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Default One long, glorious summer m/m

Very briefly, this is my first attempt at a story on GetDare and so any feedback is greatly welcomed

I also apologise for the slow pace in this first chapter, but once the scene is set there will certainly be more ‘action’.

One long, glorius summer m/m

This story begins at the end of Sixth-form, in the summer before University. All characters are 18 years of age.

Brief description of initial characters (feel free to ignore this and imagine them to your own preferences):

Alfie – 18, athletic (football(soccer) player), he doesn’t have a chiseled stomach but is fairly toned, average height, short sandy brown hair, bright green eyes.

Jake – 18, slim (not particularly sporty but takes care of himself), slightly taller than Alfie, short blond hair, piercing blue eyes.


Chapter 1

Jake walked out of the assembly hall of his school, into the sticky heat of the British summer. Although a bit of an oxymoron, 'British heat', it was stifling, and so he leant against the cool stone wall and began to loosen his tie. It was then that he saw the grinning face of his friend Alfie approach him.

"Hey! We're free!" exclaimed Alfie gleefully.

"Ha ha yeah, I guess so Alf" replied Jake. He couldn't help but to smile back at his friend’s face. He loved Alfie's cute dimples, and the way his green eyes sparkled like emeralds. They had been friends for almost three years, ever since Alfie transferred to Jake's school; but he still got butterflies whenever he talked to his friend.

Jake liked to tease his friend. "So have you sent your job application into McDonalds yet?"

"Fuck off!" Alfie replied playfully.

"But seriously do you have any plans this summer" Jake asked.

"No, not really. But that's why I came to talk to you. My Mum has a compulsory training course next week for work; thing is, it’s in Wales! It's too far away for her to stay at home so the house is mine for a week!" He grinned at this. "So how do you fancy staying over for the week?"

They hadn't had a 'sleepover' for a long time; they had simply grown out of them. But Alfie's question didn't seem that strange. After all, they would be going to different universities, six hours apart, in September. They would barely see each other.

"Yeah that sounds awesome" Jake chimed back.

"Cool, bring a sleeping bag and I’ll see you tomorrow at 10 then?" asked Alfie.

"Ha ha bit early, maybe 12" joked Jake.

"You lazy prick, I’ll see you tomorrow" laughed Alfie. And with that the two boys went their own way.

The bus ride home was hot and sweaty, but this didn't bother Jake. He was entirely in his own world; so much so that he almost missed his stop. He couldn't stop thinking of his week-long stay with Alfie. He knew it was his last chance to make anything happen with his friend. For a few years now he had accepted that his 'gay' thoughts were not just a hormone crazy 'phase'. There were many boys in his class that he fancied; but none more so than Alfie. He had no idea if Alfie felt the same way, but he knew he couldn't leave that summer without knowing for sure. He decided that tomorrow he would find out.

However, unbeknown to Jake, his friend was having a similar conversation with himself. Having just said goodbye to his mum, Alfie sat on his beanbag, facing his TV, playing his favorite game: fifa. Although being a good player, at least that’s what he thought, he was surprisingly losing badly. Alfie however didn’t really notice. His mind was completely preoccupied with tomorrow, and the week to come. He was fantasising about different scenarios where he would be in the same room as a naked Jake. But this was the problem, for so long these had just been fantasies. Just like Jake, Alfie realised that this was likely his last chance, so he promised himself to find the courage tomorrow.

On Saturday morning, Jake picked up his bag, which was stuffed with clothes for the week, and made the short five-minute walk to Alfie's house. As he walked his mind was racing, turning over the different scenarios he had imagined and hoped would play out this week.

Alfie was surprised when he heard the doorbell ring, he was just getting out of the shower and drying off. He checked his phone and it was still only 10:30, but then he saw the message from Jake at 10:24 ‘I’ll be there in 5 ’. Still with just a towel covering his lower half, he jogged down the stairs and unlocked the door.

“You’re a bit early aren’t you?” said Alfie.

“You said 10 o’clock!” replied Jake

“And you said you weren’t getting up that early… Anyway, give me a minute to change, go get a drink or something.” And with that he trotted back up the stairs.

Jake didn’t tell him the real reason he was early; that he could barely sleep last night from the excitement. Although he was glad of his surprise early arrival, after seeing his friend in just a towel. He’d seen his friend’s bare chest before, changing for p.e. lessons and the like, but it looked perfect that morning, glistening from the wet shower. He wasn’t ripped, but you could make out the faint outlines of a six pack coming through, and he had perfectly light tanned skin which Jake absolutely loved. He stood there, imagining what it would feel like to run his hand across Alfie’s smooth hard chest, to lay his head against his skin, to kiss him from his neck to his belly button.

Then hearing Alfie’s bedroom door shut upstairs, he snapped back into reality and walked through into the kitchen, taking off his shoes and dumping his bag on the way.

He grabbed a cup from the shelf and filled it from the sink. Sitting down in the wooden kitchen chair, and taking a sip of water, he noticed the dirty clothes hamper in the corner of the room; and sticking out at the top was a pair of Alfie’s colorful boxer briefs. Jake couldn’t resist, and so he made his way to the hamper and quietly pulled them out. He held the pants to his face and breathed in Alfie’s sweet scent. He could feel himself begin to grow beneath his own boxers. Just as he was about to turn them inside out to see if Alfie had left anything sweeter inside, he heard the creaking of the stairs. Carefully sliding the pants back into the hamper, he quietly sat back down; but this time crossed his legs to hide his now half mast member.

Alfie strode through the door, this time fully dressed in sweatpants and a loose t-shirt, and asked Jake what he wanted to do. His response was expected to Alfie, “Fifa”, and he didn’t complain. They jogged up the stairs to play the game they were both obsessed with.

After a few hours of both talking and playing football, and exhausting every variant the game had, they had ended up in the arena mode (each person controls a single player, on a half pitch, with no other players).

“I can’t believe I could say this, but this is getting a bit boring Alf” said Jake.

“You’re right” agreed Alfie. He was trying to think of what to suggest next to keep them entertained, when he had a moment of brilliance. He was slightly scared, no doubt, but maybe this was his chance to test the water with Jake.

“How about we make this more interesting” suggested Alfie, with his signature grin.

“Interesting how?” asked Jake, intrigued by his friend’s change in attitude.

“It’s boring because there’s no real incentive to win, right? Well how about we add an incentive; we’ll play the crossbar challenge on here, and whoever loses has to do a forfeit chosen by the winner?” There, he had asked it; now to see how Jake would take it.

“I like it” Jake replied to a relieved Alfie, “but what kind of forfeits?”.

“Anything you want” said Alfie.

The way Alfie said ‘anything’ took Jake off guard; was his friend really insinuating what he thought he was?

Both boys agreed that they would play in the format of a shootout, with each of them having five goes at the crossbar, and if it remained even, sudden death.

At first they were both hopeless, missing all five initial turns, and reaching a third round of sudden death. Alfie was ready to suggest a new game, but on his fourth sudden death shot he managed to skim the top of the crossbar, with the ball clearly deflecting upwards.

“Yes!” screamed Alfie, releasing all the pent-up tension of the last 10 minutes. “Oh yes! Finally!” Calming down he said to Jake “you know what this means now mate; miss this one and you do a forfeit, ha ha”, teasing his friend and trying to put him off his game.

Jake tried to ignore him; although he wanted to play this with Alfie, he wasn’t sure what kind of forfeits he would suggest. He had already underestimated his friends seemingly ‘curious’ side, and was slightly nervous of losing first.

He took his time, positioning himself where Alfie had shot from, and tried also to use the same shot power. Unfortunately, he completely scuffed it, his finger, sweaty from the intensity, had simply slipped off the button. He slowly turned to look at Alfie, who had a grin from ear to ear.

“Unlucky” Alfie offered, in the least comforting way possible.

“Your forfeit”

Jake gulped


(to be continued)

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