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Originally Posted by sandy View Post
I like Rum, Bacardi Amber is the best

Straight? I enjoy the light rum, straight up. Come to think of it, I need to buy more -.o
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I usually don't get to drink because I am sober chauffeur. When I do drink I prefer Skyye Vodka on the rocks.
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Bottle of good champagne. Working in and around nightlife I drink pretty often so I don't like to drink strong drinks so I keep it with wine and champagne
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I'm a Southern man through and through.

Makers' 46 is my favorite. Straight, in a heavy crystal tumbler, room temperature, sitting on the porch with my feet propped on the back of a kneeling sub.

A close second is Ron Zacapa spiced rum for mixed drinks. I like it better than the Captain.

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I think I may have already answered a question like this, but I don't see it and my preferences have changed anyway so, the five major food groups; Whiskey, Vodka, Rum, Gin, and Tequilla:

Markers Mark, Grey Goose, Appleton Estate. I don't like Gin, and by the time I'm drinking Tequila I don't really care what the label is.
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Grey goose Cherry Noir. + Anything.
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Aside from beer, I do like a nice bourbon, I love Jim Beam straight. It's so smooth. I don't mind a good scotch either.
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