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An Irish Adventure

Posted 08-30-2017 at 04:54 PM by lola.fox

James and I recently just returned from a lovely trip to Ireland. We had packed our itinerary full of sightseeing across several different cities, which was a lot of fun, but unfortunately left us with little time for kink. Thankfully we did get to squeeze a couple full on sessions in, as well as lots of solid kinky sex. During one of these sessions, we decided to let me have a go at my sadistic side to see how I’d like it. We’ve very lightly dabbled in switching before, both in person and online, mainly just focusing on teasing and orgasm control. This time James let me try anything that popped into my mind. Since this was a spur of the moment thing, we didn’t plan anything out or get to talk about his likes or dislikes ‘officially’ but thanks to our Tumblrs and my inquisitive nature, I felt like I could steer us in the right direction.

Our hotel room was upgraded to a suite to our surprise, so we had lots of space to play. All I was able to bring with me toy-wise were two rolls on bondage tape [I’m a notorious over-packer] but James was able to bring his cock ring and some pegs. I also was able to make due with several things we had in the room. I started by having James lay on the floor near the table so I could tape his arms around the base of it, cuffing his wrists up as tightly as possible. I laid a chair flat on the ground and taped James ankles to the legs of it so it would make sure he would have a little difficulty squirming around and help to keep his legs slightly spread. I luckily am a seasoned traveler, so I had a really effective blindfold and noise canceling headphones I put on James, and then put on a really loud play list from Spotify to ensure he wouldn’t be able to hear anything.

I started by grabbing some pegs and quickly putting them on his nipples, in order to shock him a little bit, which I think worked since he let out a quick little yelp for being such a large man. I grabbed a few more and ran them down his body onto his cock head, so that he’d think they were going there and sweat it out for a minute, waiting anxiously for the bite of them, and then put two on his balls and two on his shaft. I flicked them and pulled them all, enjoying the gasps and pained faces James was giving, before I place one last peg on the head of his cock. That might have been my favorite reaction of the night, as he give a loud moan - loud enough to make me concerned one of the neighboring rooms might hear him.

I grabbed a bit of toothpaste and slathered some on his cock, and then I had a stroke of genius. I got my phone charger, which is made of a bungee cord material and folded it in half to use as a little flogger. I whipped James’ thighs, stomach, and pegged nipples until I was satisfied with the light pink marks I left all over his body. I could tell this was a huge shock to him since he’s not a big fan of pain, and we didn’t pack any of our usual implements with us, but based on how much pre-cum he was leaking everywhere, I knew I didn’t press any limits. I decided to give James’ cock a break from the pegs and took them off, loving the pained, but relieved gasp he let out. I wiped the toothpaste off as well, since I decided to give James a little reward. I stroked his rock hard, pulsating, cock and used his precum as lube to squeeze his cock ring on, and then crawled over and positioned myself over his face. James is very, very good at oral, so I was curious to see how well he could do while being at such a disadvantage. I lowered myself onto him as he eagerly licked my pussy.. just as I knew he would. He often texts me when we’re on opposite sides of the world saying how badly he wishes I was riding his face, so I decided to give him what he always wants, letting my hips naturally rock back and forth against his tongue, feeling his beard roughly rub up against my thighs. I looked down to see James’ cock standing straight up, looking like it would burst from his cock ring, so I stretched across his chest and teased it with my tongue, just taking the head into my mouth every so often. That’s when he got distraction from his oral duties, and I forcibly pushed his face back into my cunt so he’d remember his priorities. I used my charging cord to whip his cock a few times, which made him lick me the fastest he had all night.

I decided I’d like to finish myself off, so I wiped myself off with my panties and shoved them in James’ mouth. I ripped the pegs off his nipples now that I knew he wouldn’t make too much noise, and slid James’ cockring off as well. I perched my pussy over his cock and lowered myself onto it in a squatting position and fucked him like that for a few minutes, listening to his muffled moans. Getting close to cumming, I spun myself around and faced his legs, so I could use them as leverage as in the reverse cowgirl position. [Which is one of my favorites!] That’s when I realized how loud I was, without James able to make a peep, and wondered if he could tell if I was cumming just from my cunt pulsating. Once I was finished, I started to stroke him, increasing my pace as I watched him strain against the bondage tape. He kept mumbling something about cumming, so took the panties out of his mouth and nearly shouted, asking if he was allowed to cum. I lifted the ear to the headphones and told him he could and put them back on, before stroking him as fast as possible with both of my hands. With my music being turned up so high, he didn’t realize how much and how loudly he was moaning, which was a huge turn on for me - there’s nothing like a man being unable to hold back his moans.. it just feels very animalistic. It didn’t take long before a long blast of cum came shooting out all over his stomach, taking over a minute to finish. I let him lie there as I cleaned myself off and wiped up all his cum for him. took the blindfold and headphones off, before taking the tape off his wrists and ankles, making sure I rubbed them a bit as he got his bearings.

We finished off the night in a nice hot shower, talking about our favorite parts of the night and enjoying being close to each other while we were able to. It was fun for both of us to step out of our regular dynamic, especially since he gave me a really hefty spanking just days before. It allowed for a little payback .
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    Butterfly's Avatar
    You are super resourceful! I don't think I could have come up with as many things to do with things just around the room. I am so glad you both had a great trip, even if there wasn't a whole lot of kink.
    Posted 08-30-2017 at 07:13 PM by Butterfly Butterfly is offline
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    lola.fox's Avatar
    I got really lucky that I'd just bought a new phone charger and the noise cancelling headphones for the trip! It was super fun, Ireland was beautiful and I just always have a good time when I'm with James . Although we only got a few kink sessions in.. we managed to squeeze in a bit of sex every spare minute that we had, so at least we weren't left wanting by the end!
    Posted 08-31-2017 at 05:48 AM by lola.fox lola.fox is offline
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    Jameser's Avatar
    I was surprised at how resourceful you were haha. You're a natural!
    Posted 09-02-2017 at 06:30 AM by Jameser Jameser is offline

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