Draw a stupid face on a paper bag and wear it on your head for the next four turns.

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Female dare slave. Pm me
Ana1ana2 posted April 23, 2014
Yahoo : f.chazzy@yahoo***skype : chazzy.fernandez
GoddessChazzy posted December 12, 2013
Dare slave femail like weggies or you being creative msg me
Rosemae posted July 27, 2013
this one makes me yawn
DesiBoy posted November 15, 2012
"we dont have a big enough paper bag for my giant head" says Maggie! haha
RenesmeeDawn posted October 29, 2009
this would be really fun great dare
wonderboy33 posted October 5, 2009
Can't I'm at a bus stop and don't have one.
AfricanSavannah posted October 4, 2009
it made my head feel less Jello-ey
nonameee posted August 17, 2009
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