Find the tightest thing in your closet, wear it, and put as much ice cubes in it as possible.

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Looking for a mistress, long term if want. As a sexual chat slave, willing to pay when asked.PM me
slaq posted November 15, 2015
they found a tiny bra... super hard to get ice cubes in
BigDareTaker posted July 6, 2015
chrystel posted June 11, 2015
It felt good, but was super cold
LizzieBell posted November 27, 2014
Somone PM me a dare to do with cbt wedgies or anal
JakeFTW posted August 29, 2014
I had shrunken underarmor
Slave030 posted June 29, 2014
looking for male master. limits: parents, vid cam because it is broken, public, blood and too extreme.
sexslave20 posted March 7, 2014
I did this inside my panties, some went inside, it felt so good but so cold.
iamnewatthis posted February 12, 2014
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