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Kinky bed time (report)

Posted 07-07-2018 at 05:25 AM by lilith_
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EXAMS ARE OVER! Do you know what this means?! I get to do nothing all day!!! And that sucks, right? So I decided to do one more dare from my threa (that you can find here.

This is the dare that I received:

Originally Posted by Mr.Blue View Post
Hey there, Lilith. I'm sorry to hear you are feeling sad. Hopefully this cheers you up a little:

1. Get naked and write "SLUT" across your breasts in pink washable marker.

2. Put on a sexy revealing outfit. Apply makeup/jewelry if needed to complete the girly look. Wear some high heels if you have any. Preferably pink or red!

3. Get on your bed doggy style...head DOWN ass UP like a well trained SLUT. Pull down your bottom to your knees, panties to the side...and give yourself 30 solid spanks with your hand on EACH butt cheek...so 60 in TOTAL! Make them nice and red for me. I know you like it...

4. Now, take off your panties and insert them into your mouth as a gag. Tape your mouth shut over the panties to keep them fully inside as you do this next step.

(With any luck your panties will be wet from the spankings you did earlier...and you will get to taste your sweet juices in your mouth!)

5. Get on your bed, legs spread wide open on your back, and carefully tape your pussy lips/labia to your inner thighs with little strips...opening you up and leaving you feeling vulnerable. If the tape isn't strong enough and fails, then you may use clothespins instead to hold you open a bit. Add 2-3 on each side.

Also, you must lower your top so that your tits are exposed, revealing the pink lettering from Step #1.

Then you will take your vibe and press it against your clit while simultaneously fingering your pussy. Do this until you edge once...then you may ORGASM like this...with panties in your mouth...legs and pussy spread like a good girl...the word "SLUT" written across your breasts...still in your top with makeup/jewelry on...high heels dangling in the air on your cute little feet...how utterly HUMILIATING but also scandalously SEXY...

6. Lastly, after you clean everything up, remove your gag, etc...you MUST have some ice cream and watch your favorite movie/TV show. THIS STEP IS MANDATORY.

Ooh, and add some gummy bears or sprinkles if you have any!

Report on everything if you are able to complete this task, either on your blog or via pm. Thank you.
I took my pink lip pencil and wrote SLUT on my breasts. It looked so damn cute! Then I tied a glittery pink see through cloth that I have around my chest and upper stomach like a top. I put on my blakc high heels and did my (pink, duh) makeup. A lot of glitter, pink lipstick, you know me..

After I went to my bed and I sat on it in doggy style position and started giving myself the spankings. I hadn't used my bare hand before and th angle was a little weird so that hurt my arm more than my ass hahah but my ass did feel very very very happy after the 60 spankings!

I took off my pink lacey panties off and placed them in my mouth. Sadly I don't have tape, so instead I used a long dressing bandage (not sure if this is what it is called. I mean the long white cloth they put on your leg/arm when you hurt it). I put it around my head, so my mouth was completely covered. God, my room was already very warm and with this on, I was sweating!

I took 4 clothespins and placed them veeeeery carefully on my labia. I felt that sweet pain and smiled! I put the vibe on my clit and started fingering myself.

Sadly I didn't manage to edge or cum (not because it was a bad task but because of my low libido). However I did enjoy this very much. I love mild pain and humiliation so this was a very fun task to do!
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    Mr.Blue's Avatar
    Thank you for completing my task. I am sorry that you were unable to edge or cum and I will keep that in mind if I give you any more tasks in the future.

    Anyway, great job with the report...I really enjoyed reading it and...

    Stay sexy!
    Posted 07-08-2018 at 01:23 AM by Mr.Blue Mr.Blue is offline

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