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Originally Posted by Cstelle View Post
I accept the tag in the following festive manner:

The Song of Captain Vanilla

I am Captain Vanilla, hear me roar!
Like a mighty mouse on the pantry floor!
You drop the crumbs, I clean the nest!
I try the easy dares, you try the rest!

I hereby challenge and tag LitDarkness (a well-known lover of the poetic art):

Bring yourself to the edge and hold yourself there while reciting my fine poem above!
Done. I her by tag Cassandra to pm 3 users she never pm'd before.
Do have female parts.
157/894 edges
Denied until April 10th 2020 (2 days can only be reduced by Matt: )
-Denial Dairy

Likes + Limits
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Deny Chephren
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Live with people and do not own toys. Keep in mind when daring me please.

Not your bitch and calling me names or trying to Dom me is probitted. Violators will be declared as idiots.

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Originally Posted by LitDarkness View Post
I should have asked for an audio tape at least - it was the first time in the history of the world that one of mine has been recitated by someone not-me!

(I'm tickled pink!)

(Can't decide if this is or or even )
/Male, fairly weird - and old like Morrissey or Madonna

I'm especially keen on hidden/semi public stuff (preferably outdoors) and I like taking selfies; I'm averse to anything unethical, illegal, harmful, painful, messy/dirty/unsanitary/icky or otherwise unpleasant. Sometimes I leave the jungle and walk the streets of the town like an ordinary man. Read my blog or the puppy gets it.
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Stupid tag game.

Anyway, I pmed TraceyLindsay, lucicle22, and nerdboy1988.

I tag chrs to wear H cups boobs until having looked up and locally save a dozen pictures of fake breast from small to biggest sizes, and a dozen pictures of women will naked breasts sized from smallest to very very big.
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Well thanks, I saved the boob pics while wearing boobs.

I tag Analonly and dare her to do 30 squats on a dildo, taking it into her bum.
Likes: Anal, crossdressing, humiliation, femdom
Dislikes: Pain, bodywriting, edging, denial, cum play
Limits: Family/friends, public (also hidden), messy, cbt, pee/poo, cum eating, illigal, blood, permanent, pics, personal data, social suicide, atm

Hours worn breast forms: D 3363/9299 - H 2008/2407
Longest time without any break: 38 hrs

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kik: 2.chris
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