Boys: Eat anything the person next to you tells you.Girls: Use Sharpie marker as eyeliner

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what shall i eat
Sexybeast69 posted October 10, 2013
Definitely not safe for the ladies
sluttynurse posted March 5, 2013
congrads :)
orionhuntin posted September 22, 2012
i just ate my first pussy...
retrodares posted July 7, 2012
I'm the only guy so the girls decided I'm close enough to a girl so they did the girl one will this come off?
Eviltoymaker1 posted January 15, 2012
that can kill you you'll go blind and it can sufficket you asshole READ A MED. BOOK
slavdiapergirl posted January 3, 2012
me 2!
wedgie:girl posted November 11, 2011
Personally I don't think the girls version is safe (I don't really know) But I do know it's bad to get in the eyes! :D
Wet posted October 7, 2011
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