Wear tighty whities for a day.

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easy, but i do it every day
sonicrules posted April 21, 2013
Ok so I get to school bully's come and I think u can probality guess
WedgieGod posted March 22, 2013
They hurt
Weggie posted May 24, 2012
More Hot Guys SHOULD Wear Them Every Day
MrBoddy2005 posted March 28, 2012
Pft you idiot every body I know wears brifes
slavdiapergirl posted January 3, 2012
realy dude
deanfizz posted September 7, 2011
@kieran 12: Tight Whiteys are indeed briefs. But usually a specific sort. They have to be both male and white. No color, no sexy. Just plain, boring white briefs.
sissy2b posted August 24, 2011
i think that is stupid alot of people do wear briefs and thats what there neme is not tighty whities you idot :(
kieran 12
kieran 12 posted February 14, 2011
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