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PM Dares

Posted 07-09-2018 at 01:11 PM by GreyGemini
Updated 08-18-2018 at 09:56 PM by GreyGemini

PM Dares


Getdare Time - Post in the 20 most recent dare threads on the unread posts area and Send 20 Pms


"Let It Flow" I will pee myself on receipt of the message
"Drop It" I will poop in my diaper next time i need to poo and wait for 20 minutes before changing
"Diaper" I will immediately put on a diaper and remain diapered for the next 24 hours
"Full Diaper" I will immediately put on a diaper and drink a bottle of magnesium citrate I will not change it until the effects have worn off
"Shirt" I will put a shirt in my diaper until I've pooped and peed in it, then I will wear it for an hour
"Bad Baby" Next time I use the Bathroom, it will Instead go in my Diaper
"Runaway baby" I'll go outside in just a diaper and start walking away from my house, I may not turn around till I pee my diaper
"Used diaper" if I'm wearing a diaper I will leave it on for 24 hours, and use it as necessary
"Baby bottle" I'll drink from a baby bottle while sitting outside


"Dirty Feet X" I Will Put Whatever You Want in my Socks for X Long
"Dirty Bra X" I Will Put Whatever You Want in my Bra for X Long
"Messy roulette" I'll flip a coin, heads I'll pour one mess in my panties for 1 hour, tails I'll pour 4 messes over my head and wait 2 hours to clean up.
"Meal" I'll eat a messy meal naked, kneeling on the floor, without using my hands
"New Shampoo" I'll use either maple syrup or honey to wash my hair


"Strip" At my first opportunity I will strip completely and remain naked for an hour
"Shirt roulette" I'll go out in a button up shirt and find somewhere to sit down, then I'll flip a coin for each button and undo each one I get heads for
"Scheduled strip" Send me a time and I'll make sure I am naked at that time for 10 minutes

Pee / Poo
(Without Diapers)

"Scat Writing" Give me 5 things to write on myself in my own scat
"Squirt" I have to squirt all of pee into my panties.
"TASTE" Next time I pee I have to do it into a cup and taste it.
"SMEAR X" - and i'll smear poop on a body part of your choice
"Panty Poop" - I will poop in my panties next time I need to poo


"locked wedgie x", and I will wear a bra connection wedgie until I have the permission of x people
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