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Default End of the year dares ... or so i thought - Punish me!

Hello everyone,

maybe you noticed that I had a thread going about doing dares before 2011 ends (for more info: click here)

Well, to make it short I failed to keep up with the dares and failed some and simply went back to my daily routine without telling anyone about it.

Now i guess it's time for me to recieve some punishments for that. So go ahead and tell me what I should do.

If you are interessted what I actually failed here is a list:

I was told not to cum until the end of the year and do daily edges.
Failed this one the day right before christmas. Basically after failing this I just ended my chastity and went back to normal life.

I was told to sleep bound with rope shackles.

Tried to sleep bound the first day tied with the shackles tied to the bed. Had a really hard time sleeping this way, so the next day I started sleeping with only my hands and feet bound to each other.
Had a second night with uncomfortable sleep, so on the third day I only bound my hands loosely. Basically was almost like not being bound at all, so simply started to ignore this dare and slept normally from the day after on while trying to keep on with other tasks.

I was told to drink two glasses water before going to bed.
Failed similar to above one ... those drinks didnt help me sleep ... so I gave up on this dare after two days.

I was told to get some tinsel and try to make some sort of string out of it and wear it.
Didn't feel like buying stuff before christmas and gave up without buying or trying it.

My censor blog

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10 strokes with a ruler on penis, 10 on balls. Melt an ice cube on your anus. Take a 5 minute cold shower before going to bed and after getting up each day of the year. No cumming this year. Sleep with a pen in. The next time you go to bed, you have to put three ice cubes down the front of yout underwear and leave them there until they melt. You must go outside for at least 30 minutes with something up yout ass, where there are people. Since you like wanking so much you must edge in public (at night) 3 times. Do not cum.
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Drink 4 cups of water before you go to bed and if you have to pee you have to go in bed.
lion74 | USA| 43 | babyfur |Male

Dick:10cm 3.9 inches

Loves: writing lines by hand, wetting myself, extreme bladder control, golden shower, messy, denial, petplay, hypnosis, scat, bets, ageplay, diapers.

LIMITS: nothing, i will try anything at least once

in diapers until at least October 14, 2018

Pm me corner and I will stand in the corner on all four butt in the air

List of PM Dares
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Get back in originalchastitydare but double the edges. If failed again it costs you spanks with a wooden ruler. 200 on each asscheek, 100 on upper inner legs, 50 on balls and dick and 75 on each hand on the knockels
like: public, dressing, humiliation
limits: poop/pee, pain, family, pict, cam

Ps i dont own any panties, bra's or any other kind of lingerie
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Thumbs up Punishment

Wear panties too small (by too small i mean too small) for you instead of your underwear for 48 hours, even in your sleep.

Dare me too on my (dare me) thread LINK
here --> http://www.getdare.com/bbs/showthrea...sleeping+dares
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I did a dare that denied me orgasms until the end of the year and kept it. Therefore, it's clearly not impossible. Since you failed, you need to double up your original dare. Whatever your number of daily edges was, double it. Whatever your denial time was, double it. Don't make me get Miss Kitty in here for you.
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