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Default Guys, what do you do with your cum after you masturbate?

Title says it all. After you blow your load what do you do with it?
Trans-Woman / 21 / Pansexual / Switch
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Really it depends on where I shot my load to begin with.
Usually I change myself afterward, but sometimes (facial/chest) I will wipe it up and throw it away. I found out last night that if it goes in my mouth I will reflexively swallow (assuming I am still getting it from behind)
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Usually i wipe it up and throw it away
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Dislikes: piss, hard anal,
Limits: face, blood, illegal, public, needels
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I usually eat most of it.
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I eat it! It tastes so yummy!
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Taken <3
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I normally shoot my load all over my stomach and then smear it around so it will dry quickly.
Male 51 Bi-curious

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I just wipe it with tissues and throw to trash/toilet. Nothing special

kik: ivanhrozny

Likes: humiliation, edging, light pain, spanking, JOI, ice play, teasing

Dislikes: anal, ruined orgasms, heavy pain, pee play

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Clean it up with some tissues/toilet paper or wash it down the drain

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Pictures, Others, Blood, Long term, Permanent, Feminization, cam/face,

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I generally will eat it, easiest way to clean up
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& Anal.
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Toys/Tools:Just ask via PM
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As a sub/slave I am required to not waste any cum that I produce, I must eat it.
Likes- Humiliation, all types of control, rules, pain,orgasm control/denial/teasing, edging,semi-public, spanking, cum eating, ruined orgasms
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Default it varies

if by myself... wipe off.. unless i cum hard enough that it hits face..lick it offf thne..

if with people.. they usually will like it off and swallow..
my wife or past gf's would always lick it off me no matter what we were doing
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I typically swallow mine, but I also like to see stains on my sheets.

Orgasm control, forced orgasms, cum eating, anal, prostate milking, wearing cum, wearing panties

Poo or pee play, showing face on cam, full cross dressing.

PM Dares

Make me drink cum here.

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Twisted Kitten
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Well, it all depends on where I finish at. If I shoot it right into my mouth I will instictivly swallow it. But if I finish in my super sucker, it depends if I'm still horny (still have something fucking my ads that is) in this situation, (If I'm still horny) I will open the back of the sucker and drop my load into my mouth, holding it for a bit before swallowing to really savor the taste, but if I'm not horny anymore after cumming, then I will typically just drop the load into the toilet, flush it down and wash the toy
I almost never finish on my body or other places unless for a dare, and If I'm horny, I prefer to eat it.
23/Trans (chick with a dick)sado/masochist
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Wipe it up with tissues or toilet paper and flush it. Don't wanna leave any suspicions.
~Let's chat. Just you and me.~

Here's a little thing about me if you wanted to know:

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