Switch an article of clothing with the player on your left.

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She got my shirt I got her bra.
daredevil1234 posted January 17, 2013
To bad I am naked due to another dare :/
daredevil1234 posted July 10, 2012
i was in girlz clothes and i luvd it
iluvpanties posted May 20, 2011
all girls wearing g-strings and fishnets
theboygirl posted April 21, 2011
Now I'm in a really awkward situation. I really shouldn't have played with a group of mostly girls.
ryan87 posted December 22, 2010
im now in gay clothes :(
kieran 12
kieran 12 posted July 19, 2010
as i said i went nude 4 the whole game, there was nothing to switch
naynaywitdadare posted July 7, 2010
swapped my bra for his "ENGLAND!" sweat top..IT WAS SWEATY!
twokayeight posted June 19, 2010
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