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Posted 05-13-2018 at 05:35 AM by bloxo
Updated 05-14-2018 at 10:19 AM by bloxo (Addition)

Okay, so I thought I would give a fuller account here...as well as tidying up the signature!
Being honest sometimes I feel quite Vanilla compared to some members on here, but I definitely have my kinks...


Messy: probably one of my first and my strongest kink, prefer to get girls messy but can be fun to take the odd dare sometimes, prefer slimy, thicker gunges and foods like Custard for sweet play, though for harsher things there is baked beans, soups, mushy peas, etc...only issue I have is living in Warsaw the classic messes Iíve been used to in the Uk arenít always available, but can always find some kind of local substitute!

Current access to Mess where I am

Exposure/exhibitionism: no Iím not going to wear a rain coat and Flash people, but I am happy to prove Iíve done a dare, maybe even post something temporarily online, have a shared cam experience with someone fun or let a nice girl direct me on occasion...

Games/bets/challenges: whether they be simple like RPS, more involved like battleship or chess, I do like games against girls where it is more than victory at stake, so stripping games, messy games...something that will lead to a forfeit for the loser, always open to trying something new...have heard of strip D&D...now that would be amazing to try!

Spanking/Flogging: more used to dishing this out than receiving, but would take this as a punishment without raising a fuss

Sensation play: whether it be something like stroking, or ice, it is fun for me, remember a dare I had a long time to soak my boxers (in water) and freeze them before putting back on...was interesting hehe

D/s: I love to be in control, or hand over control, like to set and receive rules, exchange respect in different varieties, Iíve always been curious about the scene and had a few play partners over the years, great way to explore and learn

Bondage: again more used to tying up than being tied, but it can be fun to give up control with someone you trust

Truths: love to be asked questions, shows me that people are interested and want to get to know me

Exercise: always happy to have someone tell me how to workout...can easily get lazy without motivation haha


Edgeplay/Denial: I donít like juices to stew for too long...not healthy, but would take limited amounts of this if I really deserved it.

Cumplay: not one to eat it certainly, but like the above if I deserved it would play with it...not my first choice at all though...

Body writing: not opposed to it per say...but donít want to have to explain it to anyone if itís seen haha, would do for limited periods if the ink would come off easily enough


Bodily fluids: I.e, Piss/Scat/Blood, no interest at all here, wont say more to avoid offending people, but this is not for me at all

Public: I donít want to get arrested (and in Poland you really donít want to mess with the Police, also donít want any unconsenting adults to be forced into anything they donít want to see! Same goes with social media, not looking for my friends to know about this side of my life!

CBT: still hope to have kids one day, donít want to harm the factory! Or even just feel any extreme pain down there...

Anal: donít want anything going up that passage haha

Cross dressing: Again just not an interest and not willing to go out and buy female clothing, if a girl wants me to try out her underwear thatís fine haha, but thatís the only exception Iíd make

I know this wonít cover everything, if you are curious about whether Iíd be into something not listed here then do ask


Rope cuffs: red and fun to use
Blindfold: should be in everyoneís collection
Flog: have a nice tasseled suede, black and red flog...very handy
Massage Oil/Lube: sometimes itís just good to have slippery fun

This is all I have right now (couldnít take it all to Poland) May try and add things, could easily go out and buy something like duck tape for example

Back home I have:
A set of metal stocks (wish I could transport them here!)
Rope (Nylon I believe)
Body Paint set
Various adult board games
Riding crop
I did have a black wooden paddle I got from Amsterdam (think Airport security saw it in the Xray machine and chuckled) this was destroyed by my Ex sadly
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