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Default The cum eating dice dare

Hi anyone want play this game i made?
My kik is kmp311. Enjoy

This is a game with a chance of eating cum. All players roll a dice each 5x and the lowest number looses and must do the forfeit.

First roll, looser must full orgasm then eat it.

2nd roll. If both players agree then roll one dice each for double or nothing

3rd roll. Roll dice to see how long must play with cum in mouth in minutes.

4th roll.
1 - hand
2 - biscuit
3 - glass
4 - surface
5 - spoon
6 - choose

If you loose first round and decide take gamble and loose again you eat it twice holding first load in mouth. If winner looses he just as to eat it once

All players must show proof
Live by the Creed

likes- cum play, cum on food,piss, insertions anal and cock (in objects like melons ect). wet clothing (bath, shower, sink, puddle etc) messy. sexual. tease. crossdressing. humiliation. dice dares. card game dares. little bondage, blindfold

hates-poo. illegal. public. pernement scaring. dangerous
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