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Default IRL Dare Partner

Do any of you have a friend IRL that you can do dares or random kink stuff with? Not someone you're dating necessarily but a platonic friend who just likes doing stuff for fun.

Recently started talking to a guy who lives in my city who also like exhibitionism and we're going to meet up and do some naked in public stuff
If you're friendly, PM me or add me on Facebook I love chatting about dirty fantasies, especially public nudity! https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007149407768 I want to have some fun on FB

Naked challenge list
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I don't, but I wish I did. It would be nice to have someone I trust to try some rope play with.
Likes: rope play (very new and just starting to learn), spanking and other forms of light impact play (still learning pain tolerance)

Limits: anal, piss, scat, video, pics, perement damage

I am still learning about what I like so this list is likely to change as I learn more.
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