Try to drink a gallon of milk. Do two more dares if no milk is available.

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did it
zReDHeAdz posted September 20, 2014
oops! accidentally fucked my sister.
slaveboy99 posted January 16, 2014
I did and they tried not to let me pee for 2 hours but I peed at 1 hour mark so then got me to put clothes peg on clit and each nipples for 2 hours..
RandomKDares posted December 2, 2012
they made me hold my pee for six hours in pibkic
johnnyboiy posted March 17, 2012
What kind of milk
Darthvador posted January 5, 2012
thats why it says try
humplady52091 posted October 28, 2011
this is physically impossible your body will not allow you to do it and any one can die from it very easily i suggest just doing 2 more dares
jeff10145 posted March 19, 2011
They say, if you do it in under an hour, you're gaurunteed to throw up.
thefamouskaytay posted December 29, 2010
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