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[email protected] back in control no more pre-approval -I just decided 13 11 19
I may update but recently being in my cell not much happened - now i am free who knows ?

I hope you enjoy what I posted back in the day - a little feedback is always appreciated - it can be horrid and cruel - or even nice!

Some entries have pictures the first 10 entries pictures are in albums the rest have attached.
Some pictures are not allowed on GD I may send them if you contact me may not -

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Week 16 of Contract

Posted 01-19-2019 at 06:54 AM by [email protected]
Updated 01-18-2019 at 07:10 AM by [email protected]

13th to 19th Jan Sunday and Monday

Received and after some angst accepted more rules to my contract will publish contract and rules when complete as further chains of bondage (rules) are still being added.

The rules so far involve chastity and denial but what stopped me and caused a little wobble on my path were in summary:-

I agree to reply promptly to messages from Mistresses quick answer is expected.

You will have to wait at least 3 hours before you reply to any other emails. This will teach you to be patient and not get in a tantrum so easily.

You will keep us informed about everything that goes on in your life re social interactions.
You will report on whom you are seeing, whom you are talking to, how you interact with these people, how you'd like to interact and so on. Report even on trivia, including what you ate and drank, how many times you used the bathroom, and for what, clothes you wore, whatever comes to mind.

I agree to ask Mistress E and Master C permission to interact 'in life' and on line.
Asking for permission is part of your submission to us all and as it's a real loss of control will teach you to become a better sub.

Tuesday Was the day I got part of my punishment for being found guilty in the Trial of Jane see Blog Entry Trial of Jane Punishment 40 Lashes- for [email protected]

Two abbreviated daily reports (places etc. removed).

Monday 14/1 day in the life of TTJ

0600 Woke up - removed chastity belt --padlocks are a pain as bang on the metal bands making a noise –also catch on sheets –one ripped one already.– it stays on fine
First thing pee then edged- then cup tea – shower, clean teeth etc., Removed liner from belt washed it out replaced with spare.
0630) –breakfast- muesli trim milk, orange juice, tea. Dress wore jeans, knickers dark blue, T, black jumper socks, Sketchers Storm jacket.
0730 -brief email check and sent one to all re chat
0745 walk to station train work dull day quite warm for winter.
~0900 -Work pee with permission – so you know saw D chat re rules she was sympathetic.
1300-Dinner 1300 Cheese flan, jacket potato, coleslaw, beans, apple sponge, custard pudding (look not glutton –have main meal at lunch time saves me later) water with lunch and then tea, sat with D and chatted and to some others.
1350 edge and pee
1500 tea in my office and apple by myself as busy. Checked mail in private drafted response to Master C sent at 3hrs 1 min as allowed. Was fun break in day?
1710 edged in toilet and little pee – 1725 travel home train.
~1840 .Tea -Egg salad and barm cake, tea- walked to gym
~1940 Gym wore T from day and gym tights, thong, gym shoes bit later than usual (edge at work put out timings) during work out had 2 cups water –after pee and shower, coffee after in gym café saw girl I did not really know just general chat –not my type!.
2130 Home –typed up most of this ~ 2145 pee and poo then showered again (three today see clean girl) Then chat on GD etc. Edged before putting chastity on belt over sticky pussy for night time. Pyjamas shorts/top (PJs) note no overnight heating, so cold. Lay in bed thinking about this submission thing it’s strange not sure about it -- the day blog was not that fun but suppose that’s the point – thought of Mistress E – my fingers went to metal over pussy – smiled and sleep.

Wednesday 16/1 Report for day and asking for permission to do things in advance.

Dear Mistress E
Please may I first ask some permissions in advance re trip to London please consider if I may:

1. Interact with Master C in London in life (not in person) from Sunday.

2. Meet a Girl I know in London 'Spy' I would like to see her if I may for meal/drink - maybe after work Monday evening.

Daily report for Wednesday 16/1

0600 up removed belt bum sore bum, also a bit sore soles of feet and tits from play (torture session with K and D from trial 40 strokes -will write up –not sure when as busy writing this now!).
– pee -some blood in it (not period) – edged in shower then Volterol cream to bum – put on dressing gown and PJs again for Skype – (flashed bum to P)
0700 breakfast muesli trim milk, orange juice, banana, tea. Cleaned teeth dressed same jeans again!, knickers fern pattern- T, black jumper pop socks , ankle boots storm jacket.
0745 catch up emails re C then -walk to station –feet ok back of legs and bum sore - train work seat hard on bum -dull warm day
~0900-Work pee (looked ok) with permission after a quick flash of bum in my office to D who wanted to see check OK which I am .
1250-Dinner Vegetable bake, green beans and? Oops forgot think was Queen of pudding for afterwards,- water and then tea in common room.
1345 edge and pee toilet
~ 1500 tea in common room cake someone brought in (always feel guilty as I only occasional bring in cake and its bought cake-can cook see blog sluts cook book but only kinky recipes).
1630 pee and edge – travel to meeting (E mail master C on way) – Tea - chips with cheese (local delicacy!) on from -takeaway on route –with diet coke got pissed on (rained) wet hair - bugger dried . Was a bit stiff running about -
~ 2100 Home - had tea and biscuit. Some clothes hand washing wrote most of this and email re guilty/mermaid then while waiting to send --2150 to 2205 brief on get dare - feeling a bit rough back hurts so to bed - – pee and poo, wash, teeth etc will edge in bed before belt -. sent this before that. ~ 2211

PS Please do not take this as a complaint or moan (oh that word brings back memories) -- I have found the multiple edging (4) very frustrating such that they are very regular and my days and mind seem to revolve around them, - the day time ones (lunch and home time seem time ones especially seem to arrive so soon and define my day. I am thinking about edging all the time and having (well not having) orgasms it was not too bad before but the edging and denial is something else!.

I seem to spend so much time playing with myself without any relief. I am very impressed that you (E) have managed this for so long. This is just so you know it’s getting to me and affecting my life - mind and body (hope this makes you smile).

PS It did make Mistress E smile and she has increased edges to 5 a day so she can smile more

Yours submissively
[email protected] [TTJ]
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    Even reading about your everyday life is cool, have fun tomorrow with the Young Lady gosh I am jealous..
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