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Default Do you reckon we could take his shoes?

The sun was out but due to the height of the hill the school was on, there were quite high winds. I'd just had a long English lesson which taught me nothing but how to mentally keep myself awake during an hour of drone.

I made my way across the school fields with the intention of heading home. I'd ordered a DVD in the mail and was hoping it had come today, so with that thought I continued home. The sun attempting to warm me up through the howling winds.

I reached the gate but was stopped in my tracks by Tom and his gang of followers.

Tom was a big guy, they say he spends most of his free time working out, probably because he's doesn't have the brainpower to do much else.

Tom towered in front of me with his loyal gang of about 6 people behind him.
"Oi, Curlz!" he bellowed "me and the lads wanna solve a mystery"

Confused I replied, while looking for a means of exit.
"and what mystery is that?" I said.

"well, if your a girl or a boy" he replied with an evil grin on his face that meant he was up to something.

"you know damn well I'm a boy!" I answered back quickly. You see I have a mop of curly hair and a soft face and while it's obvious I'm male, people like to use it against me.

"Well me and the lads are gonna find out, Grab Him!!" he shouted. With that his entire gang raced past him and rugby tackled me to the ground and grabbed me by my arms and legs.

"what are you going to do with me?" I said shyly.

"relax" Tom said sarcastically "just a few experiments to see what you really are, you've done science before right"

I didn't like the smile on his face and I just nodded. I was terrified. They carried me into the woods in the corner of the school field. My school bag on my back was rubbing along the grass.

The woods are rarely visited by people, they are out of bounds during school hours. Occasionally people will come in to grab a lost ball but there are better places to hang out. The gang carried me to a tall tree in the centre and set me down on the leaves.

"get his bag and coat off" Tom ordered "then hold him up over here" the gang obeyed. "oh and we're gonna need his shirt of too" Tom smiled.

The gang pinned me down on the ground and began unbuttoning my shirt. They were all over me, I tried to fight but couldn't move. I felt the cold on my bare chest as all my buttons were undone and they pulled my shirt from inside my belted up trousers and opened it up back towards my arms. They pulled it back and down until eventually it was pulled completely off and passed out of sight.

2 of the gang picked me up by my shoulders and carried me to Tom.
"what are you going to do to me?" I asked him.

Tom stared at me and looked me up and down. "scrawny little thing ain't he" he chuckled at the gang. "how about we tie him to that tree over there?"

The gang carried me to a large tree then pushed my back up against it.

"use his shirt" Tom shouted. A short chubby kid scooped my school shirt up off the ground and tied one of the arms to my wrist, the rest of the gang had my arms and legs pinned up against the tree. He wrapped my shirt round the back of the tree and there was just enough distance left to allow him to tie the other side of the shirt to my wrist.

There I was in the middle of the school woods, tied topless and helpless to a tree with my own stolen shirt. I wasn't enjoying this at all, although my dick was saying otherwise as it had now created a nice little tent in my trousers. I hoped that no-one had noticed.

The gang all cheered after they had tied me to the tree. Tom came over and began inspecting his catch, while the gang stared on awaiting their further instructions.

Well, if he's a girl he ain't hit puberty yet" Tom joked while twisting my nipple. The gang all laughed in agreement. Good thing I'm not fat I thought, that's somewhat else they would've used against me.

"Do you reckon we could take his shoes?" shouted a skinny lanky member of the gang from the back.

"haha yeah" Tom laughed "take his shoes and socks off!"

With that the entire group surrounded me and began to crouch down. Tom stood behind them laughing. I tried kicking but 2 of the gang pinned each of my legs against the tree. My arms were fastened fast, if I moved too much my back rubbed into the sharp pieces of bark sticking out of the tree I was prisoner on.

"get his first shoe off!" one of them shouted. I felt my shoelaces being undone simultaneously. Slowly but surely I was losing the tight grip I had on my shoes. Before I had time to think both my shoes were pulled off my feet exposing my socked feet to the feeling of the leaf covered ground below me. I was beginning to feel more vulnerable.

"now his socks!" another of them yelled. Before I knew it I had hands feeling me all over my feet for somewhere they could get a grip on my tight socks. One hand grabbed my right sock by the tip of the toes and pulled it off almost straight away. Immediately after another hand grabbed my left sock and pulled it off from the top. I now felt extremely exposed as my bare feet were forced to rest on the still damp leaves beneath me.

The gang stood back and Tom walked over to me again.

"Hey! These are nice shoes. And my size too" one of the gang shouted. Referring to the shoes just stolen off my feet. They were nice shoes as well. They were a top expensive brand but I'd been lucky enough to find them cheaply in a sale last week.

Tom turned to the lad that had shouted, smiled and said "Bring them over here then if you like them, his socks as well."

"OK Tom" the lad called back. He scooped up my socks from the ground and walked over carrying my shoes with him.

"haha looks like you needed some new shoes zack" Tom laughed while pointing at his shoes. They were frayed and scuffed and one had a hole in the front.

"yeah" Zack said "you gonna let me keep them then?"

"Only if you do exactly what I say" Tom replied

"awesome" Zack said "what do you want me to do?".

"well first, you've gotta swap your shoes for his" tom said

"no problem" Zack said eagerly

"oh and his socks, as well" Tom chuckled.

The rest of the group were hysterical. They found it really funny what Zack was being asked to do.

"that's disgusting" Zack said repulsed while examining my sweaty socks.

"you're the one who wants the second hand shoes, let's see how badly you want them." Tom laughed.

"nah" Zack said "I'm not that desperate, these socks smell worse than the bins at the back of the school."

"ok fair enough." Tom smiled "kick me your old shoes over here"

"sure" Zack said and he kicked his shoes off and over to Tom, then sat down ready to wear my shoes.

"not so fast" Tom said quickly.

Zack stopped and stood up "what's the problem?"

"This is!" Tom yelled as he tied zacks shoes together and threw them up high where they got caught in a branch some distance from the ground. Tom tackled Zack while he was busy staring upwards and grabbed my shoes out of his hand.

"ok Zack, you've got a choice now" Tom sniggered.

"and what's that then?" Zack asked

"well, if you want these shoes" he said waving my shoes at him "you need to change into them socks or if you want your old shoes you need to climb that tree, which isn't gonna be easy without any shoes on"

"what?" Zack said with a worried look on his face "you can't be serious"

"oh but I am Zack" Tom said with a smile "Or you could just walk home like that." The rest of the gang were watching with great interest.

"come on Zack, we all know your a tramp really" one of them shouted. Zack looked at the tree and must have thought about climbing it but eventually he decided to wear my socks.

"fine" he said and he sat down removed his socks and replaced them with mine.

Zack stood up then said "right Tom, I'm wearing the socks, now give me the shoes."

"Not so fast" Tom said "I'm gonna hold onto these for reassurance"

"reassurance for what?" Zack asked surprised.

"well, I said you could have these shoes if you do what I say." Tom said as he turned and put my shoes in his bag.

"that's blackmail" Zack replied "you know I don't have any other shoes at home.

"well that's your fault for being so poor" Tom laughed. The trees shaded any heat the sun was trying to give off and my torso was feeling quite cold and I began to shiver slightly.

"Zack, get his trousers off" Tom said while pointing at me and struggling to contain his laughter. He then went and whispered to the chubby kid in the gang who then ran off out of the woods. Shit, I thought. For some reason my dick was all finding this very exciting and although i didn't want to lose my trousers I was also more worried about them finding out about my hard-on.

Zack unbuckled my belt and pulled it from my waist, chucking it to the ground. Tom picked it up and put it in his pocket.

"are you sure I have to do this?" Zack said to Tom

"yeah Zack, or it won't just be them shoes you'll be missing when you get back home tonight. You've made your choice now" Tom said mockingly

"what do you mean by that?" Zack asked

"do you really wanna find out?" Tom said.

"nah" Zack said and continued unbuttoning my trousers. I was trying to use all my mental power to lose the boner so I didn't retaliate. My efforts were futile, I felt zack's cold hands on my stomach as he unbuttoned my trousers and then the zipper rub along my dick as he pulled it down. Occasionally zack's socked feet would tread on mine sending a warm tingling sensation through my body.

Zack was an average build and he had short black spiked hair. He had a soft face like mine and also small feet which must have been the same size as mine, considering he wanted my shoes. The fact he was wearing my sweaty grey ankle socks seemed to excite me even more. I didn't understand what was happening to me. I was soon knocked out of my thoughts when Zack pulled my trousers down to my ankles exposing my tight grey cotton boxer briefs exposing the bulge.

"Look at that, I think he's got a bit excited" Tom laughed pointing at my boner. The rest of the gang came over and laughed mockingly.

"well come on Zack" Tom said "I said to get his trousers off not down. Zack crouched down and pulled my trousers off each of my feet leaving me feeling totally exposed. I could feel the cold air penetrating my legs, feet and chest. My arms were pulled back round the tree by my shirt. I was helpless.

"well, what i think so far is that this is a girl trapped in a guys body, shall we test that theory?" Tom shouted. The group cheered and tom said "Zack, I want you to strip for him. Down to your pants and well his socks." The gang all laughed at this.
"and you" he said pointing at me "if you can lose the boner by the time he's done then our little test will be over and we'll let you go."

"screw this, I'm out of here" Zack shouted.

"fine" Tom replied "just remember you aren't getting these shoes"

"I'd rather walk around barefoot for the next year than carry on doing what you say till the end of school" zack said "oh and curlz or John I think your name is, sorry about all this. This guys a loser." with that Zack turned and went to walk away.

"ok then go" Tom said "but there's one thing you've gotta do first"

"and what's that?" Zack sneered

"I said if you quit it won't just be them shoes your missing tonight." Tom said calmly

"and what do you mean by that?" Zack asked

"well basically you're free to go but your clothes stay here, so unless you wanna nice stroll home butt naked I'd stay here and do what i say." tom said much to the surprise of Zack.
The group cheered again at hearing this and Zack knew he could easily be overpowered and stripped before he left.

"fine I'll stay" Zack said

"thought you would" tom replied "remember you made that choice when you chose his shoes."

"you didn't say anything about being threatened with being stripped naked" Zack replied.

"you should have thought about that when you didn't do exactly what I said" tom retaliated.

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this is pretty good
i wish i had a tentacle beard... props to you Davy Jones ;o

Newly in a relationship with my David <3
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I really like it. Please continue
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Thanks a lot!!!! Heres the rest. =)

"sorry" Zack said sheepishly knowing he was defeated.

"you will be" Tom said.

"can i go for a piss first?" Zack asked.

I wasn't sure if this was an excuse to aid an escape or if he really did need to pee.

"of course you can" Tom shouted. "you can piss in the girls pants"

"what?!" exclaimed Zack "I don't quite get ya? You want me to change into his pants now?"

"nah, as funny as that would be" Tom laughed, the group along with him. "you can piss in his pants while he's still wearing them." The group were hysterical and began to gather round Zack.

"Guys don't you think this has gone far enough?" Zack said with a disgusted look on his face.

"nah, it's just beginning" Tom said.

"well, I don't need to go now." Zack said.

"too bad" tom said "you don't need potty training do ya?"

"what are you on about now?" said Zack

"well you obviously don't know how to go for a piss so maybe we should show you" tom said

"what you gna do? Make me watch you piss up a tree?" Zack said sarcastically.

"nah" Tom said "not a tree, you!"

"what is this" Zack said "have you all lost your minds?"

"nah Zack" Tom said "you started all this by choosing his shoes"

"There you go again with the shoes, I don't care about the shoes anymore" Zack shouted

"So what, your gonna walk home in someone elses socks. I'd love to see you try and explain that to your mother" Tom said.

"not if I tell her you threw my shoes up a tree and forced me to wear someone else's socks" Zack replied

"nah, I'll just let the message get around that you beat up an innocent kid, took his shoes and socks then he fought back leaving you naked in that muddy puddle over there. You know how persuasive I can be." Tom said proud of his skills with coercing the older generation. "I might let you keep the socks as a reminder"

"you wouldn't dare" said Zack

"try me" Tom replied

The gang making sound effects of oohs and ahhs during the argument.

"Fine" said Zack "I'll do what you say."
Zack walked over to me and I had an idea what was coming. He kicked my trousers behind him and stood close to me. The group all watched on with big grins on their faces. I had lost the boner by now and the cold air had caused my dick to shrink slightly.

"sorry about this" Zack said quietly to me "this has gone a bit too far."

"thanks, but just get it over with" I replied.

"please don't look" Zack asked

"sure" i replied back reassuringly.

I just caught a glimpse of Zack pulling down his flies as I turned my head away to the right. I felt the waistband of my boxers get pulled back then something warm against my skin. Soon after a hot liquid began filling my boxers covering my dick then trickling down my legs and onto my feet.

The gang were cheering all around us, I kept my head turned the other way as I'd promised. I felt Zack shake his dick in my boxers then pull away flicking the waistband of the boxers back onto my skin.

I turned my head back just in time to see Zack Zip his fly back up. My boxers for the most part were soaked through, he must have been holding it in all day. All this water had been playing tricks with my bladder and I began to feel the urge to piss. I thought about asking Tom but knew where that would go so i just went there and then in my boxers. More urine running down my legs and onto my feet. Tom and the gang were too busy mocking Zack and setting him up for his next task to notice.

"looks like ya got him good!" one of the gang said to Zack "what you drank today? Half the atlantic ocean?"

Zack remained quiet, he must have realised by now it was best not to say anything.

"right Zack, ready for your stripshow?" Tom asked

"sure, whatever you say" Zack said

"ok then Zack, you might wanna get you bag and coat off first" Tom said

"sure" Zack said as he took off his bag and coat and placed them next to mine.

"right Zack, you've gotta dance and strip in your sexiest way cause if he doesn't have a boner by the time your done we might have to tie you to the tree next.

"ok, whatever" Zack said in agreement. He then started dancing, swirling his hips around and rolling his arms not with the greatest enthusiasm, just meters in front of me. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt, Tom was watching from the right and the gang from the left egging him on. Slowly his flat chest began to emerge from inside the shirt, he wasn't fat but not too thin either, about as average as you'd get. He pulled of his shirt while still attempting some sort of dance and threw it in the direction of the gang. One of them grabbed it and threw it behind them cheering and laughing.

"trousers, trousers" they all shouted together. Zack looked worried. Fortunately I'd kept my dick under control for the time being. The wet piss soaked boxers keeping any erection at bay. Zack undid his belt and threw it towards me and it landed just to my right.

"drop em, drop em, drop em" the gang was chanting. Zack undid his button and flies then dropped his trousers to his ankles, exposing his plain White designer boxers, I noticed his bulge had grown and he seemed to have a boner growing. This made my dick twitch but the wet boxers kept it at bay.

Zack kicked his trousers over towards Tom and said "there, one stripshow" Tom and the gang found it hard to control their laughter at what they had just witnessed.

"nice one Zack" Tom said while still laughing "looks like Curlz passed our test here though. But you didn't do so well" he said pointing at zacks bulge which had now grown.

The chubby kid now appeared back on the scene with a black bag.

"hey Lee" Tom called to him "did ya bring what I asked?

"sure did" he responded "here." Tom took the bag and pulled out some battery powered hair clippers.

"nice one Lee, thanks" Tom said

Zack went to reach for his trousers but Tom stopped him. "not just yet" he said and picked up his trousers and put them in the bag "get me the rest of his clothes as well he shouted, curlz stuff too"

Pretty quickly all the clothes lying around were collected up and put in the bag with the exception of my shirt which was holding me onto the tree and zacks socks and belt which remained on the floor. He had even took the coats off our bags.

"you can have these back all in good time" Tom sniggered.

"i thought you were letting him free and tying me up instead." Zack said. It shocked me that Zack would remind him of somewhat like that.

"maybe later" Tom said "for now I need ya to give our new friend here a haircut."

"ok," Zack replied "what sort of haircut?"

"here I've set it to 2" Tom said as he handed Zack the clippers "just do it all over."

Zack walked over to me again, making sure he didn't tread in any of the piss that was on the floor beneath me. He lent forward and turned the buzzers on. I closed my eyes not wanting to witness what was about to happen. Zack brushed the clippers all over my head removing chunks and chunks of hair which I could feel falling down my body.

The gang cheered and whistled as Zack finished the last of the head shave. "wow, he looks like a whole different person" Zack said

"yeah, he will thank us for this one day" Tom smiled "Ok lads, untie him and grab Zack" Tom shouted.

The gang surrounded me and untied the shirt from my wrists, then threw me down to the ground in front of tom. I noticed 2 of the gang had Zack held by the shoulders next to Tom.

Tom picked up my shirt and placed it in his new bag "well your free to go" Tom said

"what about my clothes?" I asked. I was now feeling yet more vulnerable, the hair missing from my head felt like another an item if clothing had been taken from me.

"if you stick around and do what I say, I'll consider it. But otherwise it's just you and your bag that's free to go at the moment." Tom laughed

Although I had more clothes at home, I didn't like the prospect of the journey back dressed like this. If I could at least get some of my clothes back I may have felt more like leaving.

"I think I'll stay a bit longer" I said

"thought you would" Tom smiled "we'll get you cleaned up a bit.

Tom walked over to zacks bag and began rummaging through it. He pulled out a small draw-string bag and emptied the contents on the floor. There was a towel and a black speedo.

"perfect" tom said "knew you'd been swimming today Zack" Zack didn't say a word for fear of making a bad situation worse.

"right, baldy" he called me "change into this." he said while holding up the speedo. "as I'm in a generous mood I'll let ya change over there" he said pointing at a thick overgrown bush"

I took the speedo and went behind the bush. I quickly lowered my boxers, a sudden thrill overpowering me as I stood there butt naked behind a bush in the woods. I saw Tom and the gang holding Zack, waiting for me to return. I quickly pulled the speedo up, it was still wet from his practice earlier but was much more comfortable than the urine soaked boxers. The excitement of wearing zacks speedo overpowered me and cause my dick to stand to attention again, the speedo barely able to contain it. I returned to the group, boxers in hand.

"Put your boxers in here" Tom said holding up zacks bag. I did as he said and waited to see what was instore for me next.

"ok, we're gonna make a move to the river" Tom announced

"how are we gonna get there?" Zack suddenly asked "it's a 15minute walk away, and people walk dogs round there."

"just do what your told and stop complaining" Tom said

"your not the one that's gotta get there in your underwear" Zack said

"ok," Tom said "you and badly can have a competition. The first one to bring me your old shoes from that branch up there gets to wear a shirt for the walk."

"fine" Zack said "you up for that?" he asked.

"yeah, why not" I said

"ok, go" Tom said. With that me and Zack both tried our luck at climbing the tree, we both tried but even with shoes I doubt we could have climbed it. Tom was sitting on the ground with the gang all watching our futile attempts at grabbing the shoes, they were just but a metre out of our reach.

"giving up yet?" tom shouted.

"Give us more time" Zack replied.

Eventually I said to Zack, "look if we've got any chance of getting them down we're gonna have to work together"

Zack agreed, we worked out a plan which involved me lifting him up to the branch while he grabbed them. I lifted Zack as he didn't want to touch my legs and feet which were still covered in piss. He climbed into my hands and up on my shoulders.

"I can just about touch them with my fingertips" Zack shouted

Tom and the gang began to notice what was happening and came over. One of the tall guys in the gang wedgied me, pulling the speedos up into my ass crack causing me to lose my balance slightly.

"Nice ass" he said jokingly. I lifted zacks legs up one last time as high as I could and he grabbed the shoes while the chubby kid pulled my speedos down to my ankles and I caught Zack as we both fell to the ground.

I quickly pulled the speedos back up and pushed Zack off me. Tom and the gang were laughing again. Luckily I don't think they'd seen much other than my ass as zacks legs covered me as we fell.

We both sat cross-legged on the floor, Zack tossed me one of the shoes. "here we're in this together he said.

Tom came and stood in front of us "this is rich" he said "helping each other out now?" tom took a shoe off each of us. "well there's no prizes in this game for ties and I'll keep these he said as he put zacks shoes in the bag Lee had given him earlier.

"baldy, go wash your feet in that puddle and dry off with this towel." he said throwing zacks towel at me "oh and wear these" he said throwing zacks old socks at me that he'd just scooped off the floor. "your gonna need something on your feet for the walk"

I went over to the puddle, the water was a dirty brown colour but i took full advantage and removed as much of the piss as possible. I rubbed my self down with the towel and pulled on zacks black school socks.

I walked back over to the gang and Tom snatched the towel off me, putting it in the bag he was given.

2 of the gang each grabbed our bags, and Tom picked up the belt next to the tree. Both me and Zack were led out of the forest and out to the footpath at the side of the field.

It had gone quite dull now, the wind was still high and me and Zack were shivering as the breeze hit our bodies.

"we're gonna run for it" Tom said "but there one thing I want you 2 to do he said looking at the two lads behind me and Zack. He handed them our 2 belts out of his new favourite bag.

"if these 2 dont keep up you know what to do" he said. The lads nodded. Tom began running, keeping up a fair pace. We managed to keep up for the first few minutes, but as we got nearer the river our feet were beginning to ache from the hard gravel on the ground. We slowed down occasionally but was punished with the hard wip of a belt. Eventually we made it to the river.

The river was wide and deep, a few people had boats moored up against the edge but it was not very busy. Tom had took us to his favourite hangout. There was a stone bridge going over the river with a bench underneath. The floor was covered with more gravel and it was very cold under there. Just outside the bridge was a small patch of grass.

Tom instructed everyone to place their things under the bench and he sat down, the gang joining him.

"ok" Tom said to us "how about you do a few dares off me and the lads then we let you go?"

"do we have a choice?" Zack stated.

"nah, not really" Tom laughed. "unless you wanna walk home like that"

"first, i dare you to take each others socks off with only your teeth" Tom said.

"how many of these dares are there?" Zack asked.

"Depends when we get bored" Tom replied.

"ok, I'll go first" Zack said to me. He knelt on the floor in front of me and I lifted up my left foot. He bit into the elastic of the sock and pulled it straight off my foot.

"that's it" Tom shouted. Zack spat the sock out onto the floor, and went for the other one. He pulled it off in much the same way and spat it on top of the other.

Zack stood up and I crouched down on the floor. I could now feel the gravel sharper than ever under my feet. I pulled his socks off in the same fashion he took mine and put them together on the floor with the ones I was wearing.

"ok" tom laughed "I can see they enjoyed that" he said pointing at our boners.

"ok, your next dare is to lie face up with your eyed closed on the floor in front of us for two minutes and you can't move no matter what." Tom said

Sounds easy enough I thought and me and Zack lay on the ground side by side. Tom went back to the gang there were some murmurings then he came back with 2 of the other lads. They stood around us Tom by our feet and the other 2 lads by our stomachs. I felt a stream of warm liquid cover my entire lower body. They were pissing on us.

They finished up and tom shouted "times up" Zack looked filled with fury, but he knew he had to control it.

The smell was revolting. We both shook our bodies in a feeble attempt to dry off, I was close to been sick.

"haha bet you wish you'd left when you had the chance" Tom laughed "how about we let you wash it off a bit. Your next dare is to swim to the middle of the river and pull each others pants off then wave them in the air.

We both quickly jumped in the river and submerged our heads under the water pleased to wash off the piss and waded out into the middle. The water was ice cold and initially sent a small shock through our bodies. This must have been one of the shallower parts of the river as the water barely reached our shoulders.

"I'll go first then" I said to zack and with that I ducked under the water and felt for zacks boxers. I grabbed the waistband and pulled them down to his ankles. He stepped out of them and I stood up with them held tightly in my hand. I lifted them above my head, cheers heard from the bench where Tom and his gang were sitting.

Zack then did the same to me as I felt his hands grab my speedo then giving it a strong yank down. I stepped out of it and he popped up out of the water holding the speedo above his head.

"this is priceless" Tom and the gang were having the time of their lives, if only the same could be said of me and zack. I think to some extent a part of me was enjoying this.

"ok" Tom then shouted "your next dare is to put the pants you're holding on your head then walk back over here, oh yeah and hold hands" Tom and the gang began laughing at this again.

"when is this gonna end?" Zack said to me.

"like he said, when he gets bored" i replied with a sigh. We both put the pants we'd took off each other on our heads. Zack grabbed my hand and we started to walk back towards the shore. The murky water was the only thing protecting our shame.

Tom was waiting for us at the edge of the river. "thanks he said" as he scooped out last remaining items of clothing off our heads. Great I thought, now I'm worse off than when I started.

"your next dare" Tom suddenly said "this is a cracker, thanks chubz" he said. "you've both gotta climb out of the river over there" he said pointing to the patch of grass on his right "walk across the bridge then climb in over there" he said pointing at a small dirt ramp on his left.

There was a steep, almost vertical bank at the other side of the river and the dirt ramp led to a small ledge on the other side of the bridge.

"you got that?" Tom said "then you can swim back over and meet me here.

"and do we get anything to wear?" Zack asked, not wanting to run naked across the bridge.

"no Zack it wouldn't be much of a dare then would it?" Tom replied. "but I'm not that harsh I'll let you use your hands to cover up."

"fine" Zack said "let's get this over with"

"wait, I haven't finished yet" shouted Tom to Zack who had already started to wade towards the grass.

"what is it Tom?" Zack called back

"I said you could use your hands to cover up, but each others hands not your own" Tom shouted

Me and Zack looked at each other wondering what to do.

"in fact, I insist on it" Tom laughed. The gang cheering behind him.

I walked over to Zack who was now standing near the patch of grass at the waters edge. "ok let give this a go" he said.

I felt his hands feel round my crotch and grab my dick forming a cup around it, it was the first time it had ever been handled by anyone else and to say it felt exhilarating was an understatement. I returned the favour, grabbing his crotch and feeling his now shrunken dick, shrivelled from the cold water. Having never felt another dick before I was secretly enjoying this part of the dare.

It wasn't easy climbing out the water. We each had one hand on each others dick and the other on the waters edge, lifting us out of the river. We climbed out of the water, our arms crossed, protecting each others final bit of shame. We helped each other up and then used both hands to cover each other up.

We walked across the grass to the stairs at the side of the bridge and looked to check no-one was around. Tom and 2 lads from the gang came running over laughing and taunting us.

We climbed the stone steps, the gravel digging into our barefeet and climbed up onto the bridge. Immediately the now high wind hit our wet bodies. Cold wasn't the word. Tom and the lads followed up the stairs still mocking and insulting us.

Tom ran past us and turned around "you'd make a perfect couple, you know that" he laughed. He quickly grabbed a small camera out of his pocket and snapped a couple of photos.

"hey, what the hell are you doing?" Zack yelled. "you never mentioned any photos.

"yeah, but your not really in a position to argue now are you zack" Tom replied.

We carried on over the bridge making it to the other side, Tom and the lads circling round us.

We were met by a problem when we saw the dirt ramp had been blocked by a wooden fence about shoulder height. Tom must have knew this. The only way onto the dirt ramp was to climb over it. There were no gaps to put our feet to climb up it and the only way over was to use both our hands.

Tom and the gang were laughing at us, "can't wait to see how you get past that" he mocked.

Me and Zack both stood as close to the fence as we could and let go of each others cocks. We stepped back slightly and I noticed Zack briefly look at my crotch getting a good look at my now semi-erect dick.

Tom took his camera out and began to walk towards us, before we could let him get another picture we both simultaneously grabbed the top of the fence and pulled ourselves up and over rolling onto the other side.

"don't take too long in there" Tom mocked and we heard them leave us. Presumably back over the bridge to the bench where we had to meet him.
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I love it! I insist that you continue. Like soon
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Great story. Like this one very much. Thanks for sharing
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Carry on carry on carry on!
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Really good story, I am really enjoying it. Can't wait for more!
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Nice story, I really like it! Can't wait for more!

Likes, Limits, and Toys:

Give me dares (especially bondage!) and I'll write you a report!
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Wow, thanks for all the kind comments =) its much appreciated

Heres a bit more,

Zack stood there, arms by his side and I got to grab a glimpse at his dick for the first time. It was now at full mast and slightly bigger than mine and his pubes were tidily shaven. This excited me in more ways than I could understand and I noticed my own dick had joined his sporting a large erection.

Zack quickly sat down against the fence and squeezed his legs up against his chest and started to cry. This surprised me as Zack hadn't struck me as the type to cry. I say down next to him and he looked up at me, tears running down his face.

"what are we going to do?" he said to me. "I can't go home like this and I need those clothes for school and my family can't afford anymore."

I put my arm round him "look, whatever happens we'll get out of this" I tried to reassure him.

Zack looked at me and smiled. "yeah, what worse dares can he really throw at us now?"

"nothing much worse than getting pissed on" I replied.

"yeah," Zack said with a smile "that was pretty disgusting"

"sure was" I agreed "I was glad to get in the river when I did"

"me too" Zack smiled "you know your not so bad, maybe we could be friends when all this is over"

"yeah, I'd like that" I said back my heart pounding at his words.

Suddenly I heard tom shouting, "Zack! Baldy! If you don't get back here in the next 2 minutes we're gonna leave ya here and take your stuff.

"yikes, we'd better go" I said to Zack. Zack agreed and we helped each other up not bothering to cover up from each other anymore.

"Let's go" I said and I headed towards the ramp.

"wait" Zack called. I turned around and Zack walked over to me and put his hands on my dick. "the whole gang will be watching us" he said.

"ok, your right" I said and returned the favour. We walked down the dirt ramp, careful to avoid the stinging nettles and made it to the ledge at the other side of the bridge.

"about time" tom called from the other side.

"was he good?" shouted the chubby lad receiving a high five from Tom.

"just ignore them" I said to Zack quietly "if you want to come back to my place after all this and get cleaned up or whatever before you go home, your welcome as my parents are out"

"wow, thanks" Zack said "would you really do that for me?"

"of course I would" I replied. "although I'm just hoping we get all our stuff back"

"me too" Zack said and with that we both climbed into the river, let go of each other and swam to the edge where Tom was standing.

"well, getting along now are we?" Tom mocked "even after Zack here helped nick your stuff" Tom said.

"well your next dare, is to crawl over to the pile of socks over there then pick one of each sort up with your mouth and crawl over to the grass over there." Tom announced. "then I'll give you your next dare."

"do we get our pants back?" Zack asked

"hmm" tom said appearing to be thinking to himself "I'll consider it, but at least not until this dares over" he laughed.

Knowing we had no choice me and Zack climbed out of the water butt naked and sat at the edge with our hands over our dicks.

"well get on with it!" Tom suddenly shouted. We both rolled over on to our fronts still holding onto our dicks with one hand for fear of the gang seeing.

"it takes 2 hands to crawl" Tom laughed. "do it right." I thought I'd better do as he said so I put my other hand in front of me exposing my dick to the group who were now struggling to control their laughter.

"nice cock" one of them shouted mockingly "think he might be male tom" one of them laughed. Zack soon joined me our asses up in the air the wind blowing my dick sending chills of excitement through my body.

We crawled over to the pile of socks we had left earlier, our legs, feet and knees getting covered in dust and gravel. I used my teeth to separate the pile of socks and after some fiddling managed to grab the two I was after, they tasted like the dirt and sweat that was now engrained into then.

I began crawling over towards the patch of grass, now feeling embarrassed, vulnerable but also excited. We sat down on the grass and watched as Tom began to head over.

"someones coming!" one of the gang shouted. We all turned around and sure enough in the distance a man was walking this way with his dog. Tom grabbed the towel from under the bench and brought it over to us. He threw it over at us and said quick get under this.

I shook the towel so it was flat but it was just big enough to cover dicks and part of our legs. "stay still" Tom laughed.

We both lay on the ground under the small towel and saw the dog walker getting nearer, his dog running out in front of him. I was beginning to get distracted in my thoughts as parts of zacks naked body brushed against mine under the towel.

Eventually the dog reached us and began sniffing the ground. The dog sniffed and came towards us then sniffing the towel, probably smelling the piss that was on it from earlier.

The dog grabbed the towel in it's teeth and pulled it off us, me and Zack both sat up immediately and began pulling on it attempting to keep it. It was useless, the dog was too strong and pulled the towel out of our hands running off past Tom with it.

Tom and the gang were watching from the bench and the laughter was at a new volume. We both sat there squeezing our legs up against our chests to cover from the dog walker who could now see us.

"great" Zack said to me "looks like things just got worse"

The dog walker was an older man, probably in his early 50s. He was wearing walking boots and had a plain blue baseball cap on. He stopped and looked at us.

"cold day for a swim isn't it lads?" he said.

"yeah" I replied "we lost a bet with those guys over there" I said while pointing at tom."

"oh, I see" he smiled "well, have a good day and i wouldn't stay out too long or you'll catch your deaths" he said and continued on totally unaware his dog had just stolen our towel.

Tom walked back over to us "well played" he said "By the way I've got all your clothes here" he held our bags up in which he had apparently stuffed all our clothes inside.

"the two of you are gonna have a match, the winner of which gets to keep both bags" Tom announced. "the loser will be free to go as well but will have their hands and feet tied together with this bike lock" he said while holding up a plastic covered chain with a lock either side which just needed clicking into place.

"what sort of match are we playing?" I asked tom.

"it's gonna be sock wrestling" he replied "your both gonna wear them socks you carried over, the winner will be the first to hand me the others socks." the gang all burst out laughing.

"I suppose we've gotta do this naked" Zack said, not looking too enthusiastic.

"nah, of course not" tom said whilst smiling at us "you'll be wearing socks of course." This set the group off, they gathered round us cheering, laughing and shouting.

Me and Zack looked at each other, Zack smiled at me then whispered into my ear "if I let you win, will you help me?"

I smiled back at Zack and nodded, zack then smiled back and winked at me.

"ok then" Tom shouted "get your socks on." we both picked up one of each of the socks and put them on, they were quite filthy from all the walking we had done in them. The gang had made a circle around us on the grass, at least blocking some of the view from potential passers by.

"Sit back to back" Tom shouted "then I'll count down from 3, when I shout go you know what you've gotta do."
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Left it on a cliff hanger! PLEASE PLEASE GO ON!
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Default Pymani96 says...

Lovely. Just lovely. This is all i have to say today


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nothing else to say!

glue would like to tell everyone reading this to stay
sticky as life is to short to become unstuck

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CARRY ON! OR I VILL KILL VU!! That was a joke by the way. I won't kill you. Or will I?
There is a hell, believe me I've seen it. There is a heaven lets keep it a secret - Bring me the horizon. <33

8Teen Female, Engurrland, Likes snuggles.

Dislikes:Scat, Noticeably Public, Permanent, Death, Family, Friends and Just Stupid Things That No-one Would Do!

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Wow! Thanks everyone, ill keep updating when i have the chance.

Heres some more =)

Me and Zack sat back to back, our arms pulling our legs up against our chest. I could feel zacks damp skin resting on my own back and for a moment forgot where I was.

"are you ready!" Zack shouted the gang cheering and following toms every word. "3!, 2!, 1!, GO" he shouted.

I didn't move straight away but Zack quickly turned around and pulled me down towards the ground catching me off guard. I noticed a few flashes of toms camera which must have been grabbing pictures of every detail of our naked bodies. Zack rolled on top of me and I felt his dick rub across my chest as his hands went for my feet. I quickly sat up and grabbed zacks legs with my arm, his hands only just touching my feet before I moved them. I stood up and lifted Zack by his ankles off the floor, my dick now brushing against his chest.

I let go of zacks left ankle and he started kicking it around. I used my free hand to pull off his ankle sock just as Zack grabbed my legs causing me to fall over on top of him, his feet in my face, and my groin holding his hand against his side.

"put the sock in your mouth" Tom shouted "your gonna need both hands for the next one" he laughed.

Wanting our stuff back I did as he said, the taste was absolutely revolting but the gang were quite amused by it. I rolled over, still clenching zacks ankle in my hand pulling Zack over on top of me. I felt his hand run down my leg and reach my foot, my dick brushed against his causing me to lose concentration for a moment and before I knew it felt my ankle sock get whipped off my foot.

"look after it in your mouth" Tom laughed. Zack just clenched it in his teeth. Zack then grabbed my other leg just below my knee and rolled over so I was on top of him. He had a chance to grab my other sock as his hand worked his way down my leg but instead he moved his leg into a place where I could reach his and I just whipped it off his foot.

The group all cheered, Tom came towards me and I handed him the odd socks that Zack was wearing.

"looks like we have a winner" Tom announced the group still making a lot of noise.

"here's your stuff" Tom smiled "your free to go now"

I headed over to the bench to get dressed again and opened my bag, to my horror all my clothes were in there but they had been cut into little pieces.

I turned back to where Zack was and saw Zack sitting on the floor leaning forwards and his hands and feet tied together with the bike lock.

I ran back over to Zack and tried to free him but it was tied very tightly, the only way to remove it was with the key.

"those bastards just tied me up and legged it up and over the bridge" he said tears running down his eyes. "Why haven't you got dressed?" he asked.

"I can't, I went in my bag and they've cut everything into little pieces" I replied

"those bastards" Zack said "what are we gonna do now?"

"well, we need to get back to mine" I said "I've got spare clothes and there should be something in the garage to cut off that lock"

"awesome" Zack replied "don't know how we're gonna get there though."

"let's get somewhere a little more sheltered" I said "and we'll see what options we have"

"ok cool" Zack replied and I did my best to pick him up and carry him to the bench. Once we made it to the bench I lifted him up onto it and he lay there hands and legs in the air.

I sat on the floor in front of Zack and looked at the 2 bags.

"empty them all out" Zack said "and we'll see what we've got.

I opened both the bags and tipped them out onto the floor. Sure enough all our clothes had been cut into little pieces even our coats. Zacks old shoes had been cut up but my shoes were still there in one piece which was odd.

Amongst our school books and the rags there was zacks swimbag, a pencil case, my keys for the house and 2 wallets belonging to both me and Zack.

"Is there anything in the swim bag? Zack asked. I opened it up and all that was in there was my piss soaked boxers that I was wearing before this all started.

"great" I said. I walked to the edge of the river and dipped the boxers into the water attempting to give them some sort of wash. I then walked back over to the bench and slid them on feeling relieved to at least be wearing something.

"well, that just leaves me" said Zack looking unhappy. I picked up the the swimbag and thought maybe I could use it to make something for Zack to wear. I began to tear away at the stitching either side of the bag which broke away easily as it seemed to be cheaply made. Eventually I had opened up the bag to create one flat piece of material and a drawstring.

I wrapped the bag around zacks essentials and used the drawstring to tie it into place.

"thanks" Zack said "I feel very slightly better now"

"no problem" I replied "now we just need a plan to get to my place."

"is it far from here?" Zack asked.

"about 20 minutes walk normally" I told him.

"damn" Zack said "I can't even walk.

"I could leave you here" I said "there's a hardware shop about 5 minute walk from here, I could run it in about 2 and buy something to get that lock off.

"would they even let you in dressed like that?" Zack said "and I dont like the idea of been left here out in the open.

"nah, an old lady works in there who probably wouldn't even notice plus it'd only be for a few minutes" I said "and in the hour we've been here only one person has walked past"

"ok" Zack said "I don't see any other choice, I just hope Tom doesn't come back"

"I think he's got what he wanted now" I said while giving Zack a reassuring smile.

I collected all our stuff up into my bag, not bothering to pick the rags up off the floor and left zacks empty bag on his lap. I slipped on my shoes and told Zack to hold tight.

"be quick" Zack said

"I will be" I replied and I ran as fast as I could in the direction of the store with my bag on my back.

I ran alongside the river for a bit then turned and ran down the path which led to the street. It was starting to get dark and fortunately the street seemed quiet. It was great to be wearing shoes again, despite only having one sock that wasn't originally mine.

I saw the shop just a few buildings down from the path I had emerged from and I headed towards it. It was getting extremely cold and I was shivering as I was still wet.

I peeked through the window of the shop and luckily there was no-one in there except for the old lady sitting behind the counter reading the paper.

I opened the door and the bell rang, the old woman looked up briefly then got back to her reading. I browsed the shelves and found some metal cutters, when I heard the bell on the door ring again.

Shit, I thought. I went to the far back of the shop and waited for them to leave. I got a peek and it was a guy a year or two older than me with short dark brown hair but I didn't recognise him, he briefly looked around then left fortunately not venturing towards the back of the shop.

I put the metal cutters on the counter and was asked for some money. I didn't have enough on me but after looking through zacks wallet I managed to find just enough to cover them. The woman didn't look up from her paper as she served me and I left ready to set Zack free.

I left the shop and headed towards the path back to the river. The cold air was once again reaching every area of my exposed skin. I couldn't see the kid that I'd seen in the shop anywhere and the street seemed as silent as ever.

I decided to run, Zack must have been quite frightened but for some reason the thought of him lying on the bench waiting for me excited me. I neared the bench where I'd left Zack but found he was in trouble. I quickly sneaked around the side of the bridge.

The guy that was in the shop had walked the same way as me and spotted zack on the bench. It sounded as though he had just found him.

"how did you end up out here like this?" he said while pointing and laughing "looks like someone had a good go at your clothes."

"leave me alone" Zack said quietly "I'll be ok"

"haha no you wont" the kid laughed and he pulled Zack over onto the floor and tore away the 2 bags protecting his modesty chucking them onto the ground.

"why are you doing this?" Zack asked quietly his face and voice seeming as though he was about to break down into tears.

"because I can!" he laughed "and you don't seem to be in a position to do anything about it, I'm gonna call my cousin and get him down here I'm sure he'd like to see this."

The kid stood in front of Zack, his back facing towards me. I crept up behind him then grabbed his legs rugby tackling him to the floor. Zacks face lit up when he saw me and I noticed his dick suddenly grow.

The guy was quite strong but manageable "get off me" he shouted while squirming around. I grabbed the drawstring from zacks bag off the floor then tied his hands together tightly behind his back.

I used the wire cutters I had bought and managed to cut through the metal of the lock freeing zacks hands and feet.

The kid was wearing black tracksuit bottoms and white slip-on trainers. He also had a black tracksuit jacket on but I couldn't see what he was wearing underneath.

Zack helped me hold the kid down, we looked at each other and silently agreed what we had to do. We had him pinned to the ground face first Zack sitting on his back. I pulled off each of his shoes revealing his perfectly clean white socks and threw them over towards the bench.

Zack continued holding onto his upper body tightly and I moved around and began to pull his tracksuit bottoms off, the kid was kicking and screaming all sorts of language at us.

"You'd better shut him up" Zack said "or someone might hear"

"yeah, your right" I agreed. I kicked off the shoe i was wearing that still had a sock underneath then pulled off the sock and screwed it into a ball. We both sat on his back pulled up his head then I managed to stuff the sock into his mouth, nearly getting bitten in the process.

Zack threw the remains of his swim bag over to me which we used to tie round his mouth and at the back of his head to hold the sock in place.

I finished pulling off his tracksuit bottoms revealing his thin hairy legs and a pair of white shorts. I threw the tracksuit bottoms to Zack and he sat on the kids back pulling them on. They were big round the waist and baggy on Zack but would be perfect cover for the walk to mine.

I then pulled off his shorts revealing quite strong upper thighs and a small tight pair of white boxer briefs. I pulled the shorts on over my boxers and began to feel a lot less exposed. I put the shoe back on that I had took off earlier and Zack put on the kids trainers, again they were big and loose on his feet but did the job.

"what shall we do with him?" Zack asked referring to the kid that was now lying on the floor with no shoes or trousers.

"well, he could have just walked past" I said "or even attempted to help but instead he got nasty, I say we leave him here on the bench but give him a chance to escape."

"ok" Zack said "and if he wants to know why, then it's because we can"

We both pulled him up to his feet and undid the cord tying his hands together, he fought back but he wasn't strong enough to overcome the two of us. I unzipped his jacket then pulled it off his arms. Revealing his blue polo neck t-shirt.

I wore his baggy jacket and felt good to have some clothing on my upper waist which I hadn't had since this ordeal had began.

Me and Zack then pulled his shirt off exposing his slightly built upper body, the kid looked furious but was helpless. Zack then pulled the shirt on while I grabbed his hands behind his back attempting to tie them back up again with the cord from the swimbag.

Zack helped me and eventually we had his hands tied behind his back as he stood there in his boxers and socks.

We got all our stuff together and Zack emptied his pockets onto the floor in front of the guy. There was a wallet, phone, penknife and some cigarettes and a lighter. Zack pulled the guys boxers down to his ankles, "now we're even" he shouted and I led the way as we ran along the river in the direction of my house. We glanced back and saw him on the floor attempting to pull his boxers back up with his hands still tied behind his back. Me and Zack hi-fived and carried on towards my place, wearing his clothes between us.
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