Give a 20 second kiss to every one playing!

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once i did this with my mate and we did it for longer than 20 seconds and we are both girls and ended up feeling each other, It was fun but omg it's sooooo embarrassing now but at the time it was so fun
LittleNinja posted October 22, 2012
i gotta kiss my crush and i was blussin for ages
mrsalishabieber00 posted May 25, 2012
I hate this dare I was playing this with 5 other guys
fergie posted March 15, 2012
i kissed my best friend ever and she liked it i was disturbed
sexychick231 posted January 21, 2012
HOLY CRAP well that's nice for me I'm in a group with 9 totely hot guys I real like I'm cheating with my bf but he was fine with it we kissed a lot longer
slavdiapergirl posted January 1, 2012
Ill kiss my self for ya
sausylollypop posted December 28, 2011
Dam!, This dare is a great one for a group of al guys.
Pink Teardrops
Pink Teardrops posted May 28, 2011
I now feel like i'm cheating on my gf-had to kiss a group of like 4 girls and 1 gay guy o.O but i still got to kiss her (lasted for a bit longer than 20 seconds!)
kingblkdrgn posted February 16, 2011
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