Allow one somebody to pick an embarrassing outfit for you to wear for the rest of the game.

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In my school uniform in the middle of the night masterbating!
IamJESUS posted October 4, 2014
My gf is making me wear pink lipstick,a pink thong,a pink bra,she has me in a bra connection wedgie,and she has like 10 other girls over and I'm their bitch so I have to do whatever they say for a week and they r making me dance like a stripper and they r spanking me and grabbing my balls can somebody plz talk to me pm me or kik me chrisdemon5 plz
christopher posted August 31, 2014
I'm a guy and had to wear a bikini
Ilovejennifer posted April 14, 2014
i'm wearing only a latex skirt
PinkyAsshole posted October 30, 2013
Wearing a polka dot bra and a pink skirt (I'm a guy)
daredevil1234 posted March 2, 2013
well I had to wear a wig and ballay outfit with tu tu.
justchillen posted September 6, 2012
dressd up as my grand man
natebauer99 posted July 4, 2012
Really a maids outfit!!! I really have idiot friends
bellacullen10 posted April 11, 2012
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