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Default Elsa has a Master - Part I

Elsa is a fourteen years old girl a conscientious teenager learning at a school near the house. It is medium size with big blue eyes and golden hair. She enjoys using the internet on different blogs and other sites. One day at school she learned from one of her college about Get dare internet site and about a list of masters.

When she arrived home she eat her lunch made by her mom and she begin doing her homework, but the curiosity about the site makes her renounce for a time to her homework and she logged on get dare reading a sex stories post by a master. The story was about a girl how was a slave of her master and who must do whatever he wants with her. She was impress by the dares she must submit in order to please her master. The girl in the story was Kristine and she has to accomplish a lot of dares from her master starting from getting naked in front of her web cam and masturbate herself rubbing her clit until she was about to edge and stop for some minutes and then play again and again and again until her arousal makes her trembling like a fucking bitch and she was begging him to let her cum to dares of getting nude at school in the locker room and send photos of her.

On the end of the story she found his e-mail address and messenger with the phrase “who enjoyed being my slave must log on [email protected]

Elsa shouted her PC and start doing her homework but all day she was thinking to Kristine story and to her master. The next day at school was a quiet day like all the others days of life. After classes she arrived home and when she saw her pc she did not resist anymore and turned on her PC and log on master address. In that moment she received a replay:

- Hello, my name is Master X please present yourself cause I want to who my slave is.

She was scared of what she was going to do. It was the first time of her life when she was doing such things. And when you think her mom was sure she has a quite girl.

Also she was very scared Elsa began to type to her master :

- Hello, my name is Elsa I am a fourteen years old girl and I like being your slave.

- Ok, that`s very good said Master X. Let me put you some question. Do you live alone?

- No, I am living with my parents.

- Good. Are you still a virgin?

- Yes Master X, said Elsa blushing a little.

- Ok. From no one you will be my slave and you have to accomplish all the task I will give to you. All right ?

- Yes.

- From no one you will say “yes Master”.

- Yes Master.

- Ok. We will start all next week but until now I will sent you a list of good behavior when you are in touch with me. I will send you on your email address. So give me your email address.

- [email protected]

- Ok. Good night

- Good night master, you forgot.

- Oh I am so sorry : Good night master.

Tomorrow she woke up early in the morning because she has classes. She got to school thinking what list she could receive from his master. The day spent very fast and when she arrived home she opened the computer and log on her email address. An email from [email protected] was in her inbox. She opened it full of curiosity :

“Hi slave,

I made you a list of what you must do when you are spiking with me :

First rule 1) Every time you log on my account you must be naked with your web cam opened.

Second rule 2) You must have your pussy shaved and you must obey all the rules I will give to you.

Third rule 3) You will have to call me Master every time you are speaking to me, otherwise you will be punished.

Rule number 4 ) If you don`t do a dare you will be punished and the punishment will be more intense then the dare.

Rule number 5) We are not allow to cum without permission.
This are your five major rules you have to obey.”

Elsa read the rules about ten times and then she logged on the mess page. Her Master was there.

“-Hey you slave, did you read my message.

- Yes Sir, sorry yes Master.

- Good. Our training will begin tonight at nine o`clock. Be here, don`t make me wait for you. Until then you have to complete some tasks. Are you ready ?

- Yes Master.

- Do you have some money?

- Yes I have some money from my mom.

- First I want you go in a super market store and buy an electric tooth brush. Then I want you to go to a private shop in your area and buy a clit cream and a pair of handcuff. Tonight I want you to have this. Bye.

- But Master.

- Bye.

Oh my God said Elsa. I have never been in a sex shop. What if someone see me when I entered there? It will be very embarrassing. First Elsa took her courage and go to a hypermarket where she bought a tooth brush. After that came the bad part. She has to go to a sex shop to buy a handcuff and some clit cream. The worst thing was that she didn`t know what to say to the seller if he ask her why she bought those things. In her mind occurred thousands of scenarios of what could happened in that moment. Eventually she took courage to go to sex shop and she invented a story that her mom ask her to buy those for a friend of her. For these she write the products on a piece of paper and show it to the seller boy telling that she forgot the name of the products. The seller bought the products with a big grin on his face and he did not ask her nothing. All those scenarios where only in her head and she even laughed of how simply were.

She arrived home with all those things and she hide them under her bed not to be find by her mom. She then go to take a shower and she shaved every part of her virgin pussy until it remains clear and red like a backed peach. After she finished the shower she go to sleep to be prepared for the night.

In that night at 10 o`clock she logged on her master network after she opened her web cam to have a full view of what she was doing and after she was fully naked. Being a little shy she has a poor light in her room.

- Hello, Master she wrote.

- Oh, hello Elsa, I see you are making progress; your little pussy is shaved and you look amazing.

- Thank you master.

- Did you bought what I was telling you ?

- Yes master.

- Ok show me the tooth brush.

- Look master that is.

- Ok, start it to be sure it works. Ok. It works. Now I want you to relax a little, to stay calm in your chair and to do what I am saying to you. Ok ?

- Yes Master.

- Now close your eyes and spread your legs.

- Elsa closed her eyes and spread her legs blushing a little knowing that in that very moment her Master could see every part of her fucking pussy. After all he was the first man/boy how has the opportunity to see her pussy.

- Oh, it is an amazing picture. Now I want you to rub your fucking pussy very easily for 5 minutes. I want you being conscious that you are not allowed to cum. Ok?

- Yes Master.

Elsa begin rubbing her pussy slowly then a little harder. After two minutes she felt her hand toes wet . She decrease the rhythm being conscious that if she continues in that rhythm she would cum in less than a minute. She becomes to bite her lower lip because her body was heating increasingly. After 5 minutes she was all wet to her knees and she has in her eyes that evil look that she wants to continue.

- Now slave I want you to take the tooth brush and put some clit cream on it as a pea. And then wait for 15 minutes.

Elsa did so without asking and her arousal was increasingly less. After the 15 minutes were gone she felt like she was unsatisfied and she felt like hell. But her master said :

- Slave do you remember the five rules ?

- Yes Master. Not to cum without permission.

- That`s ok. Now I want you to put the tooth brush on the hood of your clit and rub the cream on it without starting the tooth brush.

- Elsa did so and she felt a sensation of burning on her clit and pussy that increase every seconds.

- Now start the tooth brush and say “I am not allowed to cum”.

Elsa started the toot brush and she began saying “I am no allowed to cum”, “I am not allowed to cum”, but after 30 seconds she began to fell a big need to cum. The need of cuming increase over and over and over and in a few seconds Elsa began to beg her Master :

- Hey Master, I think I need to cum, may I cum.

- No Elsa, you know you may not cum.

- Oh pleaaase Master, let me cum.

Master could see her entire body trembling like hell in front of the web cam.

- Plase Master, please, please, please said Elsa. Oh I can`t hold it any more said and kicking the bucket she squirted all over the room, she the throw the tooth brush on the floor and she become trembling like a fucking bitch in her bed with her fingers in her hair saying “oh my God sorry Master, oh my fucking God forgive me my Master, oooohhh oooh “.

- Your see, you are a fucking bitch, you break the five rules and for that you will be punished next week. Until the next week we do not write one each other and the details will be send to you via email. Until the give me your phone number.

Part II coming soon. . . . .
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I wish I could see the Part II To be honest, it's good so far
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