Be the footstool of the opposite sex

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Apparently I was a cleaner as well as a stool and I had to use my mouth
Animalz posted May 29, 2015
looking for a female sub. kik me. Boytoy40
Dirty_master posted April 12, 2015
How does this work?
lesbian_darer posted September 29, 2014
male submissive love obeys and humiliation love to test my limits on most everything contact me
lil-willyd posted May 7, 2014
looking for male master. limits: parents, vid cam because it is broken, public, blood and too extreme.
sexslave20 posted March 8, 2014
I actually have a fear of feet and before doing this the guy took his socks off! Longest round ever!!
Slaveroleplay53 posted February 2, 2014
message Me on yahoo : misskortney.thompson
GoddessKortney posted December 10, 2013
smelly ;)
daredevil2468 posted December 1, 2013
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