Do the most abnormal thing you can think of. If the entire group is not happy with it you must take another dare.

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I stripped naked and combed everyone's hair w/ my teeth then liked my friends whole leg below the knee apparently it's not good enough 4 them they're still debating my "punishment"
Daregirl1313 posted August 24, 2012
i kissed my friends brother even though i have a boyfriend that adnormal enough?
humplady52091 posted April 28, 2012
i had didnt know what to do so the girls in the group thought it would be funny for me to be naked and put a fruit pastille lolly up my ass. woooowwwww it was cold and sore hahahahah
Kieran91 posted April 9, 2012
Apperently me dressed like a female giving a lapsance wasn't abnormal enough for the girls so they are going to bend me over and make me a real girl
Eviltoymaker1 posted January 15, 2012
I said everyone could strip me down they did then dared me to undress the next person I touched and put there clothes on so then I was wearing vibrating panties they where on high for 8 mins then I got to switch again
amazing? posted January 9, 2012
just 1 dollar to strip naked on a game show
kjf0006 posted November 25, 2011
hi to all
kateparish posted July 25, 2011
i decided to get a diaper and completely use it till it was bursting then get naked (besides the diaper) and give my self a hanging wedgie while sucking my friends dick they decided it wasnt abnormal enoguh so they plugged the bath and i had to have a golden shower and the next time anybody had to wee or poop it was on me in the tub but the plug was up so after they were all done i had to eat it all
gogreen posted February 26, 2011
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