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Porn 10
Real life 12 playing truth of dare.
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porn about 13
real life the same age, i had a sleepover and walked in on her having a shower >< damn she was mad
likes : Orgams control (multiple/ruined), light anal, ice, mild xdress (lingerie only), C2C, selfbondage
dislikes: Cum eating, big insertions, pee, shaving, public, heavy xdress (entire outfit), pictures
limits : everything thats illegal according to the Belgium Law, Friends, Blood, severe pain, scat (poo) etc
my girlfriend and i live together now, her toys are buttplug, cockring, dildo, vibe and cuffs
I believe you can fall in love with any person, despite their gender
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Porn I was probably about 11 or 12 I looked for porn on the internet.

In real life I was 16. I went down on her as soon as I saw her pussy, then she go on top of me and sucked my cock.
m/switch, mostly submissive

Message me on kik if you want to chat

Kik me: "briefs" and I'll send a pic of me in briefs
"panties" and I'll send a pic of me in panties
"strip" and I'll send a pic of me naked

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In porn, I think 12 or 13 when one of my friends pulled up a picture of a naked girl on his phone and decided to show us.

In real life, 16 when I lost my virginity.

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Old 01-01-2015, 12:48 PM   #35
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RL: When I was 17, I think, and she was 16. She told me to pop in to her house on my way to college one day, and greeted me in just her dressing gown and underwear. The rest is for me to know.
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Probably around 8. plenty of people, family, friends, etc in changing rooms. I saw them pretty much everyday from age 19-22 from nude modeling classes as well.

Being naked and seeing people naked isn't really a big deal to me, I see it all the time.
Switch Male ABDL - I do PM'd Dares
Loves: Diapers, Wetting, Messing, Anal
Likes: Orgasm ctrl, edging, chastity, roleplay, dares, spanking, challenges, dom, bondage, Laxatives/diuretics, anal stimulation cumming, humiliation
Absolute Limits: Public, friends/family, heavy pain, damaging, permanent, eating pee/poop, blood
Punishments: Spanking, anal, extra laxatives/diuretics, chastity, dom, bondage, Moderate pain
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I saw my neighbors in their playhouse, including their cousin April.
April even sucked my penis one afternoon. I came in her hair!!!
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10 - 16 movies/porn, 16+ gf at the time.
Still working on these

Feel free to KIK me if you are female KIK: ethan2cu

Likes: masturbation, voyeurism, phonesex, sexual banter,
Limits: anal, pain
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Default first time you saw a girl naked

my mom was the first one i saw naked, i was 10 years old
Likes:nudity / hidden public / hidden outdoors / masturbation/non-messy food / light pain / light CBT / anal / toys (house hold, few sex) / light bondage / toilet control/ anal/ bi comfortable / humiliation/ outdoors / masturbation / open for new likes

DISLIKES; illegal / permanent / anything I cant explain / not sure what else but will inform before i do anything'
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Default first time

The first time I saw a girl naked I was about 10 and it was my mates little sister she was about 9 we were skinny dipping in his pool .
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The first would have been my mother when i was around 6. My mom had me late in life and would have been in her mid-forties then. The most memorable one was when i was 11 and at my friends house. We were watching tv and his mom had finished showering and came into the den without a towel or anything. She said sorry i forgot to get towels from the laundry room. She was probably about 30 and large boobs and a black pubic mound.
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Let's see.
If you show me yours I'll show you mine: about 6
Via porn: About 11
In real life: 15
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Wink First look

14, boy's changing room at school during a sports afternoon.
She stripped completely in front of me and her friend, for about 5 seconds.
Her friend was the second one a few days later.
They had already both seen me naked previously, and several times afterwards.
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My mother I saw naked when I was young, several times I would assume, she was in a bath or the shower or something. This probably doesn't count.

Um... I was probably 27 when I first saw a woman naked, either in real life or in porn, in the form of my soon-to-be wife. It would have been after she moved in. We'd had sex by that point, but lights off and under covers so I hadn't actually seen her naked before this point. Porn would have been around the same time, actually, about the time we upgraded to broadband and I stopped blocking all images due to slow load times on the internets.

That's... quite sad now as I think about it.
Her preferences and clothing are HERE

She will obey every girl that sends her a PM if they're shorter than her (She's 5' 10").

PM her...these

Please feel free to send her verbal abuse via PM

37/Genderqueer/attracted to Females & Femininity/Bushy pubes.
She currently wears briefs 24/7 and must kneel to shower.

And that's all she has to say about that.
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Never have >_< ~
My "Ask me Anything" thread

20 / Male / Dominant
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