Have a random player brush your teeth.

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My Master is asking for some dares for me. Can you help come up with some for him please?Thank you
Cheka posted August 29, 2013
thank you depp for that dare i nomore need to brush myself :)
mia2028 posted October 18, 2012
very horny male here willing to be your slave. You can tie me up, dress me up, whip me if you what, whatever
coolguy1444 posted July 25, 2012
yes i do
bigbadjohn posted March 23, 2012
i did this and when i was brushing my teeth they came up behind me and gave me a HUGE wedgie. -_-
fra posted October 11, 2011
hahaha this was a fun one
johnnyboi posted January 9, 2011
was up
chris1231 posted November 8, 2010
We used the turn manager..and James had to brush Jessica-Mae's teeth :)
Abbie_The_Slavexx posted July 30, 2010
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