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PM Dares

Posted 07-07-2018 at 05:02 AM by Foxy Rose
Updated 08-12-2018 at 10:13 AM by Foxy Rose


All proof will be sent to an unspecified person. If you require proof, please ask and I'll need permission. I may / may not provide you proof, but can have someone verify that I did the task.

Choosing "COMMANDO" - I don't wear panties to bed, within reason (female and gets reminded once a month) and I mostly don't wear underwear weekends, when home. So keep in mind, it will have to be during the week

Some dares might only be able to be done after Shark week. Will inform and update accordingly

Unspecified person and I, either together or separately, ALWAYS have the right to say no.

PM me Truth and I'll answer any of your questions, honestly. (within reason)

PM me Cute and I'll add an edge to my edge counter.

PM me Edge and I will edge ___ times. (Only usable once every 24 hrs by the same person and a maximum of 10 edges)

PM me Spank and I will spank my ass __ times with my paddle. (up to 20 per person, per day)

PM me Denied and I won't orgasm for x hrs. (only available after I've completed my edge counter)

PM me Marker and I'll write ____ somewhere on my body. (please specify which word(s) / phrase(s) to use and location)

PM me Nasty and I will ruin my next orgasm. PM me Nice and I will enjoy a normal orgasm. Whichever one receives the most PM's by my next orgasm, will be either ruined or a nice orgasm.

PM me Blind and I'll wear a blindfold during my next play session.

PM me Gag and I will gag myself for a max of 60 minutes.

PM me Corner time and I will spend ___ time in the corner. (no longer than 15 minutes - only as a punishment for not completing any PM dare)

PM me ICE and I will insert x amount ice inside my pussy until it's melted. (max 4 ice blocks at a time)

PM me LINE and I will write x amount of lines for you.

PM me PM and I will add a PM dare of your choice that respects my likes/limits for a minimum of 1 week (I may decline and has to be approved first)

PM me HYPNOSIS, the file and a file summary (I may decline and has to be approved first)

PM me REWIND and I will repeat my last 5 PM dares, including any previous rewinds. (once per person, per week)

PM me PEG and I will place a peg on my clit, ear lobes, pussy lips, nipples or tongue. (5 minutes max)

PM me COMMANDO and I will either take my panties / bra off for the remainder of day.

PM me "I'm Needy" and a link to your PM dares and I might give you a dare.

PM me CREATIVE and your likes/dislikes/limits and I will make a custom task for you. I will require a report.

PM me MAHBOOB and I will link you a pic of Mahboob.
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