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Male 26/male/sub seeks any age/male/dom in any place

26/male/sub seeks any age/male/dom in any place

I’m a 26 yr/old living in the eastern US. While I have been on GetDare on and off some years, I have never posted an ad, nor seen one that matches my particular interests. I hope that by this post, I can connect with the right person.

On the outside, I’m an average guy - 5’8, 130 lbs, I’m a regular swimmer and racketball player, and when not sheltering in place from the corona virus, I’m usually outdoors hiking or mountain biking. On the inside though are desires of servitude.

I grew up with a strong father figure, someone who was deeply controlling, regimented, and domineering. Unfortunately, this came to an end in my later teen years, and it has left me craving not only that firm-handedness, but a s/m type relationship that has a father-son feel.

As long as similar interests are shared, Im not concerned with a specific age range, location, body type, or physical characteristic. Im looking for the feeling of ownership and influence. I want for there to be control over many of the mundane things in life. I’m interested not only in control, but also in discipline and communication.

Daily Life:
I enjoy a rule-based and regimented life. I’m looking for control over the basic elements of my life - what I wear, when I’m allowed to use the bathroom, hygiene habits, early sleep times, when I’m allowed to drink, what I’m able to do in my free time, restrictions on masturbation, porn, social media and device use. This list can surely be built upon.

Growing up I was disciplined almost weekly - not only for doing something wrong, but also for “good measure”. It could’ve been writing lines, doing endless tasks, being bent over my dads knee, or standing over the sink with a bar of soap in my mouth.

This is a part of my life I deeply miss, and want to return. Discipline brings a deep feeling of subjection and humiliation, but at the same time draws those involved closer together.

Other Likes / Intrests / Limits
Rules and routines
Discipline (Traditional)
Bathroom & hygiene control
Piss play
Semi to mild public
Underwear - tightie whities

Pet play

Cross-dessing & anything fem

Communication & Expectations
I find it hard to foresee sustaining or growing a relationship without being available to one another. If the submissive in a relationship is expected to be reachable, the same should be true of the dominant part.

I will always make myself available to someone though instant messaging. I have no problem with communicating pictures and other media, using emails, or blog methods. That being said, I would like you to also be available to talk to, and not just have a “only speak when you’re spoken to” relationship.

At the moment I do not have an interest in skype or live camera sessions, and the thought of this is a turn off for me. If this is something you require, or will be quick to start asking for, we will not be a fit.

If you are interested in talking further, I can be found on kik @ KDE1093. If you are interested, I only ask that an equal amount of effort be put into your message as I have put here. Messages that simple say ‘Hey’ will not be replied to.

Even if you feel we are not a fit, but have made it through the ad and are interested in talking, PMs are welcome.

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