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My PM Dare`S♥

Posted 03-05-2017 at 04:27 AM by Bonsai
Updated 11-23-2017 at 04:03 PM by Bonsai

Pm me :

egde x - and I egde X time ad day!

CUM - I will eat my cum the next three times I cum

FACIAL - I will cum on my face.

Plug X - And I will put my plug in. (x = min )

NAKED X and I'll stay naked for X minutes

Spank X and I will spank my aas x times

Tie: I will tie my balls up for X minutes

Finger: I will finger my ass with two fingers immediately

New : Give me a 3 new PM dares

NAKED - next time I'm home alone I must be naked until morning

ADD - I have to add a dare from your own list.

Pee - and I will pee over my hand next I pee

Hold - and I won't pee for the next X hours

FUN - and I will put one ice cube in my ass and leave them until they melt.

"OOPS" - and I releave myself a drop of pee while being dressed.

BIRTHDAY- and I take off all clothed and drip candle wax where ever you chooses. I stay naked for minimum of 10 minute.

DENIED x - and I will edge x times and cannot cum today.

panties - and I will wear panties for 12 hours

SHOWER - I will give myself a golden shower in my underwear.

STRETCH - i will tie and pull my balls for 10 min

BUTT FUCK - pm me butt fuck and I will fuck my ass for 10 mins using whatever I can find. (If nothing can be found I will use my fingers)

SIT and I will sit 15 minutes in the corner of my bedroom, facing the wall.

PM me RULE: Choose a rule for me to follow for 2 weeks.

PM me "AVATAR X" and i change my avatar to the one you chose for X days

Where N = (1-10 for minutes) for naked corner time, hands flat on top of head - not holding each other, nose & knees hold coins on wall

PM SHOWER and I will use only cold water in the shower for 3 days

PM PINK BELLY N Where N = (1-20) for N hard slaps of each hand on my belly above my waist.
Make it PINK BELLY N BELOW and I will slap below my waist.
Make it PINK BELLY PARK N and I will do it in a public park
PM SEND DARES and I will send PM dares to 6 people and ask them to send me dares.

List will be continue soon for you♥
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