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Female 22/female/little seeks any age/female/master in any place (domme)

22/female/little seeks any age/female/master in any place (domme)

Dear Get Dare,

My name is Daniella, and I'm looking for a mommy / mistress!

I've experimented a lot and even though I'm not really sure what my true likes are yet, I'm very curious, open and eager to find out more about my sexual side. I am an introvert by nature, but when I get turned on I feel much more socially stronger and daring! When I was younger I had something very embarrassing happening to me, which made me really shy and scared to open up sexually. This sort of sparked me experimenting a lot with myself. I found out I am very kinky, and I feel now is the time to open up and share this with hopefully a female master.

About my kinky side:
Like I said been experimenting ever since I was about 15, it started out really innocent but I soon found out that I have a big kinky side. I learned that I like to play with toys, I learned that I like pain, have a submissive side, that I like anal, foodplay insertions and being tied up. Since earlier this year, I have been experimenting a lot with my little side, I always knew that this was part of me but was never able to explore that part more. COVID really gave me this chance so I decided to wear diapers for a longer stretch of time. I thought myself how to pee in them and I have become somewhat incontinent (I can still control my bladder, I think but I drip constantly..).

What am I looking for:
Haha the big question I guess, well I do like to do some dares, maybe some that include my likes or make me find out more. But ultimately I'm looking for a mentor, someone who knows what they are talking about (preferably female) and are able to help me explain my kinky side to me. I'm not sure I find that person through here, and I only just started looking but I'm hopeful this corner of the internet allows me to find that special person. I hope to become friends with that person, maybe become submissive to her aswel. Like I said I have an open mind

I also made a kik so if you want to chat, you can reach me there: danili98

That was it thank you for reading!


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Still looking

In short summary:

Well the title said it, I'm looking for a mommy / mistress / mentor!
Little introduction: my name is Danielle I am 22 years old.
I'm looking for a mommy, whom can safely help me regress into my little side and guide me forward into little life. I need this to be a person I can trust. I can make pictures.

My little likes are: well being diapered , but also regressing into my little space, and living my life this way. I am a sexual little, and I love being kinky and experimenting.

If you're looking for a fun, true online relationship that perhaps could end-up into more, please let me know!

Fastest way to reach me is on my kik, just search for 'danili98' but you can also message me here!


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