writing contest

Posted 04-07-2019 at 04:50 PM by Stopclick
Updated 04-11-2019 at 05:56 PM by Stopclick

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It had been hours since they’d last stopped. She conceded - it’s time to pull over. Yesterday had been dreich, but today the warm evening sun simmered in the sky, lifting their spirits.

He felt the air above the steering wheel linger as if undisrupted by their breath. He calmly followed her pointer finger around the corner and into a clearing, while the soft scent of something sweet on her drifted through the air, permeating him from some ethereal plane. She was giggly. He liked seeing her like this, her smile, her laugh - her playfulness. The car lurched to a halt, and with it a feeling in his chest swelled with something like excitement that arrived in his mouth like nervousness.

She sat facing him, perched on her seat, which the excited glint of imminent sadism lurking somewhere in her eyes. He noticed and was lost in them for a moment. Falling into himself. Into her. The sound of her voice tumbled around him, whilst somewhere deep within a thread tied to the bottom of his stomach shortened and became taught.

She reeled him in close by the little tie she had him put on that morning. Resting her gaze on him with soft, unblinking contact, she eyed him like prey. His mouth, his na´ve, unassuming mouth. From hers, soft words dripped slowly and sweetly off her palate as her eyes calmy blinked and returned to meet his.

“You are absolutely not listening to me, are you?”

He felt her breath on his face, warm, tinged with gentle threat and sweetness. Leaning against the tension between his tie and her hand, He looked sheepishly into her eyes and answered her question by placing an oblivious peck above her top lip and assuming a vacant stare into the middle distance. She smiled, ruffled his hair, and began neatening his tie from her pulling it out of place.

“It’s such a hard life having a little servant that doesn’t listen, isn’t it?”

She took his chin between her thumb and forefinger and nodded his head up and down.

“because they don’t listen to anything I say, do they?”

She shook his head from side to side.

He began to smile as she did this.

“No laughing! This is very serious.”

He tried his best to assume a serious face and listened intently. She seemed not to care and carried on adjusting his shirt collar.

“You must agree, a servant that doesn’t listen will have to learn a lesson?”

Silence fell on the car as she stopped adjusting for a moment to remind him.

“You must agree.“

He nodded (completely of his own accord) and looked down between the seats.

“A servant that doesn’t listen will have to learn a lesson, repeat it.”

He laboured over each word, making sure that he said them sincerely and with thought, as he knew she liked. He hated that it almost rhymed and had a childlike catchiness, but he adored that she knew, and was enjoying each repetition as he quietly embarrassed himself off a side road in the middle of nowhere. He kept repeating as her had ran down his chest, toying with him, teasing her fingertips around his thighs and crotch.

“Stop. What do servants that don’t listen need?”

“A lesson.”

“What are you?”

“A servant.”

She caressed the outline of his cock idly before running her hand back up him to his chest. She found a nipple through his shirt and squuezed tightly, indicating his answer was incomplete.

“A servant that doesn’t listen. “

“Much better. By this logic, you need a lesson, is that right?”

“That’s right.”

Her grip of him tightened beneath her fingers.

“All you have to do is ask, baby.”

He thought briefly about how to do this. About what she would want. About how it had to sacrifice just a little bit of his dignity or she’d make him do it over, and over and over again till he worked that out. In the end it didn’t matter, because he had spent too long thinking about it.

“Are we shy now?”

Her words became more pointed as she undid the buttons of his trousers and slid her hand down to feel beneath his boxers.

“Oh we are not shy.” She giggled.

She began to stroke him in that awkward under-both-trouser-and-boxer way that reminded him of teenage years and dimly lit train stations. There was no escape from her grip nor her gaze. He was undoubtably seen by her, and there was no where to hide from her presence.

“Say, “I’m a shy servant who loves learning lessons””

His face flushed as he struggled to remain composed.

“I’m a -- shy servant who – loves - learning - lessons.”

She laughs.

“That’s so cute! Maybe we should teach you one then. I don’t know If you know this, but I love giving lessons to shy servants.”

He whimpered. He wanted to squirm out of his seat and run but remained still. She leaned in and whispered softly with hot breath by his ear.

“You will take off these clothes. You will open the door and lie down on the gravel. You will not talk, and you will not even think of making eye contact with me. Do you understand?”
His gaze averted down to the space between the car seats.

“I understand.”

“Off you pop.”

He kept his gaze steadily downward as he unfurled the knot of his tie, moved it over his head, and quickly dispatched himself of his button up shirt. Sliding both underwear and trousers into the footwell of the car in steady smooth motion, he used his feet to kick off his his shoes into the crumpled pile, leaving him naked in the seat. He placed his hand on the door handle, took a deep breath, and entered the tepid summer evening air. It wasn’t until he felt the pointed rocks of the gravel underfoot that the unmistakable feeling of vulnerability flowed through him. Behind, the other car door closed with a deep thump, followed by the sound of shoes against stones. He delicately placed each bare foot as he walked away from the car and slowly lowered himself to the ground. Small rocks of different sizes and jaggedness pressed him from different angles, assaulting each pressure point with mild irritance to sharp pain. though once he fully lay down, he found his some relief with his weight spread delicately across the surface.

She paced round him with deliberate steps. The sight of bare legs and trainers passed his head briefly before he shut his eyes tight. The air hung with anticipation as she thought about what she was going to do to him.

“Trousers.” She said, unceremoniously.

He gasped briefly as he shifted his weight onto his buttocks and sat back up. Sharp rocks below now tormented him as he reached into the car and pulled the trousers from footwell. He handed them to her. She positioned each trouser leg on either side of his head and shuffled her underwear down her legs. She thought of the different things she could do. How helpless he was, naked, eyes closed. She briefly considered making him do ungodly things with her shoes, but she couldn’t take it just looking anymore, knelt onto the trouser covered ground and lowered herself over his face. She sat her full weight on his head and could feel his little gasps into her as the stones settled on uneven edges beneath his scalp. She was wet. He was deprived of air, briefly, for a time, before she leaned forward and firmly gripped his nipples in each hand. She pinched them till she heard him moan, then twisted them till the moan fell guttural into her. Leaning fully forward, she rested her forearms across his thighs, pressing him into the ground.

“A little birdy told me you love learning lessons.” She said, taking a firm grip of his balls. She looked for a little sharp rock and traced them across the taught skin in her hand. He whimpered what felt like endless music to her ears. She gave a firm squeeze from her other hand before sitting back up onto him.

“Aren’t I lucky that I have such a good servant that loves to learn?”

He knew better than to reply.
She giggled.

“Good. And look at this little one, standing to attention. Maybe it wants to learn a lesson too?”

She gripped the base of his cock and ran the sharp rock up him, scratching at his skin. He wriggled beneath her and quickly learned that there was no escape. Don’t wiggle. Let the rocks settle. Embrace the pain. She teased him, scratching red welts onto his skin slowly and alternating with quick strokes and firms slaps with her palm, assessing what she had to do to cause a shift in his weight. His moans became strained under the pain and the confusion. She sat back up on to his face. They sat motionless whilst she adjusted her weight on top of him. Gently tracing his nipples under her fingers, she spoke softly yet firmly to him.

“Show me what you've learned.”

The first faint flicks of his tongue against her skin made her moan. Each one thereafter made her back arch and her cunt grow warm. He ran his tongue back down, letting more of him run across her clit as she moaned again. He felt more and more right with each moan that esaped her. His focus became entirely her, his eyes closed. There was nothing else for him, only her. Her legs tightened around his head as he pushed his tongue deep inside of her. She grabbed him between the legs, not caring for what part of what she gripped tightly as she squeezed his face in the space between her thighs. She rocked her pelvis against him, using his tongue and his face to slowly build herself to orgasm. Waves of pleasure spiralled throughout her. For a moment their tension rose before diminishing into stillness. She shuddered above him.
She sat backwards off his face and onto her dress on the ground, held his face softly between her hands and began to caress it.

“Open your eyes.”

they looked deeply into each other and smiled.

You’re beautiful, boy.”

Taking to her feet, she extended a hand to him. She tried to help pull his weight up as he delicately shifted from his back onto his feet. The only sounds were that of small rocks falling to the ground at uneven intervals as they became un-pressed from his skin and his his little whimpering groans. She ran her hands over his back knocking off little pebbles and pieces of dirt.

“Poor baby.” She cooed, and placed little kisses in the red spots. He felt warm and delirious in the evening heat. Too tired now to even blush. He felt secure when she looked after him like this. He felt like hers. She squatted down and placed a soft little kiss on each of his red, stone impression marked butt cheeks and playfully spanked him.

“There! All done. Clothes back on now, you thing you.”

Exhausted, He made a start to the car but she tugged his hand round, spinning him round to face her. She pulled him close and kissed him deeply. He melted into her like putty. Their lips parted and their foreheads rested against one another.

“Drive me home” She said.

And he did.
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