Play one hand of poker against someone else in the group. Winner can do whatever they wish to the loser for 5 minutes. (Keep it pg-13)

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Call me if u wanna embarrass me to ur friends I have a small dick I can send pics so I can show them my number is 402 957 8289
Ilovewedgiesalot posted August 2, 2016
lost and had got blind folded for not 5 minutes but 2 hours with laxatives and a diaper in a dark room
MistyGirl808 posted April 6, 2015
I lost and was forced to suck all boys cock and lick all girls vaginas..
RandomKDares posted December 2, 2012
i was the winnerand i made all the boys naked
mia2028 posted September 10, 2012
had to anal all the girls or get striped naked in public and driven to down town and droped of at city hall
wegie hater
wegie hater posted July 4, 2012
I had to lay down blind folded when it was removed I noticed that she was ready to step on my balls unless I cuddled with everyone well I was naked thank good 3 girls no guys
amazing? posted January 10, 2012
no way
smill posted November 27, 2011
i lost and had to do a blowjob for every guy ion the room!
Eddiehumil posted September 6, 2011
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