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Default diaper punishment

you will need

kitty litter
diapers or/+ plastic panties

ok kitty litter is designed to absorb miosture, mainly urine, which is acidic; and then mix it with an antacid soluable solution so it becomes a mush and prevents the acidicness in the urine from smelling and because the urine is no longer acidic it will prevent diaper rash

anyway all you are going to do is diaper yourself or your slave/sub and pour a good amount of cat litter into your diaper, this will be uncomftable becasue they are tiny little stones until they get wet, and when you do wet they will absorb your urine and turn to mush; giving you a feeling that is....... well im not sure yet so you explain it to me with your comments ha ha ha

extra daring: instead of rediapering your self when your over full just scoop out the sludge and pour more cat litter into your diaper

more fun: do this over night

also i have no idea what would happen if you went number two, so experiment and have fun

im really not sure if this will work or not because ive never tried it and to be honest im a little concerned whether or not its entirerly safe, im fairly certain that it is safe but i recomend that you check the ingrediants and warning labels on the brand and product you buy

also if any one has tried this or is going to try this then please comment

oh and if thier are any vets or animal specialists that know alot about kitty litter then could you please post on whether or not this is healthy, thanx for reading and other then that enjoy your punishment (not ha ha)
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