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Main theme: Denial, Orgasm Control
How many task: As Many as you Like!
Difficulty: Hard
Likes/ types of task: Edging, Denial, CBT, Anal, etc...
20/m Submissive, Straight

Likes: Edging, orgasm Control, Orgasm Denial, CBT, Pain, Nipple Play, Anal, Humiliation

Dislikes: Extreme Pain, Extreme Anal, Hot Sauce, Crossdress

Limits: Public, Scat, Piss, Needles, Electrical, Family, Face Pics, Exposure, Blackmail, Social Suicide

PM DARES: http://www.getdare.com/bbs/blog.php?b=83470

Butt plug, inflatable butt plug, chastity device, dildo, enema kit

Always wanted to be gangfucked by a group of girls with strapons
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Main theme: Today
How many task: more then 8, each with 10 options
Difficulty: medium to hard
Likes/ types of task: clothes rule, bathroom rule, food rule, cum rule, humiliation, training, punishment, getdare rule, porn allowed, use my likes as inspiration as well
Comments: so it would be a roulette that you can roll every day, and it gives you different rules to follow and task to do that day (ex. clothes rule: 1) no underwear 2) no shirt 3) only 2 pieces of clothing allowed 4) 1 piece of clothing must be female 5)...)[ex. training: 1) finger ass for 15min 2) suck a dildo/banana/similar for 20min 3) edge 5 times 4)...)
20+ male switch

likes: humiliation, control, degradation, pain, nipple play, pet play, tease, denial, rules,...
limits: family/friends, illegal, blood, scat, permanent,...
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main theme: hidden public (at night at a highwaybridge or a main road, but outside of a town)
sex: male
how many tasks: as much as you like, like 6 to 10 would be perfect :3
difficulty: medium-hard
likes/types of tasks: edging, stripping, nipple clamps/cockrings, humiliation, peeing (probably in pants), being forced to cum multiple times (probably in pants), ruining orgasms/getting milked, maybe a punishment if I fail, sniffing shoes
comments: I live in a pretty rural area but with a highway and some main roads nearby. I'd love to have a quite daring Roulette involving this kinds of tasks to do at night there where there's the risk to be seen. Having to do this tasks just in underwear to be able to cum in them (multiple times / ruined) or something like that. Can be quite long if you want, could involve having to edge / pee my pants. But you can just be creative and add what you like and feel free to leave something out if it doesn't fit in.

Thank you very much
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Lea Jur
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Originally Posted by subjoi View Post
Hey everyone, I had thread like this a couple of weeks ago and it was very popular. I hope this one is even more popular.

Hi everyone. I enjoy making fap-roulettes and I am will to make costume fap-roulettes for every person that post in this thread. I can make them as customized as you want. in order to make this I need the a minim of the following:

Main theme:
How many task:
Difficulty: easy medium and hard
Likes/ types of task:

you can add anything else you want for the fap-roulette. you can even pick the picture for the fap-roulette if you wish (just make sure it is big enough).
examples of fap-roulettes I have made:



Hey there I'm hoping you can make one for me to do as well

Main theme: pain and humiliation
Sex: female
How many tasks: 3 i think sounds like a good number?
Difficulty: medium
Likes/types of task: semi-public, humiliating ones, clamps, whips

Hope you can come up with something Thanks!
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enema slave
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Join Date: Feb 2018
Location: South east England
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Main theme: enema
Sex: male
How many task: more than 3
Difficulty: easy/medium
Likes/ types of task: enema, petplay and cock and ball bondage/play
Comment: don't make me hold any enema for more than 5mins
18/m, single, straight, sub

Likes: enemas, self bondage, petplay, cock and ball bondage, outdoors (back garden)

Limits: pain, blood, family, public, friends

Kik name: enemaslave

I have a thread that needs more responses: enema dare collection
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Heart Faproulette

Main theme: School/College Dares
Sex: Female
How many task: 8
Difficulty: easy medium and hard Medium and hard
Likes/ types of task: Clothing restriction, Flashing, Public masturbation, Hidden masturbation, Spanking, Nipple play, Pussy and Clit stimulation, Object insertion
Comments: Give with every task some medium and hard options
F/23yo/Straight/In a relationship

Likes: Clamps, Soft spanking, Ciit discpline, Forced Orgasm, Hidden public (masturbation/flashing), Nipple play

Dislikes: anal sex, public,

Limits: illegal stuff, gross things

Toys: Dildo, vibrator, nipple clamps, vibrating clamps, clitoral clamps, hitachi wand, and a buttplug (I don't like that one)

My PM-Dares: http://www.getdare.com/bbs/blog.php?b=82497
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Location: At the feet of any willing female
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Main theme: masturbation
Sex: male
How many tasks: as many as you like
Difficulty: easy to medium
Likes/ type of task: feet, possible cum eating, possible facial
Comments: N/A
Likes: cum play, feet, ice (I'm experimenting for more)
Dislikes (will do for punishment): light anal
Limits (will not do unless under serious circumstances): heavy anal
Will never do: illegal, family, scat, pee, crossdressing, messy, pictures, public, blood, cam.

PM dares: http://www.getdare.com/bbs/blog.php?b=83786
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Main Theme: Tease and Denial
Sex: Male
How many tasks: 8+
Difficulty: Hard
Types of tasks: Edging, Teasing, Can you cum, Punishment for asking, fingering, oral
Comments: Please make the edging and teasing hard but the fingering and oral light, I only have a small dildo for oral.
Picture: Furry, Futa, petite
20/m/switch/pansexual - female preferred

Likes: Light Bondage, Light Pain, Spanking, IcyHot, ABDL, Diapers, Chasity, Denial, Hypnosis, edging, long dares, rules, reports, good dares
Punishments: Long Bondage, Medium Pain, Laxatives, Staying in messy diaper
Limits: Pics, Hard pain, Public, Life destroying, sissy, I will refuse others not listed at my own discretion.

Bdsm Test: http://bdsmtest.org/r/7947804

PM dares: http://www.getdare.com/bbs/blog.php?b=85032
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Location: Belgium
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Main theme: Hidden public
How many task:at least 3
Difficulty: easy and medium
Likes/ types of task: see in my sig

Likes : hidden public, under clothes, teasing, accidental/oops moment, clothing control
Dislikes : pain, feminization, petplay
Limits : anal, illegal, scat, piss, pics, permanent marks, full public, family

My wife doesn't know
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Main theme:Messy Clown Fun
How many task:3-5
Likes/ types of task: How to dress (clown wig, clown nose, clown makeup, clown costume, clown gloves). How many pies? Do I get to orgasm (i.e. yes, no, yes and cum on a pie and pie yourself with it, no but edge, etc)?, Cake batter slime (i.e. yes and fill costume/pour on body, no slime, yes over the head, yes coat body, etc). Provide Proof?
Comments:I love dressing as a clown and getting messy. I can't wait to see what you come up with this time.
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Send a message via Skype™ to subjoi

This thread is now Closed

I hope everyone has enjoyed their custom roulettes and I will make a new thread of this in a month or 2. until the take a look at all 200+ roulettes I hhave made and Let me know which ones I should post on the fap-roulette sie via PM.


This thread is closed
21/m/new sissy wannabe/ 7.5" cock
Loves: Sissy slut training, wear female clothing, game/bet, Orgasm control
Likes: humiliation, CBT, JOI, Cum eating, webcam play, Lite anal, fap-roulettes, semi-public
Dislike: heavy anal, extreme pain, shaving,
Limits: public humiliation, Piss/scat

Get your very own costume fap-roulette for free here:

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