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I am trying to get into wedgies. I am a 18 year old girl who wants a wedgie budfy to exchange dares with.
TheDarkHummingbird posted 2 weeks ago
Slave looking for mistress
Sissydan88 posted April 6, 2014
I need someone to be harsh on my toilet times
SlaveLily posted August 5, 2013
I need full control master who control: my toilet times my clothes i wear weather to wear underwear bath and wash times my cum releasing if at all my food intake my hobbies weather im allowd or not who i am allowed to meet MY SKYPE: seksyboxRead more at ***//***topix***/forum/news/sex/T6J6GMT0R01AOIERL#comments#2SwBBYKRDwi7hxSP.99
seksybox1 posted June 30, 2013
any devoted slave there come on contact Me and lets beginto my domina
MystressJeressa posted June 25, 2013
They did my Penis after tying me up:-(
freindandme posted December 25, 2012
Horny male here you loves messy dares, bondage, and being made to feel like a slut. Looking for a master to make me their slave.
coolguy1444 posted August 15, 2012
looking for someone to play truth or dare with
nameless1 posted October 30, 2010
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